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Rome SDS Madison Snowboard Binding


Hello Ladies. Snowboarding season is upon us, and if you're making plans to hit the slopes you're probably also checking out your gear and updating your equipment. So while you're getting ready to bomb some hills, take a look at the Madison bindings by Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate. Aside from being fashionable, the Madison has a slight asymmetrical shape that contours with the calf muscle, delivering support and comfort designed specifically for women. Add a dash of leather trim around the edges and gel layering around the ankle strap for a cozy fit and you have a smokin' boot binding that even the boys will envy. But rest assured, this season the Madison's look is only for the girls. Get ready for winter!

Posted by Katherine    Category: accessories
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Holiday Gift Guide 2006: Stocking Stuffers

For those who just don't want to brave the crowds on the busiest shopping day of the holiday season, Popgadget brings you the first installment of our holiday gift guide -- stocking stuffers that you can shop for online. These are our personal favorites:

To put you in the right mood, how about some circuit board Christmas ornaments from Acorn Studios? Not only would these make great ornaments for your tree, they also make good decorations for your computer monitor. They're $14.95 each, and until November 30th, shipping is free to Canada and the U.S.on orders over $20, and you get a free keychain with each order. (Hoyun)

You can apply makeup in any lighting situation with Kiss & Tell Lighted lipgloss, lipstick and mascara. They're $15.00 each. However, these won't help steady your hand in the back of a bumpy taxicab. (Mia)

Perfect for any dog owner, the "How Smart Is Your Dog IQ Test" contains 12 tests to determine the Canine Intelligence Quotient (CIQ) of their loyal companions. Available at I Want One Of Those for £4.99 (Approx USD $8.98 / €7.39.) (Ray)

The ever cute Mood Beams glow with different patterns. With two modes, they are activated by a simple tap or sound. Moon Beams are ready to be shipped to your home from I Want One of Those for £9.95 or approximately USD $17.91 / €14.73. (Ray)

One of our favorites featured earlier, Harry the Organizer from Mocha. Just stick it on a flat surface, shape it up as you like and fit in any number of little objects that you don’t fancy lying around. Simple living, high thinking. Pick up Harry at $30 or Harry Jr. at $22. (Kanchana)

These Arriva headphones, designed to be worn around the back of your head, are very bendable and made to stay in place during extreme sports. $29.95 on the Arriva website. (Hoyun)

Marli bottle opener: Two years ago Steven Blaess designed a simple figure-eight bottle opener, and Alessi picked it up for production. The Marli design is simplistic, and fits in the palm of your hand; and can even be used with an old necktie as a fancypants designer belt buckle to, uh, hold up your fancy pants. At $19 it's one of the cheapest steel pieces in the Alessi catalogue. Available from MoMa or direct from Alessi. (Johnny)

Glenrothes Scotch gift pack: Sometimes you give a gift that the receiver will enjoy, and sometimes you give a gift to prove that you have good taste. Glenrothes is a Speyside single malt, and one of my absolute favorites. Typical Glenrothes has a sweet nose with golden honey tones in the middle and a tiny bit of peat on the finish. This trio of 100mL bottles is the perfect size for two people to share a glass out of each and sample three unique vintages. These packs are in limited supply this year so spend your $33 at
quickly. (Johnny)

What's more important than keeping warm this winter? Yup, keeping your gadgets warm. MacBook and iPod wrappers are essential for keeping your digital friends nice and cosy. As an additional bonus, the environmentally friendly gift packaging has "your name, the date your cover was made, and for custom covers the number of embroidery stitches." Available from Wrappers. (Stuart)

I'd be very happy to find this Muji multi-tool in my stocking. This stainless steel tool (5.5 inches long) includes a hammer, bottle opener, knife, file, two saws and a hexagon wrench, and comes with a pouch. At the MoMA store for $15 ($13.50 for members). (Hoyun)

The UM Hold uses reclaimed factory waste industrial felt to create these elegant wallets. The zippers come in organge, blue and green. Buy one this holiday season at Branch for $38.00. (Ray)

Celebrate your geekdom with the USB powered Holiday Tree. Simply plug into any USB port and the blue LED will add some Christmas cheer. Includes a Christmas star and Star of David, so you can make a Xmas tree or Hanukkah bush. $11.99 at ThinkGeek. (Evan)

money%20soap.jpg Show me the money! First, you're going to have to take a bath, though. Inside each pear-berry scented glycerine soap bar is either a $1, $5, $10, $20 or even a $50 bill. Perfect stocking stuffer for the mercenary. $12.99 from Bits and Pieces. (Evan)

Goodbye to tedious winding. Set your kitchen timer with a single swish-and-pull of the Tape Timer. Pull the ring to set the timer (up to 60 mins). The tape goes down gradually and signals the end of time with a loud ring. Arty. Available at $15 from Uncommon Goods. (Kanchana)

Vitra Chair Poster: I have one of these posters hanging in my living room, and if your recipient is a fan of design there is no better quick reference for chairs from 1820 to 1990. I consult "The Poster" often to get a designer's name or to see when a certain iconic piece was made. It's forty bucks at Design Within Reach, and DesignBoom has a pair of complimentary posters featuring rocking and folding chairs for $10 a pop. (Johnny)

Case Mod T-shirt: Being a tech kid isn't just about liking computers, but more about being the person who understands how it all works inside the box. When it's time to build a new computer the case is the first thing that gets assembled. Show off your skills with a blow apart schematic of just how it all fits together on the Case Mod t-shirt from mnpctech. This shirt costs ten bones direct from the maker, and any nerd will be proud to fly these colors. (Johnny)

Take a number, Bud! For the person in our life whose family or co-workers are always bugging them to do something. Just use these push pins to put the request on your bulletin board and they'll get the message. $5.95 for set of four at See Jane Work. (Evan)

The Electronic Handheld Sudoku Game can help past the time while improving skills of logic and deduction. Test your brain with over 100,000 puzzles using its cool touch screen. It's available at the Discovery Channel Store for $19.95. (Ray)

The Donut FM Radio has a funky design, is really entertaining to use (rotate the outer ring to tune and inner ring to switch on/off and adjust the volume) and looks awfully cute. Available for $30 a piece at the MoMA store. Don’t keep it around at meal times. (Kanchana)

Still struggling to find something despite this guide? Wow, you are picky. Maybe you should try imagini.net instead. Imagini uses VisualDNA, their very own made-up word to describe their unique gift guide system that's specifically suited to the individual. The site works by providing you with a series of photos, and instructing you to make simple selections based on what one you like best. At the end of it all, you're provided with your very own personal gift guide. Try it now at imagini.net. (Stuart)

Posted by Hoyun    Category: gift guide 2006
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Popgadget prize contest updates

There's still time to enter our contest to win a package of home office products from Belkin, including this TuneSync (iPod docking station with 5-port USB hub). Cats seem to figure in prominently in many of the photo entries we've received so far (give me a minute to analyze that one).

We previously announced the first prize winner of our "Getting Lost" contest, who won this AVIC-D2 in-dash navigation system from Pioneer Electronics; we now have the winners of the second and third place prizes:

Laura Conover of Nashua, New Hampshire won an Xtatix Freefone for her second place entry.

And Don MacKinnon of Seattle, WA gets two iSoundCaps for his third place entry.

Look for more giveaways during the holiday season. And tomorrow -- our first holiday gift guide goes up. Until then -- Happy Day of Gluttony!

Posted by Hoyun    Category: current affairs
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Trillian Astra features revealed


Cerulean Studios has announced that the newest version of Trillian, Trillian Astra, is in alpha testing. Where the other versions of Trillian brought together all of my chat to one place, Astra is aimed at bridging the gap in controlling and managing your entire online presence on multiple blogs, photo sharing, RSS feeds, and almost any other web service. Taking these independent services and weaving them together to create an always updated interdependent web presence is a lofty goal, and Trillian aims to make that happen with Astra.

The new Trillian widget architecture uses Flash presentation and XML data to export data to other web sites and the contact list. Things like location, current weather, current mood, time zone, CPU usage, mp3 playlists, and your contact list can all be shared. There are advanced permissions lists for creating rules restricting what type of data users can see. Basically, I can define rules to share my phone number and address only to people in my family list, but the family won't be able to see what I'm downloading over BitTorrent.

There have also been several maintenance issues reworked from the ground up. Update and redraw times have been greatly improved, and this should finally fix the intermittent 100% processor usage issues of past releases. They've been plugging all the memory leaks, and streamlining the skinning engine by reducing the amount of XML it takes to write a skin. Custom skins should load faster, and there will be ultra minimalist skins available for using Trillian on older machines.

Where Pro has nonexistent support for letting visiting friends log in with their own credentials, Astra has a proper shared login screen. The SecureIM encryption engine has been updated to support public key architecture. It's a little known fact that Trillian Pro already seamlessly integrates with PGP desktop.

There's a Flash tour of the new features, and an in-depth sneak preview of all the improvements, and a full changelog for all the hardcore geeks.

Posted by Johnny    Category: software
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VIBE earphones


I wish they'd stop doing this. Everytime I'm finally happy with the newest generation of ear buds, some company comes out with earphones with superior technology that I just have to have.

I just reviewed V-MODA's Remix"M" series line awhile back and remember how thrilled I was with those. Now, V-MODA has just announced their new VIBE line, in Gunmetal Black and FlashBlack Chrome. Sure, they're handsome, but more importantly, they sound awesome.

The Vibe series provide a precise balance of rich bass, warm mids and unprecedented clarity. It's the next thing to being there. You can hear when the singer takes a breath, the squeak of a guitar string, the pressure of the drums. BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicon) technology further reduces outside noise for a precise and rich bass response (frequency 12Hz to 22Hz). With three sizes of ultra-soft silicon fittings in both clear and black colors, the modaphones fit securely and comfortably.

At a suggested retail price of $101, you'd think they would be one of the higher priced earphones on the market, but not when you compare them to the E Shure series which tops out with the E5c at $549.00 MSRP. These are a steal, comparatively.

And your ears are worth it.

Posted by Evan    Category: devices
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Will the Gresso really impress ?


The latest entrant in the luxury mobiles market is the Russian Gresso phone. Unlike the Vertu models, you have nothing to go by except for some good looking pictures and a press release. The body is made from 200-year old African Blackwood and gold with a Sapphire crystal display. Every phone is unique, perhaps to cater to an equally exclusive clientele that can really afford such a phone. No official prices have been announced but expect them to be in the "jaw-dropping" zone. For the technically inclined, nothing to chew upon except a single statement from the company’s press release - "It is well equipped technically."

The official name of the phone is also currently censored, with the only information available being that the designer is Italian. No other specifications are available at this time and the only way of contacting Gresso is by a hotmail address. Given that the whole product sounds shady and with so few details available, we would recommend this to only the real adventurous mobile addicts.

Via Engadget Mobile.

Posted by kanchana    Category: devices
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Cool Thai Knives for your kitchen


Two knives from templeofthai.com have been featured in the New York Times Style section. The Fruit Carving Knife has an organically-shaped wood handle, and an extremely sharp one-sided blade that is great for preparing fresh fruits.

The second knife is a little more wacky, and aptly named the Kom Kom Miracle Zig Zag Knife. Like a Swiss army knife for fruits and vegetables, the handle can core apples and julienne papayas. Then, you can rotate the blade to carve and peel.

The Fruit Carving Knife retails for $25.00 and the Miracle Knife Zig Zag sells for $13.95.

Posted by Ray    Category: home
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MixIt™ CD Stickers


We know you want to mix it up. I mean, what's better than a music mix or photo album created by you for friends and family? Sure you can ftp, upload, download, or otherwise distribute files electronically, but there's something nice and charmingly retro about physical storage media, and with the MixIt™ CD Stickers you can also make them super cute. With three sets of patterns to choose from, you'll have a great time personalizing your media mixes with colorful dots, happy stripes, or cheerful florals. With an included easy-to-use sticker placement guide you can't go wrong.

$6.99 for a package of 8 at the Container Store.

Posted by Katherine    Category: design
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SoundArt photograph speakers


For those who want to harmoniously blend their home entertainment technology with their artistic taste, U.K. company SoundArt makes canvas stereo speakers from any photographs you choose. Music is delivered through the SoundArt system using DML technology (Distributed Mode Loudspeaker); it works with almost any home audio device (MP3 player, Hi-Fi, digital radios, etc.).


So far, it appears to be available only at stores in the U.K.

Via bookofjoe.

Posted by Hoyun    Category: devices
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Help on the way for "BlackBerry Thumb"


If you've been sufffering from a sore thumb lately AND are an excessive BlackBerry user, welcome to the growing list of people with the "BlackBerry Thumb" syndrome. There is a ray of hope, however, which does not involve you junking your favorite gadget. The Hyatt hotels of North America have launched the BlackBerry Balm hand massage in response to their growing list of business clientele complaining of this malady. The 30-minute massage is available in most of the N.A. spas and uses a specially made BlackBerry Balm to relieve the pain. You shell out $30 for the massage that focuses on counteracting tension on various hand and arm muscles, specifically in the thumbs and overworked wrists.

Worthwhile checking it out if you happen to be at a Hyatt. But better still, go easy on your PDAs folks, prevention is way, way better than cure.

Via Medgadget.

Posted by kanchana    Category: body | devices
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