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05. 08. 2006

Self-watering Flower Pots


Eva Solo, makers of some very aesthetically beautiful kitchen and home gadgets, have designed a self-watering flower pot for those of us without green thumbs. A wick that hangs down from the ceramic flowerpot into the clear glass container of water that sits below, draws up the water that is necessary to keep the plant hydrated. A full container will water the plant for about 7 days and a quick glance can tell you when the container needs refilling. So even if you are good with plants, as I would like to think I am, it's easy to forget watering when you've got a hectic schedule - I've definintely been too busy to notice that my plants have suddenly wilted! But the best thing about the self-watering pots is that you can leave your plants without worry if you are away from home for a week or less.

Available at Sprout Home.

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Why would anyone in their right mind pay $34.50 for a glass bowl and a few lamp wicks? Ok, they look pretty...but hunt around local craft and garden stores, it can't be that hard to find a pot and a bowl that will fit together nicely.

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