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09. 07. 2006

Viewscore search engine for your gadget purchase


Lately, I've been on a search engine spree (view post on recipe search engine). Its just that more than ever, search engines -- or more generally, information aggregators -- have been popping up everywhere, and more than ever they are able to provide useful results.

My latest discovery is Viewscore, an Israeli start-up that aggregates gadget reviews from the entire web. On their site you can search for gadgets, rank them and, most importantly, compare them.

I can start my search by either selecting a category, or (if I already know the name of the product I am looking for) by typing its name into the search field. Once I am presented with the results, I can quickly scan for the highest rated product and then compare prices, or I have the option to save different products into the My saved list, which allows me to compare them side by side anytime I want.

So far so good, this isnt really anything new, but what distinguishes Viewscore from other product comparison engines is its underlying technology that is able to normalize numeric ratings across sites that use different rating systems; moreover, by semantically analyzing written reviews, it is able to determine a numeric rating.

I used Viewscore briefly, and at the moment it seems to lack a little bit on the store/price comparison feature. Depending on the type of product I search for, it returns more or less store/price comparison information; this, of course, might also have to do with the fact that some products, like the iPod, are featured in many more online stores than, for instance, a big monitor.

From an interface point of view, the gadget search engine has some nifty Ajax components like the Advanced Filter that is displayed in the left column on the search results page and that allows you to narrow the returned results further. Then again we have seen these nice Ajax interface widgets before (see Amazon diamond search).

My advice is to go and look for yourself; my feeling is that Viewscore just needs some time to fill in their database.

Via Techcrunch.

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Comments (2)


nice post..this will come handy near Christmas...

check out www.alaTEST.com, much more comprehensive and than ViewScore with reviews from over 500 sources. Also in 7 other languages...

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