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09. 22. 2006

Halfsuit for boxer-wearing telecommuters: Businessbibs


My husband is one of those "I am most happy with my tees and jeans" people. Because he's in the technology industry, everyone around him dresses more or less in the same fashion. It's only when he has to meet up with the big bosses or customers, either personally or increasingly via videoconferencing, that his suits get to see the light of the day. In spite of my genuine appreciation of how good he looks in those suits, he is still convinced of their complete uselessness. His strong distaste is reflected in his view that a tie serves no purpose other than as something to wipe one's face after dinner!

It's no wonder then that he sent me this link on Businessbibs. It's basically a half suit that you can put on over virtually anything, to give you that professional appearance during video conferences or web chats. Each Businessbib has a slit back Velcro-sealed design and can be slipped over your T-shirt and shorts to give you to that sophisticated look in a jiffy. Once you're done with the meeting, you can remove the Businessbib and get back to your casual lifestyle. Since this will work only for videoconferences, its usage is pretty much limited to telecommuters. Also, the product is a no-no for people who use their hands to do the speaking or have a habit of moving around during meetings. For those adventurous ones, who believe that they can try this out in face-to-face meetings, it would be nothing short of suicidal.

Businessbibs are hand-made from recycled materials and are supposed to be sturdy and stylish. Priced between $135-150, they can be ordered online.

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Comments (21)

Yeah but you could probably find a full suit for around the same price.


As silly as this is, I have to contend with tanya, that while you could probably find a suit for that price, it wouldn't be nice, you would have to get it cleaned regularly and you can't put in on and take it off in 5 seconds.

That's an absolutely outstanding idea.

But as tanya pointed out -- shouldn't it be about 1/2 or even 1/3 the cost of a regular suit?

Or do I just buy cheap suits and think that $150 for part of a top is too much?

Hmmmm ....


looks like the maxheadroom costume


WOW!!! I wonder how long it took for the model to stop laughing for them to get a good picture.

Simon Kennedy:

Bad advertising... it's so obviously photoshopped!

Yeah, but then you'd have to put on a whole suit.

Tanya! ROFL!!!!! Good point!!! :-)

Hi, I remember when I was studying in this school in Ooty in South India. We use to have a Photo Studio in the town who had these fake uniforms of most of the schools in the town. And we can go there in our casuals and put the fake on for our passport size photo for school. ;-) FREE OF COST !!!
$150=Rs.7K for that price we could get a suit, shirt, tie and a shoe (formal) here in India. Anyway, thanks for the links! It brought back memories from my school days.


Yea, this makes no sense at all - if you think your suit will look shabby compared to others or if you're just out of school and you can't afford a suit - just put some saran wrap on your webcam, go to Goodwill to buy a suit for way less and blame the video quality on your DSl connection ...


For God's sake. These are FAKE- photoshopped from the ralph lauren catalogue. Seriously, I'm to believe this guy can afford the two most expensive models on earth yet you can only purchase via paypal? Let's just hope nobody is stupid enough to put money in this jerk's account....

How come no suits for women? Don't we teleconference?


I'd guess women aint that stupid. Im a dude and I wouldnt pay that kind of cash for a bib. Doesn't Mens Wearhouse advertise suits for 2hundred something?

Looks like a hoax to me. Or vaporware. Most likely an art project. If you beleive this is real, you're a little gullible.


It's cool and seems to b useful but not for $150 price...

IMHO it's better 2 buy just an any low-price top - no silk, no irisation etc, Ur boss can't see this anyway because *webcam* is not HDTV ;) - and cut it by self. :)


I think that they should at least have it go all the way the arms... imagine video conferencing with someone and not knowing where their hands are...


Seems pretty genuine stuff to me. It has been featured on Good Morning America and NYT (http://www.businessbib.net/press.html)

This rules! And what a sign of the times! They need to come down in price, make the sleeves longer so you can gesture, and provide a mock-up background to clip to the back of your chair, showing an oak-paneled conference room - or perhaps a window with a view of the New York skyline?

No, I don't think it's silly at all. Powdered wigs for barristers and clip-on ties for middle managers have had practical use before.

It is photshoped, but I don't get the people that have said that you can get a suit for that price. Maybe at a basement sale. But suits run 500 and up, so yeah, its a bargain.

But what happens if you have a long conference and you have to get up.


Flickr half suit.


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