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12. 04. 2006

Holiday Gift Guide 2006: $400 - $1000

Camera phone pictures are great for impromptu photo ops but not exactly suitable for framing or printing- not so with the Nokia N93 phone, which has a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a 3x optical zoom. $939 from Neiman Marcus. (Mia)

Make like Grant Achatz of the molecular gastronomy haven, Alinea, and serve your sauces and purees frozen, instead of hot with the Anti-griddle. The -30°F surface instantly freezes food or flash freezes the outside, leaving the inside soft and creamy. $845 from Cuisine Technology. (Mia)

The Motorola Ojo PVP1000 personal videophone transmits near broadcast TV quality video and in-sync audio over a high-speed internet connection. The video transmission is at a cool 30fps with the default 150Kbps bandwidth. The audio quality is also near perfect with very little delay even over cross-country calls. Its looks are arresting as well - the eye-catcher being the 7-inch LCD digital display mounted over a slender silver stand. All-in-all, an ideal gift to keep in touch over long distances. Available at GadgetBase for around $760. (Kanchana)

The X5 espresso machine kit was designed by Italian architect Luca Trazzi for Francis Francis! Trazzi gave his creation bold sloping lines and distinct angles to great effect. Kitchen appliances are in a rut of black and stainless steel and its getting a little tedious. In a refreshing move, the X5 comes in nine different colors. (Minimalists need not worry, as black is one of them.) The X5 retails for $650. (Ray)

For the person who has almost everything...the Moto RAZR V3i Dolce & Gabbana Phone & Luxury Package. For a mere $899, you can gift this gold tone or silver tone finish phone with the engraved D&G logo. It's the same guts as the Moto RAZR V3 but in a glittery package. Luxury Package Includes:
• Moto RAZR V3i Dolce & Gabbana phone,
• Metallic gold leather carrying case,
• Wired stereo headset,
• H700 Bluetooth headset,
• Arrives in gold-tone/silver-tone box .

Terrariums are moving beyond the back shelf of your 3rd grade classroom. This eco-friendly one was designed by Justin Parker for Esque, based in Portland Oregon. It stands an ample 18 inches tall and is made to order using recycled glass in a furnace that is powered by wind energy. Branch offers this elegant piece for $945.00. (Ray)

Monster AVL-300 Home Remote: I’ve spent some time with the Monster 300 remote; and it’s a great remote for controlling a plethora of a/v equipment. Programming light switches and dimmers into the home theater setup is just too cool, and it never ceases to amaze my friends. The only downside is that the programming isn’t overly simple, so make sure that you’re giving it to the technically proficient member of the family. The base remote package is $600, and enough lighting controllers to outfit a single room will cost a few hundred more. (Johnny)

Jack Spade takes the typical messenger bag and gives it the perfect tweak by using a herringbone patterned fabric. This bag is 16"W x 12"H x 6"D, making it just the right size for carrying laptops and its accompanying gear. The Jack Spade "Herringbone - Industrial Field Bag" is available at Nordstrom for $425.00. (Ray)

The Nokia N80 does just about everything. The Quadband EDGE/GSM phone has wi-fi, Bluetooth, a 3 mega-pixel camera and an MP3 player. You can also view MS Excel, Work and Powerpoint files from its hi-res screen. With Nokia Xpress Solutions, print or share photos directly from your phone. Best of all, the N80 is available in the US and retails for $599.99. (Ray)

The Bauhuas Table Lamp was designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Carl Jucker in the 1920s. These lamps come numbered and are certified with the Bauhaus logo. Thie design has also been included as part of the MoMA collection and is sold at the MoMA Design Store for $795.00. (Ray)

An ideal gift for someone who hopes to be the next Eric Clapton but isn't quite there yet. The Fretlight 421 looks and plays like a regular electric guitar, but the difference lies in the tiny red LED lights embedded beneath the neck. Plug the guitar into your computer via the regular USB port and the LEDs light up to show where to put your fingers to play various chords and melodies. Along with software called M-Player, these lights can also guide you through MIDI songs. Available for $599.99 (Kanchana)

If you are clear on the ultimate winner in the Blu-Ray vs . HD-DVD battle based on the initial promising reports favouring the latter, the HD-A1 HD-DVD Player from Toshiba is the way to go. For those who are not sure on what the fuss is all about, HD-DVDs are the next generation DVDs with large disc capacities allowing the incorporation of 7.1 surround sound and HDTV picture quality. Surely the big box and the steep price may be a bit intimidating, but the early adopters looking for the ultimate movie experience will not complain. Available from Amazon.com at $499.99. (Kanchana)

Why give just any gift card when you can give the distinctive, limited edition Andy Warhol cards from Barneys? Most of these designs are also available on t-shirts for $85 so you could "wrap" any denomination in a matching tee. In case you haven't gotten me anything yet, I like the soup can. (Evan)

Recognized as the world's most expensive perfume, this floral-oriental scent is created from rare ingredients (heart notes of rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, orris, and orchid) -- and accented with a sparkling brilliant-cut diamond. The Clive Christian No. 1 Pure Perfume for Women is $2,350.00, but the 1-ounce, handmade crystal bottle is adorned with a sparkling brilliant-cut white diamond on the "collar." The spray is available for $735.00 but comes without the diamond. (Evan)

Maison Surrenne 1946 unblended grande champagne: In 1946, a man named Hubert Portier made some cognac and put it in a barrel. Fifty-two years later it was transferred to a glass container and evaluated for blending. The amazing flavors present saved this lot from the blender’s butchery, and it was bottled without caramel color, sugar syrup or boisé adulteration. Finding a straight from the wood cognac is nigh impossible, and I’ll put this $400 bottle up against the $1,500 Louis XIII any day. (Johnny)

Dom Pérignon 1996 Rose: Champagne is festive, and pink champagne is the most flirtatious beverage on the planet. Dom Pérignon kicked off their new rosé champagne vintage last month, and they’ve done a great job of outpacing Billecart and Veuve this season. The flavors are strawberry and vanilla with citrus fruits and an almost phenolic finish. $400 from wine.com, and a bottle is worth every penny. (Johnny)

Raon Vega UMPC: One night ten years ago I was running a ninja raid with my crew and needed a tight computer that could fit in a pocket while I climbed the side of a building (it’s a long story). The Raon Vega UMPC would have been a perfect match; they’ve packed a full Windows XP machine into a 3x6 inch footprint. Battery life is five hours, the hard drive is 30 gigs, and the 4.3 inch screen runs at 800x480 pixels. My only complaint is the lack of onboard wifi, but that’s easily overcome. Available for $879.00 from Dynamism. (Johnny)

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The mentioned monster remote could be a very good toy for my TV-obsessed dad. I guess life becomes easier with this coolish toy.

Thank you for sharing this great gift list with me !

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