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10. 20. 2006

Voltage Chemoluminescent Hair Gel for Halloween


I was browsing Nigel's site a couple of days ago and, with Halloween being so close, thought that ye olde Popgadget readers might be interested in a unique toiletry he mentioned.

Voltage iGlow is a sulf illuminating hair gel. By mixing fluorophors with an appropriate catalyst a chemical reaction occurs that produces the byproduct of light. No bulbs or batteries are necessary to create the glow, and the illumination shampoos right out. Essentially, wearing Voltage gel is the same as cracking open a raver glow stick and pouring the contents over your locks.

Directions are to open the container, add the powder (catalyst) to the gel (fluorophor suspension), run through hair, and dance! If you really want to maximize your potential glow for a short outing then heat up the gel with a hairdryer after application. The heat will make the gel burn much brighter, but it won't last nearly as long. A 2 oz tube is $11, and should be enough for a couple of people to use for highlights.

Read these links if you need Friday afternoon entertainment and love science. 1 2 3

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Comments (2)

Geeky Mom:

Voltage iGlow has a deal on right now, buy three, get the fourth iGlow free! I didn't notice it on the site, but about 1/2 hour after I purchased three colors, I got a phone call from the company, asking if I'd like to add a fourth color. Also, to be sure I'd receive the product in time for a Halloween party next weekend, I requested express shipping. (cha-ching!) Carlton (I think that was his name) assured me that he would send it out at a lower shipping rate and I would have it ontime. What great customer service!!! Help this guy out - buy some today!

Bill Shippen iGlow Global Operations Director of Marketing and Sales:

Hello - Its great news that iGlow has been highlighted on your informative site. I thought I'd take time out to give a few more dataills about our stunning state of the art self illuminating product iGlow.
It took ous three long years to develop our formula. The product idea was first conceived at a live rock concert!. We noticed the fans attending held up lighters ad glowsticks to wave around in time to the music. The glowstick has been around for many years and is a excellent product in its own right, but limited in use. What if we could develop a totally new Glow in the Dark product, that would not only enable the fans to personalise their concert experience by actually Wearing the product. A product that would be totally independent of ANY other light source.. no recharging, no ultraviolet, no black light of any kind... that was safe, stable, and most important, NON TOXIC?.
Glowsticks are sealed in a plastic or glass tube for a very good reason. They are not meant to be in contact with the skin. Some were caustic, some highly toxic, and some potentially carcinogenic. WE got to work... and thus began the journey toward what we called the Holy Grail of Glow... the next generation of Glow in the Dark. Voltage was our first product that we released on the Market. Great product, glowed in total darkness on in half light indoors for 10 hours!. (I have actually seen Voltage glowing 6 days later.. very weak of course... but Voltage sure was a glow racehorse!) WE were breaking donw the chemical and theoretical barriers.. to boldly Glow where no Glow had gone before as it were ;-) After further research and testing .. we finally broke through and iGlow - self glowing hair gel was born. iGlow was the new kid n the glow block for us.. wew reduced the glow duration from 10 hours to 6, and the result.. double the glow!. (its not quite that simple.. a long complex series of formula characteristics and molecules had to be fine tuned...) We also improved the consistency of the gel.. more readily user friendly to apply. We added a day tint so that when a user went say from total darkness, or half light (on a club dancefloor for instance) into a strong lit area, for a coffee, or beer etc... the day tint would still be apparent, even though the glow effect would be weaker. (all glow product fear the light, it is their arch enemy, they are after all GLOW product, not meant for to glow in Daylight or strong sodium, spotlights etc....) so there you have it.. a brief history of the most visionary glow product to have been releasec onto the streets for the last 25 years!. You can use this amazing product for parties, mardi gars, festivals, pop concerts, college events, fundraising, halloween , xmas, new year, spring break, st pats day, raves, nightclubs, special fx in movies and theatre productions.. and that just soje of the uses for iGlow! I am if I may mention, looking for distributors and sellers not only in the USA but worldwide for this product: including Caribbean, South America, Germany,Spain, France, Soith East Asia Japan. South Africa, Russia, Scandanavia, so if you are interested please let me know!. If you would like further info please email me at ambrit1@comcast.net
Thank you! Bill Shippen - iGlow - Global Operations Director of Marketing

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