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04. 29. 2008

kickTrak - baby kick counting


If Tom Cruise had this gizmo when Katie was preggars with Suri, she never would have made it out of the house. Remember how he bought the fetal ultrasound machine for use at home and took photos almost every hour? (According to National Enquirer, and you know how they fact-check all their stories.)

KickTrak does just what you think it does. The non-invasive handheld device counts your baby's kicks to track his movement and assure you that he's doing well. Ultimately, its real goal is to prevent the risk of stillbirth. Starting at 24 weeks, the kickTrak records and stores the time it takes for your baby to complete 10 movements, including kicks, rolls, jabs, and turns-- once a day, at the same time, when your baby is usually most active.

Recommended by The American Pregnancy Association, it's especially valuable in the last trimester, when a significant increase or decrease in your baby's normal activity can be a warning sign. I predict it will soon become one of those "must-have" baby gadgets and a popular gift at baby showers.

Dr. Nguyen, who invented the kickTrak, tells us why she invented the product:

Fetal movement is one of the most important indicators of a babys health. Studies show that decreased fetal movement can indicate risk for stillbirth. Most babies take less than 15 minutes to make ten movements - jabs, rolls, kicks, twists and turns. Moms should inform their providers if their babies are taking longer than usual or are taking more than 2 hours to complete ten movements. Before kickTrak, moms were advised to keep track of their baby’s movements by filling out charts. Several of my patients suggested that there should be an easier way to comply with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ recommendation to track babies health. While moms can still take proactive steps to prevent stillbirth by tracking their sessions with a pen and paper, kickTrak serves as a physical reminder to count kicks once a day. It stores the data from the ten most recent kick counting sessions, so moms can share the vital information with their health care providers. Also, kickTrak allows moms to easily track their pregnancy’s progress and counts down to their due date.

$40 at Kicktrak or Amazon.

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