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06. 02. 2011

Popgadget American Express Giveaway: 75,000 Point Picks

Popgadget is giving away a $100 Gift Card from American Express, and all you have to do is take a look at the Membership Rewards catalog and share what you would do with your points to be entered to win. I have to say, since I've had a baby, shopping has gotten harder, because within the same budget, you could say I'm shopping for two. I'm not as quick to buy frivolous things for myself, which is definitely not how I used to be. I definitely am thinking more about how anything I buy can benefit the whole family. So let's see how I do with with the 75,000 points (and under) category.

I have been a PC gamer for years and years, but somehow I've never owned a gaming console. I think I felt some guilt about it, because a console is dedicated to gaming, not done in guilty breaks between spreadsheets. No more of that, I need the stress relief and I'm all for my son growing up to love games, electronic and otherwise. This Xbox 360 Kinect includes the console, the Kinect body controller, and the Kinect Sports game. You can work up a genuine sweat boxing and running.

Vacuums get their own extremely challenging workout in my house. There's not only a baby whose favorite activity is throwing things on the floor, but an American Eskimo dog who sheds all year long. We go through a vacuum a year. This Dyson Floor Vacuum is lightweight, but full-strength, and comes with a 5 year warranty for parts and service. It works on carpets and floors, and when it's just sitting there, looks less unsightly than most vacuums.

I love my iPad, and do most of my reading on one these days, but I'm finding that it's a bit heavy for long hours of night time reading when I'm already tired. I've already put a Nook on my list, but now I have to add the Nook Color because it's really a full tablet computer in a lightweight package. It runs Android's operating system, so it's compatible with many Android apps, has a bright, backlit color 7" screen, and of course, supports the Barnes and Noble Nook store. One thing that makes the Nook Color special: it's the only device that supports some of the Nook magazines. And the Nook Kids selection is great.

You know what my new Xbox is going to need? Something better than the gigantic CRT hiding behind a "flat screen" (not a flat panel, you'll see these in stores that sell televisions for under $100) that sits in my living room now. This 32" Panasonic Viera TV has an IPS screen for easy viewability at any angle, and an SD card reader for popping in cards from my digital camera without any transfer necessary. It's ridiculous how often I gather my family around my camera's 2" lcd screen.

I haven't been called a "shopping expert" (if only by me) for nothing. I love it, I probably do it in my sleep. Oddly, though, I find one thing makes me a bit overly cautious and careful about spending, which is a good thing in my case. It's gift cards. When I have a gift card, it's something special and I want to be sure to use it for the exact perfect thing. In fact, right now I still have a gift card from my wedding (many years ago) and only just spent a 5 year-old Sephora gift card from my sister. I love buying gifts for people, and when the gift is for me, I'm just as exacting. So with 75,000 points, I would probably splurge on a gift card, and there are tons of wonderful ones, but probably the best of all is your classic American Express Gift Card, just like the one we're giving away, because you can use it just about anywhere, online or off.

What would you pick with 75,000 points? Browse the Membership Rewards site, let us know some of your top picks, and you'll be entered to win a $100 American Express gift card.

Visit Popgadget's Facebook Page, "Like" us, and just list your picks. We'll pick a winner, at random, on Tuesday, June 7th. The winner will be announced here and on Facebook.

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