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12. 08. 2007

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Who doesn't love stocking stuffers, whether you're buying or receiving? Here, our writers share their favorites:

Let your imagination run wild with this UNO Magnetik Distractions Interactive Magnetic Jewelry set. Made out of tiny magnetic nickel beads, the UNO goes from necklace to bracelet and anything in between with a quick twist. Available in 15 bold colors, the mix-and-match potential is both obvious and endless at the same time. The brainchild of Miami Designer Luis Pons, known for his work in magnetics, the UNO is perfect for the fickle gift recipient on your list. Missing a traditional closure, the UNO is held together by a small magnet that only adds to your design capabilities. Available from Charles and Marie. $16 per strand. (Brian)

Stop those electrons from causing static shocks. Attach the Static Electricity Eliminator (SEE) to your keyring, and if you're "charged" (a result of shuffling feet, sliding seat, sweater sweeps), hold it and touch a grounded object. If you're safe you'll see a little happy face flash of the SEE screen that will let you know you're static free (safe to touch and be touched!). Otherwise, you can consider yourself charged up and ready to shock! Price: $9.99 at ThinkGeek. (Chrissie)

Sony USM-H Micro Vault USB Drives- Two gigabytes and about the size of a thumbnail. And, oh, yeah, fun colors and super-cute cases. 'Nuff said! Available at the Popgagdet Pop-Up Shop at Henri Bendel. $120. (Brian)

These bejeweled butterfly-inspired buds and choker are pure fashionista-fun. Don't let the crystallized Swarovski accents fool you, they conceal comfortable silicone ear tips, a powerful punch with 9mm neodymium drivers, 3.5mm stereo mini plug connection, gold-plated plug for improved sound transfer, and more! Listen to music in style with these fashionable earphones. The ear buds feature jeweled flowers and the choker sports a beautiful butterfly for a stylish look. Price: $59.99 at BestBuy.com. (Chrissie)

Need someone at the office who agrees to everything you say, or have a boss with a similar need? Then welcome this Nohohon creature into your life. Part of a Japanese toy family, this sweet guy will sit at your desk and keep nodding throughout the day. Apart from boosting your confidence and morale, you can claim to have done your part in saving the planet, as this toy works purely on solar power. Available for $29.99. (Kanchana)

Awww, the baby of the Moppel family has arrived - and just in time for Christmas stockings. This cute little guy stands just 4-3/4 inches tall and uses a battery pack with 3 AA batteries (included), or it can use the USB port on your computer for power. The best part is that his bulbous head glows in 7 colors! That just spells "Christmas" to me. $24.95 at Lights and Knives. Other Moppel products are also available at Amazon.(Evan)

Listen to those sweet tunes with fashionable, festive, and feminine Shuga Buds. They come in iridescent, gold, blue, green, and pink, decorated with Swarovski crystals. Comfortably designed to be worn around the back of the neck. For use with iPods, MP3 players, portable CD players, and Sony Walkman. Storage case included. Price: $48 at Neiman Marcus. (Chrissie)

The Gorillapod by Joby is one of the most versatile tripods out there. You can set it on almost any surface or wrap it around tree limbs and fence posts (or even your poor defenseless dog). It now comes in a variety of colors and models for different cameras. The red one above sells for $21 at Amazon.(Hoyun)

From a little DVD comes big atmosphere. The Colorlight DVD softly rotates your TV's screen through all sorts of colors and hues to keep the scene interesting. Adds a soothing background to that romantic evening or spices up the mood of a chic cocktail party with an ever-changing aura of color and movement. You could even add a few screens worth and, voila, instant disco party. If you're in a particular mood, pause the DVD player at the appropriate color to express yourself . . . use it to subtly warn your spouse to steer clear or bring it on! Available from Charles and Marie for $25. (Brian)

Who doesn't need an extra pair of earbuds? V-MODA's remix -"M"line have the same high-fidelity sound as their modaphones but in shiny colors, including metallic pink, blue, silver and are on sale at Amazon for $24.99. (Evan)

While any avid photographer will love the hot shot! camera ring, its funky retro style will bring attention from others as well. Modeled as a miniature camera, the gold colored ring is an exclusive Fred Flare design. Being a one-size-fits-all ring, no finger measurements are required for ordering this $10 accessory. (Kanchana)

iKaraoke turns any iPod into a karaoke machine. The processor isolates and fades out the lead vocal track of any song, so you can take center stage, complete with backup singing intact. All of this is built into the microphone which also includes an FM transmitter so you can broadcast your performance over any stereo system. Requires no separate battery, so it's totally portable for impromptu concerts. Available at the Popgagdet Pop-Up Shop at Henri Bendel. $50. (Brian)

Upgrade an Oreo lover's favorite snack. The Cookie Sandwich Company's flavors include carrot cake with cream cheese filling, mint brownies with creme de menthe filling, and peanut butter cookies with peanut butter and chocolate ganache. Yum. Get a mixed dozen for $34.95. (Mia)

For the dog lover in your life, these little guys serve no purpose outside of making their owners howl out loud with laughter. They take the idea of plug and play to new heights as they get turned on from any sexy and available USB. Both Harley (brown) and Duke (black) are about 2.25". Price: $9.99 at ThinkGeek. (Chrissie)

Grannies are supposed to be moms with frosting, but the Boxing Grannies are the tough and mean types. At the press of a button, the duo will launch into a no holds barred duel till one of them knocks the other out. While not exactly in the spirit of peace and love, these cute dolls will surely bring in some spice and fun to the holidays. Available for $30 from Urban Outfitters. (Kanchana)

Everyone needs something silly in their stocking and this even beats silly putty: Thinking Putty. You can stretch it, bend it, bounce it. I think it's called Thinking Putty because the site recommends it for stress and tension relief, but for me it's just gooey and fun. $11.95 at firebox.com. (Evan)

Clean computers are nothing to scoff at. For anyone who munches their lunch deskside while checking email and catching up on calls, this colorful mini computer vacuum is a perfect gift. Comes with four different attachments that help this handy vac brush out and suck up all the crumbs and dust-bunnies lurking in every keyboard's nooks and crannies.Price: $15 at Uncommongoods.com. (Chrissie)

A midnight spin on Suck UK's Sun Jar, this new Moon Jar (also in the old-fashioned jelly jar container) comes equipped with a solar-powered cell and rechargeable battery that drinks up sunlight. Its energy efficient LED light will automatically switch on when it gets dark to give you 5 hours of moon-like candle-like light, but also includes a switch (on the inside) to turn it off if you're not home to enjoy the glow. Price: $39.95 at Amazon.(Chrissie)

At just over an ounce and a half the Tao keychain won't weigh you down, but will surely put a smile on your face. With a crystal clear OLED screen, the Tao photo keychain lets you store up to 31 digital photos in its internal memory. Rechargeable battery provides 1.5 hours of display time per charge. Available at the Popgagdet Pop-Up Shop at Henri Bendel. $50. (Brian)

Bring a little cheer at Christmas to your computer with this USB LED Snowman. Its built-in LED produces a series of multi-colored lights! Just plug it into a free USB port and enjoy the joyful festive season. $10 at USB Brando. (Evan)

Personalize your laptop with a festive facade. LapSchticks from Schtickers (say that ten times fast) not only add pizzazz to your PC or merriment to your Mac, but help protect it as well. Affordable and available in hundreds of designs, you can change them as often as you change you shoes. Reusable and available in many sizes (including custom sizing). Available on the Schtickers web site. $20. (Brian)

Get tangled wires, missing phones, and general messiness under control. Driinn Cell Phone Holder, made in Italy, hangs between your battery charger and the wall socket, providing support for your mobile phone and sensible storage for your charging cord. Once you get the routine down, you'll never lose your phone again, and you'll find that it's always charged. Great too for MP3 players and PDAs. Comes in red, orange, pink, green and black. Approximately 4.25" tall. Price: $6.95 at The Afternoon. (Chrissie)

This wonderful, warm, and comfy headset combines three layers (lightweight polyester fleece, Thermolite, and Polartec) of protection from winter's fiercest elements. This way you can enjoy your music without exposing your very sensitive ears to the cold. The ear warmers stretch to accommodate most sizes and can be used by themselves when the detachable 5' audio cord is removed, and the around-the-neck design avoids ruffling hair (unless you're also using a knit hat!). Built-in speakers developed by JVC deliver crisp audio with an internal neodymium magnet and 40 mm driver. Folds flat for easy storage in a pocket or purse. Spot-clean. 3" W x 5" Diam. (4 oz.). Price: $34.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer. (Chrissie)

Since the health benefits of dark chocolate have become so well-known, even the local 7-11 carries varieties touting 70% chocolate, but what do you get for the true cocoa connoisseur? How about Amadei Dark Chocolate, made with cocoa orginating from a single genetic quality called PORCELANA? No, I don't know what that means exactly, but foodies worldwide claim the taste of Amadei chocolate is unmatched. You get a box of 12 pieces for $13.50. From Chezlatina. (Mia)

Tomy Roboco Robot Pet- reminiscent of the Tamagotchi, this little one eats, sleeps, poops, requires petting, and even gets sick. It sings and will go so far as to get mad at you if you ignore it! Perfect for the office if your boss frowns on bringing Fido to work. If you collect them, you will notice they each have different characteristics. Zookeeper not included with six-pack. Available at the AudioCubes website. $20. (Brian)

See more of our picks for the holidays HERE. Need a little help selecting just the right tech gift? Take a ride through our NEW INTERACTIVE BUYING GUIDES.

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