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10. 10. 2006

Tabblo: another online scrapbook /photo album tool


After my previous post about scrapblog I was made aware of a similar web application called Tabblo. The concept is pretty much the same: upload your pictures; create a scrapbook (or photoalbum) with the provided templates and share it with your friends (by invitation), with your Tabblo circle of friends (My circle), with every internet user on the planet (public), or with nobody at all (private). Once you have created your scrapbook or photo album and set your sharing preferences, everyone who has access can order prints directly from Tabblo. Print choices include poster, single picture and postcard. Finally, you also have the option to send the uploaded images to Flickr and to get HTML code to integrate your newly created Tabblo into your blog.


Tabblo’s interface is very simple and intuitive to use; and trust me when I warn you that this is another one of those applications you'll find yourself spending many hours playing around with. As with scrapblog, you can apply effects to your pictures and make them black and white or give them an old painting effect; you can add text and change the background color and much more.

Tabblo also allows you to have other users collaborate on your album (and vice versa); just remember to select the “Allow people to make variations of this tabblo” checkbox on the share screen.

I would advise you to just see for yourself; the nice thing about Tabblo is that you can start getting a feel for the application by creating your Tabblo using a set of default pictures. You will still need to register first.

Finally, Tabblo started running competitions; this month’s competition is around the theme of moving and the first prize is a Nikon S7c 7-megapixel camera.

What are the main differences between Tabblo and Scrapblog? Very simply put, I find Scrapblog to be more “fun” and Tabblo to be more “serious.” Whereas Scrapblog seems to be designed for a younger audience (users can choose from funky background themes like Halloween and Comics, and depending on the chosen theme have a selection of stickers to apply to their digital scrapbook), Tabblo is probably preferred by us boring adults. And last but not least, Scrapblog is really all about scrapbooks while Tabblo allows you to set up both simple photo albums and scrapbooks.

… and just in case you where wondering if scrapbooks and photo albums aren’t really the same thing, let me quote from one of my favorite TV shows ever, Dead Like Me:

Season One, Episode 5 - Reaping Havoc

[after George shows her first “scrapbook”]
DELORES: I’m going to stop you right here. Common rookie move in
scrapbooking, turning them into photo albums. And the first thing they teach
you about scrapbooks. Rule number one, is that they are not photo albums.

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Comments (1)

Camila, Thanks for sharing Scrapblog with your readers. I specially enjoyed the comparison to Smemoranda. I was fascinated by the concept and hope that, like the “smemo”, Scrapblog is still popular 30 years from now.

While on the subject of comparisons, I also liked how you differentiated us from Tabblo. Before I dwell in other differences, let me say that I really like what Antonio and his team have done with Tabblo. There’s lot’s of room for innovation in online sharing. I personally believe that the next wave in user-generated content will go beyond online sharing and into creating richer content online. Our goal is not to compete with the established photo-sharing sites, but to enhance the experience by allowing everyone to create multimedia scrapbooks in a drag-and-drop-easy environment. That may not sound too distinct from Tabblo at its surface, but the main difference I see between the two services is that at the core of Scrapblog is one of the most versatile online applications for designing and publishing content from the Web to the Web.

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