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05. 26. 2007

Sensear headset helps separate sense from nonsense


So what’s new about a noise-cancelling, speech enhancing headset? Especially with there being several such headsets in the market claiming to have that “ultimate” edge in noise cancellation. Well, for one, what interests me is that the headset from Sensear stands out not only because of the novel design, but also because it's one among the few noise cancellation headsets that can handle several needs simultaneously.

Designed with the twin purposes of preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and facilitating clear communication in highly noisy environments, the system supposedly uses an array of directional microphones that take in sound from all directions and then feed it into a powerful signal processing algorithm. This complex (read heady) algorithm then filters out speech from noise. Which means, as soon as the direction of speech is recognized, all other directions are suppressed and voice from this particular direction is processed, amplified and delivered to the wearer. Cool.

The headset also throws in Bluetooth integration, allowing the wearer to answer his mobile hands-free. Very obviously, the noise suppression element is applied to the phone calls delivered to/from the caller as well.

The specs sound impressive, but I prefer not to count the cute chickens before they . . . ahem. The headset is due for public release in September 2007. Prices yet undisclosed.

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Comments (4)

My husband told me about it at dinner because he knows I will want one. And he is right.
But I am not sold on the hues of their color palette. Their colors have been washed down with too much grey. Let’s hope they correct the coloring before they hit the market.

ysrael [TypeKey Profile Page]:

For some time now I have been enjoying the way you put things here and comments

So, for the sake of the question...

Men have the advantage of some less things to carry (any makeup or retouching is needed)

Also no combs or accesories, so, in most cases we do with wallet, keys and some coins (the belt carries the Treo / Blackberry / other gadget) and the guys that smoke can carry a pack and lighter very easily

The wife's / girlfriend's purse is only in a case of emergency when we are using much less pockets (like no shirt with some, or enough pant space) but also, there are very nice linen jackets that can be used even with the hottest temperatures

Ok, ok, I may be not being 100% accurate but what can I do, I am a man and on this specific subject I am clueless but this is how I manage without using my girlfriend's purse as a backup

Mike [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Cool post,

That does look like a neat little gadget. I have a few questions though. Does it come with a headphone port so you can preview the captured audio before you decide to save a file? I'd hate to only be able to SEE the footage I shot on the miniscreen, thinking it's perfect, only to upload it later and find a problem with the audio track. Also, in terms of price, $129 isn't a bad deal at all -- however I have to ask if there are any similar products out under different name brands that may cost a little less or come with slightly different features? I have been thinking about getting a new digi cam, but I was going to get something a little more standard. This particular product has caught my eye though, so I'm thinking of changing my mind and going with something like this instead. I did a little poking around online to see if I could find some more info and I came across a couple of good guides on shopping for digi cams, like this one, but I'm looking for something that specifically details the a cam like the one Pure Digital is marketing. If anyone has any guides or articles like that, I'd appreciate it greatly if you could share. Also, if Pure Digital's product is currently the only one of its kind, are there any places to buy online that are offering them for cheaper than what I would pay at Best Buy or Target? Thanks in advance for any help one of you may be able to give, and thanks to the author for posting about this cool digicam. Keep up the good work!

Clementine [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Those are some great ideas- I love the typewriter cufflinks, but my dad would never wear them! I'm thinking about getting my dad a cool radio I saw at Lord and Taylor- it's perfect for summer bbqs and beach trips- here's a link in case anyone else is interested- they had some other great gift ideas as well.

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