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12. 27. 2006

Permanent (yet removable) tattoo ink


If you belong to the category of people who would love to have a tattoo on your body but have been scared of its permanency, here is some good news. Based on research done by scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and Duke University, a company called Freedom-2 LLC will start offering a tattoo ink that can be easily removed completely after just one laser treatment.

Current methods of removing tattoos suffer from multiple disadvantages. The root cause is the inks that are mainly derived from substances used in car paints and printing. Since these inks are meant to leave a permanent effect, removal involves multiple expensive laser treatments and in many cases undesirable scarring. The Freedom-2 (F2) ink adopts a body friendly approach to solve this problem. The ink consists of biodegradable dyes encapsulated in tiny polymer beads, and the same traditional delivery methods are used to make a permanent F2 tattoo from it. Removal is done using a single laser treatment that breaks down the beads in the ink, allowing the body to naturally expel the dye contained within it.

The tattoos created using this ink will be qualitatively the same as the ones created now using traditional inks. Since the ink as such does not contribute significantly to the cost of getting a tattoo done, the additional cost of the F2 ink will not prove to be a damper. To be released in early 2007, this ink promises to give you a second chance without pinching your wallet or skin.

Via Medgadget.

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Comments (8)

Okay, but what is the lasting power of tattoos made with this ink? Even with the permanence of the current ink used for tattoos, over time (years), they tend to fade a bit. On the off chance that you actually WANT a tattoo that is going to last forever (duh, isn't that the point anyway?), how does this ink stand up against the standard?

Personally, I don't think you should get a tattoo if there is even the remotest thought in the back of your mind that you may change your mind down the road and want it gone. That is part of the whole point about getting a tattoo - it's permanence, it becoming part of your body forever.

Holly L Breznai:

I agree with Luttibelle...I am a female with a lot of tattoos. A few I could do without now...but those I don't like are my own mistake and makes me who I am today. I still love getting tattos and will continue to get them, my choices are more thought out though. I am a 32 year old mother of two working my way through nursing school. A tattoo you love today should still be a tattoo you will love tomorrow.


but why not have that backdoor option? i believe its arrogant pride to stick with work that cant be removed. i would say 90%of everyones first tattoo i have ever viewed..the "owner" has regretted it. The tattoos after that they usually love...

personally i have passed on the nearly one dozen tattoo artist friends that offer me free work...but now i can give it some serious thought..at the very least it would allow for an easier coverup


I think this is the best idea I've ever heard. The egotism tied up with tattooists and tattoo addicts will make a huge issue of this.

The artists may be reluctant to use a medium that can be reversed and might be all scornful towards anyone who wants it.

Tattoo getters who like to take the stance that tats mean you are hardcore because they are permanent, will be all mad about tattoos possibly losing that toughness connotation.

I think it's about time. Keep your tattoo if you want, or get rid of it if you want. People who think they know what the future holds are just limiting themselves. Anyone who has a problem with this has serious issues, assuming the quality and longevity are the same as traditional inks. Just don't get it removed if you don't want to! Or, IF you want, get rid of that jerk ex's name or gang tat so you can move on. It's called freedom.

An extensively tattooed person I know would love to be able to erase some of the earlier stuff she got before she had her master plan figured out and before she got involved with her main artist. She is trying to get some skin freed up for a new idea but the laser treatment leaves skin damage.


Piercings close up ... now tattoos that can be removed. If we could only advance science enough for reversible circumcisions, we'd be truly free. Seriously. I want mine back. :(

I think the company's claims need a little fleshing out. They say they've done human trials and are planning to release this in 2007, yet on their press photos page, all they have are electron and light micrographs of the PMMA microspheres. Before and after photos of tattoos on a person, or at least an animal, would be more convincing. Suckers will buy anything that says "nano-" on it. =P


respect to both ends of ink... as a tattooist myself ive dont lots of cover-ups and personly i wont tattoo any ones name unless they can prove immediate relation... im tired of spending hours of ideas and work on ex-lovers....anyways besides the point this ink will allow the freedom to take on such business without regret of doing the work... when a customer complains..." i want it covered up"... my responce will be "go get it lasered off... you chose removable ink".

also on the flip side... you charge more for the ink... several artist including myself felt a lack of talant going to merge into this craft who may learn how to tat but never learn how to cover-up and using raw skills and talant that most artists have. im not the best artist in the world... i never apprenticed anywhere... but when i wanted to... the shop that excepted to take me on spent one day with me and said i really didnt need it... they loved my sterilization and artwork as well as how i laid the ink... they said everything else just comes with exerience and confidence to take on new challenges.

long story short... when this ink hits the market... artist pick it up. offer it to customers as a choice and explain their allergy risk factors and charge them a great deal more

for the customers... you get what you pay for... and i can tell you this... unless a tattooist owes YOU money... these tats wont be cheap so expect to pay for your un-asurance of what you really want, just to satisfy an itch to get tatted


ummm...personally i dont see why artists would object....once a person runs out of canvis(skin) the person no longer can get more tatoos thus ending his monetary contributions to the artist...if someone can continuously remove the tatoo(clear the canvis) and get new ones thats alot more money the individual will spend on tatoos...just my view....tats are great by the way dont think i object to em but non permanent ones will attract a wider array of people whom will decorate their bodies ..!! ;)

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