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12. 23. 2008

Holiday Gift Guide: For Pets

Yes, yes, it's just two days before Christmas, but there's still 6 days left of Hanukkah, and we'd have been remiss (and gotten lots of dirty looks from the dozens of PopG pets) if we'd forgotten to post a guide for the furry members of your family. And we've always subscribed to the "let's be real" idea of holiday shopping- is anyone really doing it back in October when the magazines come out with their gift guides? Nope- we're here for you- the busy (and the lazy too). Happy Holidays!!! Woof!

Pet Cam


The Pet's Eye View camera can be attached to a feline or canine collar and will take snapshots every few minutes of what its wearer has been up to. Purrfect (sorry, couldn't resist) for the pet lover who has everything. (Diane)

Designer Pet Steps

If you have an older dog, or one prone to injury, you've probably considered getting pet steps to make the jumps on and off beds and couches easier on their joints, but may have reconsidered when you saw how unsightly most of those steps are. With Carmen Steps, you're actually adding style to your decor, because they're beautifully designed as well as lightweight, foldable, and of course, made especially for little dog legs. Custom designs are available as well, if you need something just right for the discerning little diva dog. Carmen Steps come in all sorts of heights and styles and start at about $200. (Mia)

Decorative Adjustable Hemp Collars


Well, dog collars do not always have to be boring. And they can be eco-friendly too. Just switch to Earthdog Decorative Hemp Collars and you will know what we mean. These hypoallergenic collars have unique decorative designs and are adjustable, machine washable. They are available in 3 sizes and 19 different styles, what more can your doggie want! Price range is from $20 - $25. (Kanchana)

Feline Drinking Fountain


Inspire your pet to drink water at regular intervals and avoid the risk of urinary tract infection and kidney disease - is the mantra behind the Feline Drinking Fountain. The fountain circulates a soft, continuous flow of water into a reservoir that can hold upto a gallon of water. The fountain also filters the water of impurities before circulation, so you can be sure that your cat has continuous access to clean water. No more worries of having forgotten to feed water to your feline. Available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $70. The replacement filter costs an additional $11.95. (Kanchana)

Canine Caviar

We all spoil our dogs but we give ours caviar. Of course, it's the holistic pet food called "Canine Caviar," which is based on nutrional needs of cats and dogs. Using easily digested formulas, owners can quickly solve many ailments including stomach upsets, reduce itching, scratching, shedding, and hotspots. In addition,there's recommendations for health concerns like kidney, liver and heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and cholesterol. Unlike most companies, CC use all parts of different animals for their products. Bad breath? Try the "Great White Chews" which are, yes, from the shark. Achy joints? Then "Fish Bites" , made from wild skate tail are a low calorie remedy. On a diet? "Buffalo Jerky" does the trick, because buffalo have 70 to 90% less fat compared to beef, and on average, 50% less cholesterol.There's also kibble and canned food, based on the same principals. My pups were very excited when the box of samples arrived, but one warning for owners: there's is a strong fish smell to some of the bones and chews so encourage your doggies to eat them outside. For more info, check out their website at Canine Caviar. (Evan)

Fish Training at the R2 Fish School


Now what on earth can you possibly train your fish at ? How about a game of soccer ? If that sounds crazy, imagine how crazier it would be to actually watch your favorite goldfish shooting a hoop! The R2 Fish School provides you with all the tools necessary to train your fish to learn tricks like the limbo, slalom, or fetch. The proof lies in Comet, the world’s smartest goldfish which has been trained to entertain based on the R2 Fish School "curriculum". Send your fish to school for $40. (Kanchana)

CatGenie Self-flushing, Self-Washing Cat Box


If all that you remember doing through this year is cleaning up feline poop, then the CatGenie is surely going to ensure that the next year is free of frustration. The CatGenie is the world’s only self-flushing, self-cleaning cat box that, simply put, takes over the entire responsibility of eliminating cat waste. Once your feline has pooped, the sensors detect the deposits and get into action. All liquid waste is drained and solid waste gets filtered out into a separate compartment where it is liquified and flushed out. The seating surface on which the waste gets deposited is made of permanent washable granules which are washed, sanitized and completely dried up for the next use. All you need to do is hook up the device (onetime), and push a button to activate the sensors. The CatGenie simply takes over from there. Available at $297 for the "Tabby" package and at $369 for the "Tuxedo" Package. And just one more thing - make sure you place your cat within the CatGenie at the appropriate time. (Kanchana)

Hepper Aluminum Birdhouse


Hanging up these lovely Hepper Aluminium Birdhouses in your garden will not only make you the envy of neighbors, but will be a colorful sight for your sore eyes as you unwind after a tiring day. The houses are rust-free and do not conduct heat - which means the insides will remain cool for your little guests even during harsh summers. Each birdhouse costs $135 and you get to choose from 4 vibrant colors. We just heard the little birdie tweet in total approval. (Kanchana)

Eat Better Bowl


If your dog is prone to... well, there's no pretty way to say this: gas, then the EatBetter bowl might be the best gift you can get him/her (and yourself) this holiday season. It has a unique raised partition which, while still allowing your pet easy access to food, no longer allows him or her to gulp it down - thus helping to prevent digestive disorders. It's $24.99 by Contech - much cheaper than a vet's bill. (Diane)



The Slurpabowl means your dog need never be thirsty again: it folds up and can be popped in a pocket or attached to a leash and holds up to two cups of water or food. Made of recyclable paper, Slurpabowls cost just $9.99 for a pack of 6. (Diane)



One of Petsmart's top sellers and just $13.99, the Purr Padd is described as "a magnet for cats" - they love it and want to spend all their time on it, and you get to confine cat hair to one part of the house. It's like magic. (Happy New Year!) (Diane)

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