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12. 20. 2007

Holiday GIft Guide: For Pets

And now, some last minute gifts for the most important members of the family.

Designer paw wear
Shoes for dogs may seem silly, but imagine walking around all day barefoot in muck and dirt and then climbing into bed. Well imagine letting the creature that's done that climb into bed with you. Poochey shoes keep dogs' paws protected and clean, and have a flexible rubber sole with traction for extra comfort and safety. These shoes are anatomically correct- with special inserts for the back paws, which are smaller. Comes in all sorts of colors, and in a wide range of sizes (there's a sizing chart available). $68 at the Shoo Shop. (Mia)

Dolce Vita hot/cold dog bed
Not only do Dolce Vita dog beds have therapeutic foam padding to cushion dogs' joints, it also has cold and hot air therapy to keep them comfortable no matter what the season. The microsuede covered bed blows cool air to keep dogs cool in hot weather and also provides therapeutic heat on cold nights when limbs can get stiff. $249 from Dolce Vita. (Mia)

Digital camera for dogs
Now, even the baby has his own digital camera, so the only member of the family without one is the dog. And what dog lover isn't curious about how the world looks from their dog's point of view? This .35 megapixel camera is worn on the collar, and you snap photos with a remote control or set it to take photos at regular intervals. See for the first time how stupid you look when you're talking to your dog. $79 from Japan Trend Shop. (Hoyun)

As alternative to the doggy digital camera, you could just get this Gorillapod and mount your own digital camera on your dog's back. From Amazon. for $22 . Different approach, same amount of laughs. (Hoyun)
[Photo from A Thousand Words Blog - a Kodak blog]

Cashmere sweater for dogs
Dogwear is available everywhere, but how often in 100% fine cashmere? The Classic Cashmere pull is snuggly soft and warm, and lets the quality of the cashmere stand on its own, no silly bows or ties. Starts at about $206 for XS (chihuahua) up to $252 for XL (German sheperd, who would all look so sweet in a pink sweater). Available from For Pets Only, which also has a New York location in Soho. (Mia)

Ugo indoor dog potty
Do you work long hours and fear that your dog is doing a peepee dance by the door while cursing you? With the Ugodog indoor potty, your dog can take care of his business on his own, while keeping your house clean. Like a litter box for dogs, the UGO just needs a change of newspaper after it's been used. And unlike a potty pad or plain newspaper, which dogs tend to tear and throw around, the mess is contained within the grated UGO. $39.95 from UGO. (Mia)

Dog seatbelt
This is Henry's (my doxie) favorite pet invention, the seatbelt for dogs, because it means he can go on errands with me. Before, I had to worry about him launching himself out of the car, or trying to drive. Available in 3ft. and 6ft. lengths, the Quick Control Leash + Seat belt latch fits any size dog. Just snap in the seatbelt latch and let your dog hang out the window. Bliss (for dogs.) Visit Bamboo Pets for a store directory and list of online retailers Amazon.Approx. $20. (Evan)

Rope-n-Go hardware free harness
Got a sensitive-skinned but stubborn and pull-happy puppy? The Rope-n-Go harness is free of the tough chains and hardware on some harnesses and utilizes a simple lightweight rope instead. So keep your dog under control, while looking stylish, and staying comfortable. The Rope-n-Go is available in 11 colors for $21.95. (Mia)

Cat tea
Wish you could share the experience of a soothing cup of tea with your cat? With Cat Tea, by Sanctuary, you can. Brew this dried catnip blend like any other tea, cool to a safe temp, and let your cat enjoy a rejuvenating blend of herbs. Dog tea, in chicken flavor, available too, from Sanctuary Tea. $6. (Mia)

Zoombak dog gps
Paranoid about losing your dog? A Zoombak GPS will not only track your dog's location as often as you like (as often as every 5 minutes) but you can set up emergency text alerts if your dog ever wanders out of a "safe zone" which you set up. Zoombak also stores information so you can review your pet's whereabouts from the last hour, day, or week. Zoombak is $199 for the gps device and $14.99 for the monthly service plan which comes with 24/7 telephone support. (Mia)

Dog murphy bed
Great for city dwellers living in small spaces, this solid wood, miniature murphy bed folds up during the day when not in use. $279 at petgadgets. (Hoyun)

Waterless pet bath
For stinky dogs or cats, this Ionic Waterless Pet Bath provides waterless neutralization of odors through the flow of fresh ozone when you brush. Available at Amazonfor $20. (Hoyun)

hilary.gif politicals-bush.gif
Political animals dog toys
If you want to give your dog a political pet gift this year, consider these "political animals." Frankly, I find them pretty scary but love some of the other "Fat Cat" dog and cat toys, such as the purses, or any of the Wee Doggies, doggy toys you'll enjoy cluttering the living room with. You could always spring for one of the clever dog toy shoes, in wonderful whimsical designs, or maybe your pup needs a new purse? Available at Fat Cat, Bamboo Pets orPAmazonPrices range from approx $4- $10. (Evan)

Dog clothes
If you must dress your dog up like a large doll, you'll like Little Pampered Pets, which features the latest in Christmas accessories and dog apparel, such as this striped sweater ensemble. The hat and scarf have pom poms and colors that coordinate with the sweater - but of course. On sale for $17.99. (Evan)

Heated dog dish
From those smarties at Smart Home, we have the heated dog bowl, just in time for those cold climes. Gently warms the 5 quart bowl so there's no risk of burned noses. Includes an anti-tip bottom and a non-chewable cord protector as a precaution against chewing. $29.99 at Smat Home or Amazon. (Evan)

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