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02. 04. 2008

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Whether you love it, hate it, or just accept it for what it is, Valentine's Day is just around the corner . . . and we have a few ideas for you.

Pink Palm Centro
Any Treo devotee will appreciate the new streamlined design of the Palm Centro. 3G browsing speed, touchscreen, built-in instant messaging app, threaded text messaging, SD card expansion, Bluetooth - it's a fully loaded package in a tiny device. And for women or the truly bold man in your life, the new pink color is a way to stand out from the crowd. $399.99 or as low as $99.99 with a Sprint wireless plan and contract. And stay tuned later this week to see how you can win one from Popgadget. Also available in pink or black. Available at Palm. (Mia)


Clocky gets cuter color!

Raspberry Clocky has arrived in time for your Valentine. Clocky is the adorable alarm clock that runs away forcing you or the one you love out of bed to turn it off. You get one chance to get up, but if you snooze twice, on cue, Clocky will roll off your nightstand and run away on its wheels until you chase it down. Designed and manufactured by new design collective, Nanda, Raspberry Clocky makes a sweet and clever gift for the great sleeper in your life. Price: $49.50 at Delight.com. (Chrissie)

Darkcloud Silver pendants
If your gal or guy has more gadgets than they can use, jewelry is always a good second choice. Darkcloud is the brand of Sydney based artist Nathan Thomas, who creates unique music-based designs, such as the turntable and headphones pictured above. Available at Oy Modern for approx $300 each. (Evan)

For Him – Sexy Collar Stays
Keep your well-dressed man thinking of you all day. This collection of collar stays lets you send him to the office feeling a little naughty because he'll be giving that big presentation while your racy message stares his audience right in the face (they just won't know it). Set of 12 stays available in both the smutty version (with messages like "that tie will be useful") and a PG version (with the likes of "you make me laugh"). Comes in a leather case that can be personalized with his initials. $35 - $40 from Red Envelope. (Brian)

Photo Book from PhotoWorks
If you're the type who can be satisfied only when you make the gift yourself, then a Photo Book would be a great option. Gather some of your cherished photos – maybe your first trip as a couple, a snap of your favorite restaurant. Then get on to the PhotoWorks website and upload the photos along with some personalised text for each photo to create the mush. Voila, you have re-created your love story on a PhotoBook which will be delivered to your love – choose between a glossy soft cover ($19.95 for 20 pages) or hard cover with a customizable glossy jacket ($29.95 for 20 pages). (Kanchana)

Oliver Kita Chocolates
Hailing from just North of Manhattan, chocolatier Oliver Kita's creations belong downtown and in the spotlight. Using superlative, organic French and Swiss chocolates along with fair-trade nuts and other natural ingredients of the highest quality, Kita creates some of the best confections around… and that's not just this gourmand's opinion - Kita took fourth place at November's NYC Chocolate Show. Several Valentine's Day specific creations are available ranging from $7.50 to $110. Definitely a decadent treat for your sweet! (Brian)

Mile High Club
Since commercial airlines don't condone any in-flight funny business, there's one sure way to get your lover on board for Valentine's Day - Charter! Just jet on over to the Mile High Club's referral page to find the nearest private carrier that will let you undertake just about any mid-air motions you can dream up. All promising the utmost discretion and privacy, each carrier offers different amenities with prices starting significantly below the cost of two commercial airline tickets. (Brian)

MacBook Air
Are you truly, madly, deeply in love and looking for something that could express those intense emotions? For me, I'd want that token of love to be the MacBook Air- the thinnest laptop around. About 3 lbs, and with 5 hours of battery life, the MacBook Air is a thing of beauty with great performance. $1800 for the 80 GB hard drive version, or a hefty $3098 for the 64 GB solid state drive model. Available from Apple. (Mia)

Product Red Selections
Since red is the symbolic color of Valentine's Day, what better way to express your love than with one of the latest Product Red selections. Spread you heart by supporting the Global Relief Fund for AIDS victims in Africa and show everyone you care. All products available via the Join Red website. (Brian)

Give your love life a charge with the American Express RED car. Don't leave home without it, because every time you use it, American Express will donate 1% of your total spend to the Global Fund. Currently available in the UK only, but hopefully expanding to other countries soon.

Emporio Armani Product Red fragrances for him and her in Armani's signature flasks let you express your support of the Global Relief Fund with sophistication while smelling irresistible for your mate with a scent described as a "white cotton veil delicately touching skin." $45.

Also from Emporio Armani comes this unisex Product Red digital watch. Featuring calendar and chronograph functions, this fashionable piece is shown here with a red leather band. Several other styles in both digital and analogue faces are available. $175 - $225.

Declare your love with the gift of music. Make your amour's iPod stand out and sing . . . in red. Give your sweetheart a 1GB iPod shuffle or 8GB nano in red and make their heart beat to a tune. Also available is the iTunes Product Red Gift Card to get their collection rolling. Exclusive to Apple retail stores and Apple online store.

T-shirt love
Unsure of how to express a little cheer to your tech buddy on Valentine's Day? Go low-key with a soft tee. Here are six wonderful t-shirts from our friends at Nerdy Shirts. Each one is $20 and shares a little bit of romantic sentiment and whole lot of humor! Price: $20 at NerdyShirts.com. (Chrissie)

For your friend who loves nerds

For star-crossed lovers and frienemies

For the obviously committed


Narcissus: For the person who loves himself/herself


For the single gamer


Amazon Kindle
If the bibliophile in your life is running our of shelf space, the Amazon e-book reader, the Kindle, is a dream-come-true. There's a huge selection of books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs (including Popgadget), and everything's a lot cheaper than buying it in analog format. Best of all, there's a free 3G connection, so they can browse for and buy new reading material from almost anywhere. It's not gorgeous, or lightweight (10.3 oz) but it's brilliant. $400 from Amazon.(Mia)


Pink Solio: Closeout color special!

The Solio Portable Hybrid Solar Charger charges itself via the sun or an electrical outlet, becoming a portable battery for when you need to power virtually any handheld electronic device. Leave the Solio out in the sun for an hour, and you'll have enough power to play an MP3 player for an hour, or have 25 more minutes of talk time for your cell phone. Price: $69.99 at Travelcountry.com. (Chrissie)

Smoochable with Philips Sonicare Flexcare
If you plan to be doing a lot of kissing, upgrade yourself to the new Philips Sonicare FlexCare. This latest model, the FlexCare, includes its own mini UV sanitizer unit that uses a ten-minute dose of ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria (like E. coli). FlexCare has one other unique feature -- it vibrates about 80 percent less than previous Sonicare models. Price: $169.99 ($49.99 for just the UV sanitizer unit) at Amazon.(Chrissie)

Customize Starbuck's card online
Can't get enough of your lover, friend, or caffeine? Design and customize a gift card online with: theme, size, blend, decaf, 1/2 decaf, or caf, and a few sweet words.
Price: You decide! Startbucks.com
. (Chrissie)

Pink Swiss Army Knife
Every girl I know carries a handbag the size of a suitcase, and for all the mocking we take for it, see who you come running to in an emergency. (Short of a generator, I have enough stuff in my purse to survive for 3 days in an earthquake.) So I loved this compact gadget, as will your sweetie. Tell her you care and understand her need to be prepared. It contains everything you need to solve everyday emergencies, including nail file, tweezers, needle and thread, mirror, flashlight, scissors, corkscrew, perfume bottle, pill box, mini knife, bottle opener, ruler and pen. (The corkscrew has come in handy inumberable times.) Price: $19.95 at firebox. (Evan)

Nuts About You Keychain
Not at that "I love you" stage yet? No worries. Just tell them you're nuts about them, a much easier sentiment. This rugged, utilitarian-looking hardware keychain comprises a wing nut, bolt and three little nuts. And as we all know, nuts and bolts are designed to fasten things together. Awwww . . . Better than a fluffy bunny holding chocolates by a long shot. $17.95 at firebox. (Evan)

Murano Glass Bead Necklace
Fulfill your lady’s love for jewelry with this elegant Italian design straight from the heartland of glass-making – the Murano Glass Bead necklace. The necklace has lovely handmade glass beads that lend it an antique touch. Price: $178. (Kanchana)

Valentine’s Day Card with Plantable Seeds
Does your Valentine have a green thumb? Give him/her the Valentine Card with Plantable Seeds and watch your love grow. Literally – this handmade card is biodegradable and when planted, the seeds inside will sprout into a colorful bunch of wildflowers. Available at $6.95 per card. (Kanchana)

Deluxe Valet for him
Gift the geek in your life his own personal space to organize his gear. This lovely chestnut valet will hold all his fancy gadgets with exclusive cutouts for wiring cell phones, music players or PDAs. You can even engrave his initials on an embedded silver plaque to make it extra special. Available from RedEnvelope for $110. (Kanchana)

Yummies for your Canine Valentine
Never mind if you only have your canine to share this Valentine’s Day with. You can still make it special by treating your pooch to this box of gourmet organic treats made from high-quality vegetarian ingredients such as organic rye flour, organic barley flour and organic egg glaze. And in addition to satisfying his/her palate, you can also satisfy the chewing urge with the strawberry chew toy that is included with the package. Available from Organic Style for $29.95. (Kanchana)

on10 Lip Balm Set
Make sure your lips are supple and sweet for the upcoming kissing season. Exclusively at Sephora, the on10 lip balm sets each come in a trio of flavors and are made with organic ingredients. You can choose from the Schweppes collection featuring Pink Grapefruit Seltzer, Tonic Water, and Lime Soda flavors or the Hershey's collection with Vanilla Crème, Milk Chocolate, and Almond flavors. Yum! (Brian)

Pink Zen Stone
What says love better than a pink MP3 player, specifically the Creative Zen Stone? The teeny weenie action-packed 2GB MP3 Player stores up to 500 songs and yet still fits in your pocket. There are 6 hot colors to choose from, but if we're talking V-Day then pink or red are your best choices. (The 4GB model holds up to 1,000 songs and comes in black only.) With up to 32 station presets your sweetie can catch up on the latest sports results or listen to their favorite talk show. For work-outs, there is a built-in stopwatch, countdown timer and clock. And at $54.99 you can afford this and still have money left over for a romantic dinner. (Evan)

VUDU Set-top movie box
Sure, you can rent movies from iTunes now, but it takes ages to download and the quality is so-so once you're watching on a screen not very much bigger than your iPhone's. The VUDU set-top box delivers HD movies to your tv instantly, so you hit "rent" and the movie starts right away. You can get movies, tv, and indie content not available anywhere else. The box is $295 and there are no subscription fees. Rentals start at $.99 and go up to $3.99, and movies can be purchased for about $20. Available from VUDU. (Mia)

Valentine-perfect peripherals from Mousenvy

1. Red Velvet, Heart Shaped
A simple, sexy, symbol of Valentine’s. Plugs into any USB on a Mac or PC, and perfect for clicking through naughty notes . . . and naughty sites all day long. Price: $34.90 (free shipping!), click here.


2. Red Lingerie Body Mouse

This is as subtle a hand-job as you’ll find above the desk and within the office rules. Designed to feel good in your hand, the Body mouse leaves a lot to be desired for after-hours when you’re not surfing. It’s also perfect for a gag gift (just don’t get into too much trouble if you’re harassing an office-mate). Price: $34.90 (free shipping!), click here.

3. White Lingerie Body Mouse
Same description as model above. Price: $34.90 (free shipping!), click here.

Each of these handhelds feature state-of-the-art 800 DPI optical technology making them all pinpoint accurate and fast. And since there’s no mouse ball, you won’t have parts to clean, and no need for a mouse pad. (Chrissie)

Sony Ericsson W580i Pink Phone (AT&T)

Customers love this basic, but music and photo-friendly phone for its simple features:
* Walkman 2.0 Media Player with one-touch music shuffle and dedicated music control keys on the front; integrated FM radio
* Quad-band connectivity for global roaming and EDGE data network compatibility for AT&T Mobile Music streaming and downloads
* 2-megapixel camera with video capture; Memory Stick Micro expansion; Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR connectivity with stereo music streaming
* Up to 9 hours of talk time, up to 370 hours (15.4 days) of standby time; up to 20 hours of music playback in Music Mode
Price: $0.01 (when purchased with new service plan) v. $399 (OMG! buy an iPhone instead!). visit Amazon for more details here.(Chrissie)


Heart Calculator

Use this little love machine to count the great dates you've had - minus the really bad dates + the wonderful friends you've known who've gotten you through them both + the hours of listening to you lament or linger on talking about all the loves (new and old, lost and found) and then just smile, because inevitably none of it will ever add up exactly the way you think it should or would or could! Measures 4 3/4"W x 5"H. Price: $13.95 at Spoonsisters.com. (Chrissie)


Rawwwwr! Red iPhone Monster case

Never has there been a sweeter, more adorable iPhone case -- handmade to order. The fuzzy monster is a perfect fit for your iPhone with huge goofy googly eyes sewn on, velcro closure and ridiculously giggle-inducing pointy vinyl teeth! There's a hole for your headphones as well, and the velcro enclosure makes it easy to open when your phone is ringing. Price: $35 at ShanaLogic. Available for iPod touch as well, here.

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