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08. 01. 2006

Google Vision concept to explore physical objects


I was recently given a pack of exotic fruit by a friend of mine who didnít know the popular name for it. And the next day, in my quest to dig out the name, I googled and googled and googled . . . in vain. But I guess most folks would empathize with me because I really didnít have an exact idea about what I was searching for.

So this new concept proposed by UK designer Callum Peden, called Google Vision, really excites me. It's a concept for a new googling device that will provide you with information about real-world objects based on the pictures that you take of the objects and feed into the device. In my case, if I could feed the photos of the fruit into this device, it would map the fruit with its actual name, origin and other relevant information (similar to Wikipedia) based on built-in image recognition mechanisms. The information would then be displayed on its roll-out LCD screen. The device will only make use of already existing technologies and building it would just mean putting all the parts together. Cool, huh? If Google (or anybody else) would sponsor this device, it would take google search out of the computer and into your hands. Literally.

Via I4U News

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Comments (8)

Having a camera/screen device that reads object identities would just be one step away from the Augmented Reality device I've been waiting for for years now: Imagine this device interacting with the object spatially, either by recognizing specific patterns on the object or through other means, and actually displaying a view with positioned graphics in 3d. It would be something like seeing through a window, only on the other side, there are helpful graphics floating in space around the item.

You could get instructions on fixing devices, because in the AR view, glowing arrows point to exactly the parts you're looking for. You could get directions inside museums, find items inside your house, basically do anything that people could think up a use for and find a way to relate the object to spatially. Dear people: If you are going to make Google Vision, go one step further and PLEASE MAKE ME MY A.R. DEVICE.

Think about using this in an antiques shop! (Where I'm always wandering around thinking, "I wonder what this was used for?")


this would be an amazing thing for alzheimer's patients!

This would be a great device.

I made enquiries about the searching for results based on an image search term being recognised by the search engine and I basically found that it was already work in progress by one of the BIGGIES.

I don't know that they're working on the device, but if all you need is a camera and web access, why would you create a dedicated device? Why not the mobile phone?

And before you think about it... music has already been done by Shazam.


In the meantime, why don't you post a photo of the fruit on Popgadget to see if anyone recognizes it?



Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, I have already eaten 'em ;-)


Seems to me we already have something like that it's called an internet connection and an audience. Next time post a picture. No need for the added technology.

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