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03. 06. 2007

The Volvo S80 has a woman's safety in mind


The best automotive "peace of mind" innovation since the three point seat belt is the new Personal Car Communicator on the new Volvo S80. The PCC is like having a status window for what's going on inside the car. The fob can exchange information up to 330 feet from the car, and doubles as an authentication key. With the PCC in a pocket the car doors will auto unlock upon approach, and the dash features a pushbutton ignition.

A quick glance at the PCC will show if the car doors are locked or not, but personal security is what the PCC is really all about. The PCC uses flashing lights to notify the driver that there's someone hiding in the car. Once the alarm is triggered, a heartbeat sensor can detect the biorhythms of a living body in the car.

When approaching the S80, a tap on the status button will cause the PCC to beep and vibrate if a bad guy has broken into the car and is hiding in the back seat. The idea is to secretly alert the driver and to quietly slip away to summon help without alerting the trespassers. Good job, Volvo.

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Comments (7)


Volvo always goes beyond the 5-star safety ratings that just about any little car gets these days. Good for them.

Ruby Gan:

This is just fantastic! I wish all automobile manufacturer would think of women's safety, first and foremost!

More power to Volvo!!!


Why don't Volvo just say "women are idiots, they need this sort of shit in their cars so they don't end up losing their babies and getting murdered".


Er, no.

HCW, I think that you're a bit overzealous in your criticism. The heartbeat sensor isn't a feature that Volvo included because women need it, but because many women would appreciate the extra peace of mind.


Back when I was in college a professor left his infant in the car on a warm summer's day and she died - I think men can use the baby sensor feature as much as women. And if bugs the shit out of stupid pet owners so they don't leave their dogs in the car to die on a hot day, even better.


It's funny how there's always someone to complain about new technologies. HCW, you're probably the type of person who initially complained on how remote entry was for stupid people who couldn't lock/unlock their cars manually but you can't live without it today...
What Volvo is trying to do is reduce the chances of accidents to happen. Any such initiative should be supported because our lifes are always better when we don't have to deal with tragedies.


And that's the power of volvo! they dont wanna be left behind in all areas manufacturing cars with safety features that abound in their car models,they've been produced body parts receiving high marks in safety tests year after year. and the company sees it fit to continue what they are doing in terms of design and at the same time bring to the table a much improved engine performance of the Volvo S80.

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