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08. 18. 2006

Virtual Villagers


If you killed off your Neopet, maybe this game isn't for you.

The idea behind Virtual Villagers is basically the same; If you forget for a few days you might come back to skeletons. Yew.

The premise is simple and the game is designed so you can play just a few minutes a day, if you wish. You're given some shipwrecked, helpless people on a desert island and you have to teach them to farm and fish, build huts etc. The fun is in watching them grow up and "marry" (the boy kisses the girl and she goes in the hut and comes out carrying a baby" -- that's JUST how I explained sex to my daughter).

You can get it for 20 bucks for your computer or your Nintendo DS.

Download it from RealArcade.com or anywhere games are sold.

Posted by Evan    Category: toys
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Comments (14)


Virtual Villagers is a great game to play very interesting and goes on for days.
But it is really kind of disappointment in the end.
for you don't find a thing in the end A.K.A the mystery of the Isola island it seems like it goes on forever in the same way but still it's a joy to play


Virtual Villagers is really fun to play but I wish it could be for free without trials! I had to get help with the puzzles and i find at first the tech points take hours to store up and buy things with. But overall the graphics and the idea and challenge of the game is excellent.


hey im chadawn and this is a very kool game i go 2 every web site so that i can ujust play this games i love it a lot i wisj i could have it 4 99999999 days lol


i love the game, but once you solve all the puzzle, nothing happens, nothing to look foward to, but i do not want to kill my villagers.
is there hope of something else once the cave is open???


DUUUUUUUUUUUDE this game kept me goin for hours.... well (hour) but I enjoyed playing it because it was challenging yet simple and some things were just funny looking so I played until my trial was up and does anyone know where I can get it for my DS?


How do you open the cave and how do you solve the flower with the stars around it puzzle. i have bought all the different tech things but i still can't go any farther. someone please help. driving me crazy.


Ummmm im not sure how to open the cave but im pretty sure to get the flower thing is to get the lagoon cleared then water the strange dead flowers.PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET IT FOR DS!!!!!!


The last few puzzles (cave, flower, etc.) can be solved with the help of one of the mothers. Explore all areas with different villagers to see what happens. (I don't want to TOTALLY give it away!)


I have all but two puzzles solved and it's been going for weeks! Tried all things with all villagers (I think). I need the butterfly and the flower with stars round it. Any hints anyone?


Can someone give me instructions how to unlock ALL of these puzzles?Please.


If you need help with finding the milestone puzzles, click this: http://sg.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060901130149AAa9Y80

It's REALLY helpful. Hope this helped!


I can get it full version and Fish Typoon too. I just had to hex it :)


What happens after the boulder is moved? Is there another island back there?


1.uncover well use builder
2.take a builder and put it on the building structor
3.clear the bech using a builder
4.get a master scientist and drag him to the building next to the reserch table
5.buy 1 consrution (2500) and use a builder to uncover the wall north of the stone
6.get all farm (56,000, unless you didn't get the farm) then drag a master farmer into the lagoon
7.buy 1 in spiritually (5000) and have a person die and drag some one to the clearing near the boulder
8.get a master healer or a master scientist and look at allthe plants on the island (the cactus and the one near it,the one near the lagoon, the tulip near the dead flowers,and the rare rose on the bottom near the rocks)
9.take a master builder and put him near the dead flowers he will start getting water from the lagoon and waters the dead plants
10.this one requires 11, 12, and 13,take the golden child and with the butterflys drag him near the plant near the cactus.
11.buy all in consturction and take a builder twords the rocks and he will make a temple
12.get all spiritually and take a builder and place him near the rock and he will start carving a idol
13.buy all ferrtality and put a pregnant mom in the lagoon and she will give birth to the golden child
14.take the golden child and put him in the garden he will conjure butterflys
15.take a master builder and put gim near the temple and he will start digging for treasure.
16. the golden child will do this randomly he will some how move the boulder

hope you found this usefull

A V V will come out called dun dun duuu..... Virtual Villagers...II (V V= virtual villagers)

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