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09. 18. 2007

Crown 7 electric cigarette


I'm one of those people who would love smoking to be banned from all public places, but I do feel some sympathy for my smoking friends who get twitchy by dessert in a smoke-free restaurant. There are patches and gum, of course, but no hard-core smoker would be caught chewing some fruity Nicorette. So I'm curious to know what a real smoker would think of the Crown 7 electric cigarette.


The Crown 7 cigarette (also available in cigar and pipe styles) is an electronic cigarette which uses nicotine cartridges which also contain water for creating smoky looking vapor to simulate the puffs of carcinogens without the public health concerns. You can watch a video here. There is a tobacco "flavor" but the product claims there is no odor. There's a rechargeable battery for making the vapor, and a nicotine cartridge lasts for the equivalent of two packs of regular cigs.

It looks more like a fancy pen than a cigarette (it's described as being "art deco" style), but perhaps for someone trying to quit or who doesn't want to smoke in public, it might satisfy the urge to light up as it replicates so many of the rituals of smoking only without the sharing of noxious odors and smoke.

The Crown 7 site seems to be promoting this as something to use in places where smoking is banned, but the vapors will probably still get you kicked out of many smoke-free places. But perhaps you'll impress someone with your "futuristic" cancer stick.

The cigarette kit isn't cheap, at $100 for the cigarette, recharger, two lithium batteries, two filters, and two cartridges. Additional cartridge packs are $10, and include 5 cartridges, which would make it equivalent to about 10 packs of real cigarettes, a real bargain, especially if you need to save up for chemotherapy.

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Nicotine itself is not a carcinogen, so this is probably a cancer-safe way to smoke. Though as an ex-smoker I highly doubt it would give the same satisfaction: the "rewards" of smoking included the flavor, mouth-feel, and smell of the smoke.


This product could be great for helping people trying to quit way less risky than pills or patches


i purchased the cig type. and yeah, the unit itself is expensive, how ever the cartidges can be in quantities that adjust price comparably. i purchased thirty carts for 46 bucks. i didnt buy this to help stop using nicotine but im hoping to reduce or stop smoking by replacing it with a similar nicotine delivery method. if a side effect of using this over time is that i use less, well... im not going to complain. but im not counting on it.

the benifits of what i hope to get out of this is that i will be able to use this in public areas where i currently use chewing tobaco instead. also, if i find the delivery of nicotine acceptable to cigarettes and chewing tobaco it stands to save me about 100 bucks a month.


This looks to me like replacing one expensive habit with an even more expensive habit!!

Why not just quit, and invest the $200/month in a retirement fund (remember - non-smokers live long enough to retire!)?

If could do it - anyone can. You have the strength; you only need the desire. Anyone who truly wants to quit, can.



Its certainly not replacing 1 expensive habbit with another. It however may be replacing 1 filthy expensive habbit with a much cheaper cleaner alternative.

At $5 a pack, it would cost $150 per month for a 30 day 1 pack a day habbit.

Each cartridge is the equivelant to 2 packs. 5 cartridges cost $10 if not bought in bulk. 15 cartridges a month would be $30 + roughly $80 for the unit would be a $40 savings the 1st month, $120 for each month after purchase. And it has no combustion eliminating tar and carcinigens. For those whom like the effect of nicotine it sounds like a deal, without disturbing others that do not smoke.

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