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DaysAgo digital day counter is brilliant!


As much as I look forward to things (number of days until Friday), I'm realizing that I spend quite a bit of time looking backwards (number of days since I cooked that delightful casserole, #of days since I watered the plants, #of days left before my vacation, number of days since I first opened that jar of salsa . . .hummmmm). Enter my new best friend, the DaysAgo counter.

DaysAgo counter can be used to track time elapsed for up to 99 days. Battery operated and available with suction for sticking to smooth plastic or glass surfaces or magnetic for snapping to metal surfaces, DaysAgo is cheap, fast, and helps me keep track of my comings and goings.

If nothing else, the modest investment will keep me from wondering if that salsa is supposed to be tangy or if it's already Salmonella-ridden.

Price: $10 for 2-pack at Howmanydaysago.com


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