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09. 19. 2006

Popgadget's "Getting Lost" contest: win a Pioneer AVIC-D2 GPS and other prizes


Do you have a funny or frightening story about getting hopelessly lost on the road? Are you one of those people who habitually waste precious hours of life driving in circles because you were born without that internal compass that some people seem to have (or vehemently claim to have)? If so, you've come to the right place.

Pioneer Electronics is sponsoring a contest for Popgadget readers, and giving away this gorgeous AVIC-D2 GPS, valued at $1,500 to the first place winner. The AVIC-D2 is an advanced DVD navigation system with a 6.5-inch LCD and a design that allows for a factory-style fit, and it replaces your car stereo with a powerful audio system that can store up to 2,500 digital songs. Bluetooth allows hands-free use of your cell phone in the car.

The navigation features include a large database of detailed maps of many metropolitan areas, which can be overlaid with point-of-interest (POI) icons so you can easily find the closest restaurant, supermarket, gas station or hotel when you're in an unfamiliar city. It also has a feature that solves a problem that I often encounter with GPS instructions (finding myself in the wrong lane of a highway). The AVIC-D2 provides detailed lane information for many major cities, so that you'll know which lane you're supposed to be in as you approach a highway merge, interchange or exit.

Your destination can be set in several different ways: Enter an address using the touch screen or the optional voice control microphone (really handy when you're already driving and can't take your eyes off the road to program a new set of directions), or enter a business phone number and let the AVIC-D2 search the massive POI database for the matching address. The unit comes with two map DVD discs containing nearly 11 million POIs. The system also learns your preferred routes.

The upgrades to your car's entertainment system include features, such as Supertuner IIID, EEQ and MOSFET50 amplification, that enhance audio power and clarity. You can listen to your AM/FM radio, audio and MP3 CDs, or (with optional accessories, not included), listen to satellite radio or connect the system to your iPod.

If you want a first-hand look at Pioneer's in-car navigation systems, go to www.drivehappier.com for information about their'"Drive Happier" tour, which is making stops in cities throughout th U.S. to allow consumers to experience their latest GPS systems. Check the schedule to see if they're coming to your city.

Installation is not included in this prize package.

Other Prizes

2nd place prize (sponsored by Xtatix.com):
The Xtatix Freefone has a built-in MP3 player and digital FM radio. A USB cable charges the internal battery and transfers music from your computer. This 1-gigabyte version holds up to 300 songs (retail price: $159.99). Read Evan's post on the Freefone.

3rd place prize (sponsored by iSoundCap)
iSoundCap is giving away two of these caps (one black, one white - total value of $59.90) to the third place winner. It holds your iPod Shuffle or Nano and eliminates dangling wires. See Evan's post on this item from yesterday.

(Click below to get to the contest instructions.)

To qualify to win:

1. You must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the United States (apologies to our readers outside the U.S. -- we're restricted by legal rules).

2. You must be a subscriber to our free email newsletter (click here to subscribe now). Remember that in order to complete your signup to the newsletter, you have to reply to the email asking you to confirm your subscription.

3. Send us your funniest, scariest, worst getting lost story by email, addressed to hk@popgadget.net, with the subject line "Getting Lost contest."

4. The submission should be roughly 200 to 600 words in length, though we're not actually counting words. If it's funny and 50 words says it all, that's great.

5. Selected entries will published on Popgadget, with your full name and city.

6. The submission deadline is midnight of October 19, 2006 (Eastern Standard Time).

Winner selection

The winner will be selected by Popgadget editors based on originality and quality of writing.

Read the complete Popgadget Contest Rules.

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So I was on this great date in Midtown Manhattan with the lady of my dreams. I had picked her up in Brooklyn and had parked five blocks from Rockefeller Center on the street for a summer dinner at the skating rink. We both had a great time chatting away and when it was time to go we left our table in front of Prometheus and set out for my car.

As I started strolling the bottom dropped out of my stomach as I realized I had completely forgotten where I had parked my car. After four long blocks of wandering, my date was starting to wobble on her high heels and seemed to be getting suspicious and a little testy. I finally threw up my hands at an empty parking spot and said "MY CAR! IT'S GONE! SOMEONE JACKED MY CAR!" She gave me the withering look only a world weary New Yorker can offer, shook her head and pointed to my car across the street. I said I was just kidding as we crossed to my long lost car. I had this sick feeling all the way back to Brooklyn because I knew she knew. The trip was done in complete silence and may have been the longest I had ever taken. And the lady of my dreams? That was the last I ever saw of her...

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