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04. 26. 2006

The easy way to jump start a car


I don't remember the last time I had to jump start a car (which may mean I've never done it myself), but I'm often paranoid that my car battery will konk out one day in a distant city where I'd have to inconvenience a total stranger to help me out. Old style jumper cables scare me a little (I think of battery acid, possibility of explosion, incorrect identification of negative and positive terminals). But this Charge-n-Start looks fairly unintimidating. It works through your car's DC power port/lighter socket, with the other end fitting into the other car's lighter socket. The cord is 8 feet long, and the other driver doesn't even need to get out of their car or open their hood. And you don't have to get all grimy messing around under the hood of your car.

These are available at Sahalie for $29.

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The lighter jack in your car is DC, not AC.

Yeah, right . . . I knew that. Not really. Maybe I can't be trusted with this device either. Correction made. Thanks, Urbey.

Isn't it kind of a ridiculous oversight that the cable is only 8' long? It should be 15-20' at the very least. Cars would have to be extremely close - I think one would have to be a DeLorean (or some other vehicle where the door opens up instead of out).

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