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12. 11. 2007

Holiday Gift Guide: For Technophiles

For the tech-geek in your life - a few things to keep them plugged in for the holidays.

Sony Rolly SEP-10BT Sound Entertainment Player
Imported from Japan, this hand-sized sound system holds 1GB of flash memory. The side flaps open to reveal the speakers, and it comes with a docking station. GeekStuff4U.com is offering this “first one on the block” gift for $456.56. (Ray)

Samsung i85 Camera
Slim, stylish, well-equipped, and available in different colors to suit your personality. It's everything you've ever wanted in a mate, um, camera! The i85 from Samsung features 8.1 megapixel resolution, a 3" hi-resolution LCD screen, hi-res SVGA MPEG-4 video capability, face detection mode, and a 5X optical zoom. It also boasts a built-in media player so you can enjoy music, videos, or even movies without having to carry another device around. It also replaces the tourist guide book with its World Tour Guide function, which covers over 4500 regions. All in all, it's got quite a lot more than your average camera. Now, if it could only make the travel arrangements... Available at the Popgadget Pop-Up Store at Henri Bendel. $350. (Brian)

JVC Bath MP3 Player
Not only is this MP3 player waterproof, but it floats as well. 4 AAA batteries provide enough power for 15 hours of music. The memory is a bit low, with only 256MB, but definitely enough storage to play music to last a hot bath. Buy it at GeekStuff4U.com for $225.45. (Ray)

Smooth moves, smoother sound
You're a person on the move and your moves are inspired by sophistication and comfort. Bang & Olufsen gets this perfectly, and for you they've created A8 Earphones. These earphones are designed to perfectly fit the contours and curves of your individual ear and promise to deliver unsurpassed sound quality. The Earset 2, companion Bluetooth mobile phone headset, promises to "make your whispers sound convincing." Price: $450 at Amazon. (Chrissie)

Xbox 360 Elite
The hard-core gamer in your life will love the special edition Xbox, with sexy black case and matching wireless controller, Xbox Live headset and two games. The 120GB hard drive can save games as well as other media such as movies and television. Available at Target for $449. (Ray)

Jawbone Bluetooth headset
The Jawbone has quickly become the darling of the wireless set. Achieving CNET's highest rating ever for a Bluetooth headset hasn't hurt either. If you haven't heard, the Jawbone is not only a super-stylish accessory, but a super-engineered one, as well. It features adaptive "Noise Shield Technology" that not only works to virtually eliminate any background noise, but adapts the speaker volume to the environment. The result? Callers hear your voice without any background noise and you hear theirs loud and clear. Features a very respectable 6 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time. Available at the Popgadget Pop-Up Store at Henri Bendel. $120. (Brian)

Panasonic R7 ultraportable laptop
This pint-sized powerhouse's compact-yet-still-workable features are almost endless: two pounds, 9.0(W) x 7.2(L) x 0.9~1.6(H), 10.4" XGA TFT, 17mm key pitch, eight hour standard battery life, Intel Core Duo processor, unique circular touch pad, Wi-Fi, and 11 different color options. Available with hard drive of up to 250GB. Available at the Popgadget Pop-Up Store at Henri Bendel. $1900 and up. (Brian)

Wireless transfer of cell phone photos
So, you've got a brand-new high-resolution camera phone, but to print the photos, you have to compress them so much that there's not much sense printing them, or sharing, for that matter. But as a bona fide early adopter, you just heard about the new Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter with KODAK Picture Upload Technology that wirelessly transfers full-resolution photos from your camera phone directly to your PC. Once you've plugged in the USB stick, merely walk by in Bluetooth range of your computer and effortlessly transfer full-resolution images automatically. Also works with other devices enabled with Bluetooth technology such as PDAs, headsets, and printers. Check this list to see if your phone is compatible. (Sadly, iPhones and Blackberry's don't work with it.) My only question: What took them so long? Available at Kodak stores and Belkin for $49.99. (Evan)

Browse-n-surf in 3D
An amazing deal for the price of a 2D mouse, this little 3D device works with all your favorite 3D applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Working much like a mouse or gear shift, SpaceNavigator 3Dconnexion works with a push, pull, tilt or twist that allows the user to simultaneously pan, zoom, and rotate 3D imagery. Even if you're not a design professional, you'll embrace 3D environments like Google Earth with fascination and vigor. One unique aspect is that there are two programmable keys that store your favorite applications, so wherever you are (home, school, coffee shop, 30,000 feet aloft), you can navigate with ease, efficiency, and excellent control. Price: $51.24 at Amazon. (Chrissie)

Digital Rebel with a cause
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi causes you to salivate and gets your fingers in a frenzy. It's 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, 2.5-inch LCD monitor (with Canon's EF-S 18-15mm, f3.5-5.6 zoom lens), exclusive EOS Integrated Cleaning System, and lightweight, ergonomic body bring out your inner photo-journalist (for a moment . . . you and Annie Leibovitz are . . . one). Price:$599.99 at Amazon.(Chrissie)

Digilicious Digital Frame
You take great pictures, so why not display them in a sleek, dynamic frame. Umbra's Digilicious Digital Frame features four frames in a modern format that supports your photos, music, and supported video files. Photos are re-sized without distortion, and automatically play a in a slide-show with featurific transition effects (rotate, zoom, and preview). And, if all that isn't enough, the easy-to-use remote control should seal the deal for you. (2 built-in speakers for stereo sound, 7" Analogue Panel with 480 x 234 resolution, Overall:15.4 x 14"/39 x 35.6cm.)
Price: $242 at Umbra.com. (Chrissie)

Perfectly priced HD-LCD
Samsung's 2007 model LNT4661FF's 46-inch flat-panel LCD presents in gorgeous, full 1080p resolution and features a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for rich blacks and subtle texture display, an 8ms response time panel for smooth motion, hidden side speakers, an NTSC tuner, and 3 HDMI ports. You've never looked better baby! Price: $1,599.98 at Amazon.(Chrissie)

Pure intentions
You don't play dirty, so why shouldn't the air you breathe be pure. Within 5 hours, LightAir 50 Surface IonFlow Air Purifier effectively removes more than 99% of the smallest airborne pollutant particles (dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, pet dander, etc.) in rooms up to 540 square feet. Instead of investing in and replacing expensive filters, you'll simply dismount the collector once every two weeks or (if you have four or more dogs and a germ-producing family) as often as needed, wash it clean in hot water and dish-washing soap, and replace. Additional features: ozone-free silent operation (less than 5 dB), energy efficiency at only 7 watts per hour, and a discreet light in its transparent base, which can be switched off at any time. Size: 7 by 7 by 22 inches. One-year warranty. Price: $395 at Amazon (Chrissie)

Keyboard in your pocket
You've got a smartphone, PDA, Tablet, Media Center PC or other super small computing device that packs a great punch while you work on the go. But occasionally (as you wait for 7 hours in the airport) you long for a full-size keyboard (not that you can't work through the pain!). The iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard's award-winning, patented folding-design captures your inner aesthete. Its full-size 18 mm spacing between keys, symbols, and international characters make this the perfect on-the-go keyboard! Just remember to remove it from your pocket, approaching airport security. Price: $29.99 at Amazon (Chrissie)

Bluetooth jacket
The Double Daffy from Quiksilver is so sick! Check out the Plantronics stereo sound and voice via Bluetooth. You can crank out your tunes and take calls while carving up fresh powder. Gotta love the fixed 3-way adjustable hood with hold down attachment, the zipper closed inside pocket with headphone slit and zipper closed hand and chest pockets. Price: $370. (Evan)

Emoticon Transforming Stamp
For all those offline times when you need an emoticon, this silicone stamp can be squeezed to create a number of different expressions. For only $5.99 at ThinkGeek.com, you can add a little digital character to your analogue holiday correspondence. (Ray)

Slingbox AV
This slim and stylish box's clean looks belie its features. The innocent-looking Slingbox AV secretly holds the power to access and control your favorite TV source from anywhere in the world via your laptop or cell phone. Whether you're a few rooms away or a few continents away, you can tap into your cable box, satellite receiver, DVR, or DVD player to stay on top of your favorite TV programming. Available at the Popgadget Pop-Up Store at Henri Bendel. $130. (Brian)

Archos 605 WiFi Portable Media Player
Record your favorite TV shows, stream videos from your PC, download movies and music from the web, and even surf the Net. This little number has all the PMP features out there wrapped into one, and then some. Its spotlight wireless capability opens up a whole new world of possibilities for this device category, and the quality of its touch screen makes it a stand-out among competitors. Has direct access to YouTube for those who can't get enough of those video shorts. Optional DVR station lets you record directly from your TV into MPEG-4 format for DVD-quality playback. Available at the Popgadget Pop-Up Store at Henri Bendel. $230; add-on DVR station $100. (Brian)

If you know anyone who can't go anywhere without a fully loaded laptop, then you probably know someone with a bad back. Lighten their load considerably without them having to sacrifice any functionality with the Flipstart ultra-mobile PC. The tiny, 1.5 lb. computer looks like a shrunken standard laptop with its clamshell design, and has a 30 GB hard drive, Sprint Mobile Broadband connectivity, Bluetooth, wireless, and Windows Vista or XP Pro. Looks cute, but packs a punch. $1499. (Mia)

Swiss Army for all your gadgets
A true geek doesn't just buy the newest computer- they open up the old one and upgrade. And then they curse their meager toolboxes for not having the right screwdriver head for opening up the tiny screws on the hard drive cage. The Victorinox Cyber Tool 34 by Swiss Army saves the day with every possible tool needed to void the warranty of every gadget in the house. There's a wire crimper, a wire cutter, and every size of bit, socket, and driver. $69.95 at Sharper Image. (Mia)

iPod control watch
For the iPod lover so devoted, they want to keep it safe in a bag or pocket, the Timex iControl, provides a full function wireless remote built into a rugged, waterproof Ironman digital watch. With Indiglo too, so you can work it in the dark while the iPod stays under the covers. It's compatible with 1st and 2nd generation Nanos and 5th generation (AKA iPod with Video) standard iPods. Available at J&R for $99.99. (Mia)

USB Foot Warmers
For those cold winter nights of programming, what could be better than foot warmers powered through a USB port? Heating up after only a few moments and both PC and MAC compatible, they will help you code through the night. For $30 at Gadgetshop.com, it’s not a bad deal. (Ray)

See more of our holiday picks at the Popgadget Shop. Not sure where to start looking for a tech gift? Try our new Interactive Buying Guides.

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