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Shower Tap Radio


What's blue and looks like a tap but plays music in your shower? The Shower Tap Radio of course. With AM and FM bands and a sticky sucker to affix to the tiles, you can have your music everywhere. Just watch those tricky dance steps.

To tune in to your favourite station all you need to do is turn the tap, then to increase the volume, just turn the tap again. It comes with a small but effective aerial, and I don't need to mention that it's waterproof do I?

�9.95 (Approx. $19.64) at Crazy About Gadgets.

Posted by Evan    Category: devices
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Holiday Gift Guide Guide 2006: Gifts under $100

Wi-Fi is great, but sometimes you get all excited about locating a hot spot just to find out after logging on that there�s a huge traffic jam. With a Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer, you�ll be able to detect signal strength for all Wi-Fi networks as well as Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz cordless phones, microwaves, Zigbee, and all other 2.4 GHz transmitters. You�ll be able to find out which channels are quiet, and which traffic jams to avoid. $99.99 at ThinkGeek. (Maggie)

Although seen on Project Runway judging up and comers, Michael Kors had fashion design street credibility long before the show. Here is his "Astor" Cell Phone case from his MICHAEL line. The best part is that it is only one piece from his "Astor" accessory collection, allowing for complete fashion coordination. Available at Nordstrom in Black (shown) or Luggage, for $48.00. (Ray)

Create your own home-made yogurt with the Automatic Yogurt Maker in less than half a day. Of course, the procedure would involve some work from your end to create the initial mixture, which you pour into the provided glass jars when ready. Then set the timer and relax as you wait for some creamy, delicious home-made yogurt. The yogurt maker retails at Williams Sonoma at $39.95. (Kanchana)

I love this retro inspired radio designed by Marco Pulga & Luc Artioli for Lexon Design. The LED display reads green for FM and red for AM. Currently available at designstore.com in wood (shown) for $60 or in colored rubber for $48. (Ray)

Given my tendency to misplace stuff, I'm almost tempted to gift myself the Credit Card Alarm. The alarm is an intelligent plastic-and-steel card case that beeps every twenty seconds when empty, in which case, you are being softly warned that your credit card could be missing. Extremely practical and can be used with your most valuable cards. Buy it online at $55 a piece. (Kanchana)


Trio's ingenious interchangeable covers give you 3 ways to carry your iPod Nano. The soft inner lining keeps your Nano like new, and the tough, genuine leather outer case keeps it safe and looking good. And the colors are beautiful. $24.00 at Griffin Technology. (Evan)

Schott's Almanac, from the author of Schott's Original Miscellany, Schott's Food & Drink Miscellany, and Schott's Sporting, Gaming & Idling Miscellany, takes us through the year in this humorous, non-traditional almanac which covers everything from political and economic events to memorable moments in pop culture (including a choice quote from Paris Hilton). A nice gift for the person in your life who has everything. $17.14 from Amazon.


For the rock n' roll diva in your life -- the Diavolina Belt Buckle. Made of a silver looking metal, it may just be the prefect accessory. $45.00 @ tokidoki. (Evan)

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Posted by Hoyun    Category: gift guide 2006
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The mixed blessing of donations


It's long been a tax dodge to donate obsolete electronics to charities for redistribution to those less fortunate, but according to the UN's Environment Programme those well meaning charitable donators may be contributing to environmental problems in the developing world. Recipients of recycled technology are reporting discard rates as high as 75% on occasion; many of the machines are damaged in shipping or were broken when originally donated. These machines release many dangerous compounds when disposed of in improper ways.

Lead, arsenic, mercury, and several radioactive compounds are released when the electronics are burned. Destruction by fire creates airborne particulates and dangerous fumes; the strong winds of the African plains can quickly spread the danger long distances.

The UN is calling for investigations into the effects of improper disposal, and urging member states to be self policing when it comes to shipping used electronics overseas. Despite their good intentions the UN won't be able to effectively fix the problem alone. The way to solve this problem is for manufacturers to build machines out of easily recycled nontoxic materials, and to develop cheap machines so the developing world won't be stuck with our hand-me-downs.

Posted by Johnny    Category: current affairs
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Snowman speaker

I become an anti-aesthete during the holiday months, evidenced by the fact that I find this snowman speaker unspeakably charming. Not only does this adorable snowman provide stereo sound to any music player (CD, radios, mp3 players, anything with a standard headphone jack) but it lights up and changes color according to the tempo of the music. Holiday playlists will be all the more festive when blasting (okay, probably more like tinnily sputtering) out of this little gormlessly grinning acrylic novelty speaker-toy.

Available only during the holiday season at Avon, for $30. Includes AC adaptor.

Posted by Mia    Category: devices
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Enviga: Slimming, sparkling green tea soda

I was recently sent a few pre-release samples of the new green tea beverage, Enviga, and despite some green tea afficionados I know who insist that tea should be "not bubbly, not flavored, and not cold," I found it to be much better than any of those Red Bull-like energy drinks. It is super-caffeinated, and has more of the active ingredient in green tea (EGCG) than any other bottled tea drink. Chinese legends claim that the first green tea was brewed way back in 2737 BC, but it's just recently become a flavor of the month in the western world, touted for its antioxidant benefits and mild flavor.

EGCG supposedly helps rev up the metabolism so in tandem with the caffeine (green tea has natural caffeine but Enviga is "fortified" with even more), Enviga provides a mild calorie-burning effect, especially if, like me, you drink three cans in one go. I'm sure if I had more, I'd be Nicole Richie by now, but after a few hours of bouncing off walls, I was out of Enviga and looking for snacks. There's also 200 mg of calcium in each can.

How does it taste? Not too sweet, not too strong, only mildly fizzy, and the berry and peach flavors (there's also plain) don't have that medicinal tang that's present in so many vitamin drinks. I think most diet soda devotees will understand when I say that it's reassuringly slightly bitter, like a low-calorie drink should be. Some of the newer Splenda-sweetened drinks taste so much like their full-sugar versions, that I get nervous sometimes that I'm downing hundreds of extra calories. This tastes like diet, but in a good way. Of course I understand that plain water or plain brewed tea are both non-caloric, but what's the fun in that?

Enviga will be rolled out over the next few months, and should be available widely.

Posted by Mia    Category: body
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Monaco Notebook Case from Mobile Edge (with free matching handbag through November)


Not that long ago, it was difficult to find a laptop bag that didn't look like a briefcase or a student's backpack. With my first two or three laptops, my desire for something a little different lead me to try several bags that were designed specifically for women, but not -- as it turned out -- specifically for comfort. They were pretty on the outside, but turned out to have functional flaws that were hard to overcome, like hard handles that dug paiinfully into my shoulder or stiff openings that made it difficult to slide the computer in and out. Never a complete slave to fashion, I always reverted back to my old standby -- a manly-looking black nylon briefcase. Things have changed in the last few years, and we now have more choices and don't necessarily have to compromise comfort and functionality for a bit of style.

Mobile Edge stands out for their line of fashionable and sophisticated women's laptop bags. Their new Monaco Notebook Case, which fits a 15.4" notebook computer, takes its styling from those quilted handbags that are in vogue now (again). (Many of their women's computer bags look to be inspired by modern handbag design.) The sleek, minimalist exterior, made of microfiber, makes this a bag you can take to any business meeting, without getting it mixed up with the ones the boys are carrying, but it's lightweight, sturdy and fairly inexpensive ($99.99) -- which means it's not so precious that you couldn't use it every day.

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Posted by Hoyun    Category: accessories
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Read in style with book chairs


The Bibliochaise is book storage with a difference. Apart from the fact that it has a higher than average creativity quotient, the Italian designers, nobody&co have thrown in an added utility factor by creating a literal arm-chair library. With the Bibliochaise, you can pick off your books right from where you are seated. Because this chair-cum-library is designed to hold 5 linear metres of books and a book-lover as well.

Personally, the fact that I can access my books from my chair is, in and of itself, less appealing to me than what the Bibliochaise has to offer in the art department. With looks that can be customized too (you can choose different combinations of wood for the chair and colors for the cushions), this chair will definitely stand out in your living room. Contact the designers for more information and pricing.


Next up is the Dondola, a sleek stainless steel rocking chair which can hold if you havent guessed by now books within the three storing cases provided below the surface. Though you can't use this to store as many books as the Bibliochaise, with the Dondola, you can change the balance simply by changing the distribution of books in the cases. And to say the least, its looks are simply amazing. Contact the gallery Made75 for details.

Via The Style Files.

Posted by kanchana    Category: design | home
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Monopoly: Sephora edition


I haven't played Monopoly in years, but I have to admit the new Sephora version has this beauty addict interested in playing again.

In this version, you Go to Jail for bad hair days, get a manicure so you can Advance to Go and collect $200, and pay fines for streaky self-tanner application. The game features popular brands like Stila in Gloss Gardens, Make Up For Ever on Lipstick Lane, Nars on Cheek Street, Murad at Cleanser Crossing and Bliss on Lotion Avenue. According to the press release:

The object of the game is to own it all Sephora-style. Players vie to run the most successful Sephora store by filling it with the most beauty products and essentials such as water and electricity.

To play the game, players buy beauty products to fill up their stores and just like the original, when players land on cosmetic properties owned by their opponents, rent must be paid.

When a player owns an entire cosmetic category, they can place Sephora Shopping Bags on their properties and eventually upgrade to Sephora Stores.

To win, players must bankrupt their opponents so that only one Sephora store remains.

Available from now till January 2007, for US$45. (Thanks to Mag for the tip!)

Posted by saresha    Category: toys
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Buon Appetito bed linen


The Buon Appetito bed linen is meant for anyone who loves having breakfast in bed. Thanks to the clever design by Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus that incorporates a napkin into the duvet cover, you wont have to feel guilty about staining your linen with coffee or orange juice ever again as this is what they are meant for. The Buon Appetito bed linen doesn't appear to be available yet, but other cool products by the two German designers can be purchased through their site.

Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus designs draw inspiration from everyday mishaps like getting a stain on a freshly cleaned t-shirt. The idea is to put these traditionally negative elements into a positive context: That way small mishaps and such will become a stylish and communicative element in your life.

Via caymag.

Posted by Camilla    Category: design
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Mitsubishi IH rice cooker


If you eat rice regularly, you probably regard the electric rice cooker as one of the greatest inventions of the last century. It would therefore hardly surprise you to know that the Japanese have taken it -- as they do with so many things -- to extremes.

According to CNet Asia's Mobile Ojisan, induction heating rice cookers are all the rage in Japan, with the top of the range model being Mitsubishi's Wclass NJ-WS10. Mitsubishi claims that this rice cooker makes better rice than other IH rice cookers because it has an inner pot made of solid carbon, rather than the carbon-coated ferromagnetic inner pot that comes with other IH rice cookers. The 7.5mm thick carbon pot, hand-made in China from a solid carbon ingot, even comes with its own serial number.

The price? 115,000 yen (about US$994).

Posted by saresha    Category: home
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