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06. 07. 2007

Father's Day Gift Guide

For the Garage Band dads out there, here's a handy device for your Bruce Springsteen cover band, or just for converting your LP catalog into MP3s or CDs. iMic allows you to connect virtually any microphone or sound input device to your iBook, PowerBook, PowerMac or other Mac or PC systems with a USB port. iMic supports both mic and line level inputs via a selectable switch, as well as a "variable level output" for connecting speakers or headphones. Where it really shines is when converting old LPs and tapes into MP3s and CDs. Griffin's audio recording software, Final Vinyl for Mac OS X, makes recording old records and tapes easy, with several advanced features such as waveform-based cue editing and built-in 10-band EQ. Try it for Podcasting, use with iMovie, or even Final Cut Pro. $39.99 at Griffin Technology. (Evan)

These Compact Speakers, for just $28 from the MoMA store, don't require batteries, as they operate on power of the MP3 player it's attached to. A nice idea for a traveling dad who sometimes likes to listen to his music without sticking something in his ears. (Hoyun)

For the dad who brags about being a Boy Scout, give him this LED Lantern, which is perfect for power outages, emergencies, camping, backyard parties, or just when Pops wants to show off how prepared he is in case of an emergency. Up to 10 times more energy efficent than standard lanterns, it's also much safer and easier to use than a propane lantern, and because it's waterproof, you can use it in a rain storm. Specs for those who want them: 4.63-watt power, 70 lumens, dimmer switch to control light output and to conserve batteries, 80 hours battery life at maximum brightness (at lesser brightness for up to 200 hours). Instead of a yellow light, it thows off a white light, hence it's brighter than an ordinary lantern. The company sent me one to try out and we've already used it for a sleepover on the trampoline, but I suspect Dad will put it in the emergency earthquake kit. $120 at Lights and Knives. (Evan)

Remember when we told you about the Nuvo Vino wine Thermometer? Get 25% off for Father's Day by entering the code: "winedad" at Nuvo Vino. (Evan)


There's no 6th generation iPod yet, but you can give Dad an upgrade on his current 5G with a an iluv leather case which doubles as an extra battery. Music playback is pushed to 55 hours on the newest 60/80 GB iPods with video, and while no video playback time is quoted, it will surely be increased as well. Pair it with an iTunes gift card for the perfect "I got you an iPod, kind of, but didnt have to spend $400" gift. $70 at iLuv. (Mia)

My father, a playwright, used to type on an old Remington. I saw one recently in an antique store and realized how beautiful old technology can be. This is what I would get him for Father's Day -- old-fashioned sterling silver cufflinks made with a choice of keys.
Plan ahead since these are made to order and you need to allow a week, the site says. $75 at the Weekend Store. (Evan)


In the same manner that companies will pinkwash a standard cell phone in hopes of alluring women, things which are deemed "feminine" often have to be stamped "FOR MEN" to appeal to the unfairer sex. Case in point, this lovely jewelry box, oh excuse me, I mean deluxe VALET for men, which is in ultra-butch ash finish, with extra masculine cut-outs to accomodate cords for PDAs, music players, and other electronic devices.We know Dad doesn't have any trinkets or jewelry, but maybe he has a few mini power-tools he can stash in there. $110, from Red Envelope. (Mia)

Until you can afford that Boxster your dad has been lusting over, here's a Porsche that will fit your budget, if not the garage. The 1-38 scale model of a soft top Porsche Boxster convertible, is the first model car licensed by Porsche, maybe because all the engineers thought it was the most authentic? Featuring die-cast metal body, sprung opening doors, fun "pull-back–and–go" action, bolts, lights, dashboards, seats and, like most models, other parts that go who knows where. Kit includes screwdriver and instructions, just add labor and glue. $15 at Spoon Sisters (named that because the sisters who founded the site lhave the ast name . . . yes, you guessed it, Spoon). (Evan)

If your father has seen and done it all, and you've got real money to spend on a gift that's unlikely to have been given before, why not send him into outer space? Actually, it's not exactly a trip into space, but a Zero-G Weightless Experience from Sharper Image - a trip in a zero gravity aircraft that flies out of Las Vegas or the Kennedy Space Center and supposedly replicates the experience of being an astronaut in training. The G-Force One fight lasts 90 minutes, with 15 "parabolic maneuvers," followed by a re-gravitation party. Sounds perfectly nauseating to me, you couldn't pay me enough money to take a trip like that, but you can give it to your dad for $3,675. (Hoyun)

For the expectant dad in your life, there's the Dad to be Set from Uncommon Goods for $84. It's a diaper dude bag with ten compartments and a changing pad. Inside it, he'll find a Baby Owner's Manual and a onesie with how-to-hold-a-baby instructions printed on it.

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Clementine [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Those are some great ideas- I love the typewriter cufflinks, but my dad would never wear them! I'm thinking about getting my dad a cool radio I saw at Lord and Taylor- it's perfect for summer bbqs and beach trips- here's a link in case anyone else is interested- they had some other great gift ideas as well.

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