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01. 06. 2007

Environment friendly gDiapers


Parents who have used cloth diapers know that that they are not really a viable option for the night or during travel. Not to mention, the messy leaks and the hassle of washing them all at home. This is where the disposable ones step in as a convenient alternative. However, the disposal of these diapers is a great environmental concern. Statistically, almost all of over 20 billion diapers sold annually (or 3.5 million tons of poop and plastic ) go directly into a landfill somewhere in America. And if that isn't shocking enough, try this - a single diaper can take over 500 years to decompose in a landfill!

So when I came across gDiapers, apparently the world's first flushable diapers, it struck me as being innovative (the product is not new however, it has been in the market for over a year now). The design is completely eco-friendly - the outer layer of each diaper is made of a natural water-absorbing polymer, extracted from trees. And the inner layers are made of soft, elemental chlorine-free fluffed wood pulp. The biggest advantage however, is apparent - the diapers are 100% bio-degradable and can be flushed down the toilet. This could be a boon when you are outside home and when cloth diapers could become quite messy to handle.

The starter kit retails at $24.99. Along with the starter kit, you will have to buy the flushable inserts (a small pack costs $14.49) in order to flush the diapers. Choose from among the cute little designs online.

Via Lifehacker.

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Comments (7)


"Parents who have used cloth diapers know that that they are not really a viable option for the night or during travel. Not to mention, the messy leaks and the hassle of washing them all at home."

I must be a VERY ignorant parent then, because I have used cloth diapers both at night and during travel with no problems for 18 months now! We took our first road trip (7hrs away) when my daughter was 5 weeks old and we used cloth the entire time with no issues at all! During nighttime, I have found cloth diapers to consistently be more reliable than any brand of disposable we've used on the occasion we've used them (mostly to get rid of the ones we got as shower gifts). Cloth diapers are also more environmentally friendly and contain none of the harsh chemicals that cause problems with babies skin and can cause problems with asthma in both the children wearing the diapers and their caregivers. They smell better than disposables, too!

Maybe if parents would take a little bit of the time and energy they put into searching out every single thing to make their babies less of a hassle to them, they'd realize that cloth diapers are not the hassle articles and books make them out to be, but are easy and much, much healthier for baby than any piece of trash you put on their precious bottoms!

I just wanted to say that cloth diapers have come a long way in the last few years. For the last 3 years our family used cloth diapers on our children, never once having a disposable diaper touch my daughters bum from the time she was born until she recently potty trained. We have gone on quite a few family vacations and many, many long road trips (over 6 hours each way). We never had leaks.
Washing them at home is just as easy as washing a load of clothing.
Other than that I agree with the majority of what you said, just wanted to make it known that cloth diapers really are easy and do work very well.


Kanchana, have you ever used cloth diapers?? They are much more absorbant than disposables and very much easy to use for overnight as well as travel. The cloth diapers of today are NOT the same ones used in previous generations. Cloth diapers now come in superabsorbant, environmentally sustainable fabrics such as hemp and bamboo. They have velcro and snap closures for ease of use. The way they are constructed makes them a much better choice than disposables for holding in messes.
Ggdiapers look like a crossbreed gone wrong. If you are going to wash the outer part of the diaper...why not the inner as well? Not to mention the potential this has for clogging up the toilet. NOT something you want to deal with when you are using a public restroom and have a babe-in-arms. With a cloth diaper, you just toss it into a waterproof wetbag and are ready to go.
Thanks for not advocating 'traditional' disposables, but for those who care about the environment, as well as the health of our children, cloth is the only choice.


It is nice to read that cloth diapers have come a long way (at least since the time I was a baby ;-)) Thanks everyone for sharing your positive experiences about cloth diapers. This information should help parents to make a better choice.


I'd like to point out that if you have a septic tank, you would not be able to flush the lining without causing a great deal of trouble and expense to yourself.

We used cloth in our house, and never had an issue with leaking and washing them really was not that big of a deal. I still believe that they are a far better alternative to disposable diapers and these gdiapers.


I also wanted to add that my family has been using cloth diapers (prefolds and covers) for the past 4 years. We don't experience "messy leaks" or have issues washing them here at home. Even my husband who wasn't necessarily on board when we started using them is 100% pro-cloth now. He washes them even. We've driven from NH to FL on vacation with our 4 children and used cloth diapers the entire trip without a problem. We use them overnight also. I had to put a disposable on my son recently and he got mad because of the paper feel on him. Cloth that is available now isn't the cloth most people think of.

Hi there,

My name is Jason Graham-Nye and I am the CEO of gDiapers. Thanks for mentioning us. My wife and I were cloth users too until we found gDiapers at a baby expo. For some ,they like flushing the waste away. We know diapers are a very personal choice. We take the "whatever floats your boat" attitude! The covers work well with cloth inserts so it does work for cloth users.

I just wanted to clarify that the flushable is fine in septics. It has been independetly tested in Australia and we have had 15 years of experience selling the product Down Under. We have had no reported issues with septic systems in that period



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