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12. 09. 2010

Holiday Giveaway- Total Tech Makeover!


Chances are, you or someone you know suffers from severe Hourglass Syndrome. Can you imagine how much more you could get done if you didn't have to wait so long for your computer to catch up with you? Not so long ago, when I worked as an IT consultant during grad school, I used to walk into offices where people would get to work, turn on their computers, then go get breakfast while their computers booted up because they so hated watching that hourglass spin. The average person spends three full days a year waiting for their computers to catch up. Based on what I've seen, it's probably not uncommon for that to be three weeks a year.

Do you want to have three extra days in 2011? Popgadget is teaming up with Intel this holiday season to give someone a complete state-of-the-art tech makeover!

What can you win?


Sony 24" Smart TV

This Sony 24" Smart TV is more than just a beautiful HDTV- it has Google TV built-in for the full Internet experience. The Intel-powered Smart TV lets you surf the web, download Android apps, get customized tv listings, and chat about what you're watching with friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other chat apps. This is a socially networked tv. The full QWERTY remote control makes typing and searching simple. Dual screen mode lets you watch TV while you surf or chat. Learn more at Sony. Retail value: $599.99


Dell Studio Laptop

The Dell Studio Laptop features an Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 15.6" hi-def widescreen, a 500 GB hard drive, Windows 7 Home Premium, and a backlit keyboard. Night owls: a backlit keyboard will change your life. The Studio is fast enough for gaming, light enough to carry with you (less than 5.5 lbs.), and has enough juice to go all day (up to 6 hours of battery life). Retail value: $799.99


Netgear Push2TV Adapter

What's a Netgear Push2TV Adapter? It lets you use the power of WiDi (Wireless Display Technology) to wirelessly connect your WiDi-enabled computer to your HDTV. Since we're giving you the computer and the HDTV, we have to include the adapter so you can start using the bigger screen to do work, watch movies, and share pictures that are on your super-fast new laptop. Retail value: $99.99.

Geek Squad PC Hookup

I know, I know- you're thinking with all that new technology, you're going to need at least three days to set it all up. Not so- we're also giving away Geek Squad Hookup, so someone will come to your house and install everything: computer, TV, adapter. You've just gained three more days of time! Retail value (of Geek Squad hookup, not three days of time): $149.99.

How to enter:
Go to the official Facebook Popgadget Page, "like" Popgadget (you'll have to be signed into Facebook), then tell us on our Facebook Wall why you or someone you know should get a tech makeover. Do you send VHS tapes of your baby to your parents because they don't have a computer? I think it's time to welcome them to Skype. Have you been watching only static on your television since the analog signal went dead? What lucky tech ugly duckling deserves to be a swan? Our judging panel (our writers, taking into consideration how much Facebook "like" entries receive) will decide who gets the Tech Makeover. We will be looking for the entry that really strikes an emotional chord, makes us laugh, or both. Video or photographic evidence of desperate need is highly encouraged. Show us your Commodore 64 (and proof that it's still in your office today).

That's it! The contest ends on December 17th, 2010, and we'll announce the winner on December 18th.

Some notes:

This package does not include high-speed Internet service or cable television. To take full advantage of the Tech Makeover, you should subscribe to these services.

We love our readers all over the world, but this is for the US only.

For some additional shopping tips for holiday tech gifts, follow @IntelInside on Twitter.

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Comments (12)

Richard Hankin:

Because I am stuck in the 19th century with my antiquated tech.

Rebecca Sutton:

I need a tech makeover. I really need an Iphone. I would also like to have a new computer as mine is on its last legs, constantly crashing and having to be re-booted. I have mcafee and norton installed and still have issues with viruses and worms.

Susan Ladd:

Love to win !!!!!!!!!!!

jenny hebert:

I need so much help I'm just not tecnically inclined and need all the help i can get


My partner and I are both struggling students with a new addition to our family, a beautiful 5 mo old girl. He has been working on an old vaio that he inherited from his uncle 5 years ago that will not shut off! We would gladly use an update for 2011. Thanks.

P K Ray:

Get me off my bedroom desktop and into the real techno world. This would be a whole new adventure.


its exactly what is on my list for santa...and unfortunately, i have been bad...so its up to you guys to hook me up

celia keene:

what a wonderful package

Alexis vasquez:

I have a family of givers who never ask for anything in return. I would love to give this to them.


I would love to win this to divy up between my boyfriend, my aunt and my friend. I would love to give these to them.

Chas Childress:

Please let the party begin with this wonderful prize for my eyes only. :-)

Kathleen Reeder:

As a true Geek, I love the latest and the greatest toys. Unfortunately, when I open my wallet, the moths fly out.

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