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06. 06. 2006

rice cooking v2.0


Despite my love for the old school, I must say that I am currently smitten with the new "Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker" from William Sonoma. I don't mind the warm and fuzzy feeling of the "Fuzzy Logic." The design of traditional cookers has not really changed much in the last fifty years, although culinary tastes have. So, I find the claim of being able to perfectly cook different varieties of rice appealing. (It also can be used as a steamer and slow cooker.) Despite much trial and error, I never could master steaming brown rice with my trusted cooker that I've had since graduating college. Further, I'm sure there are many purists, who insist on cooking rice on the stove, which make me question the whole idea of "authenticity." For me, it seems like the time is ripe to take the rice cooker into the 21th century, with me and my multi-grains with it.

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Comments (7)


You mean the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker. These are available at any asian market for much less than Williams Sonoma even if you buy the book separately. Seriously, buying a Zojirushi at Williams Sonoma is like buying a toastmaster there!

That said the Zojirushi is the Cadillac (or more accurately the Toyota Prius) of rice cookers. Just pour in the prescribed amounts of rice and water, select the type of rice and hit cook (or select the timer option) and in an hour you have a big bowl of perfectly cooked fuzzy neurons! I mean rice! The unit will keep the rice warm for up to 12 hours flawlessly.

Another neat trick is that you can do oatmeal in it as well just use stone cut (very important) oatmeal filled to the 1/2 cup measure on the unwashed rice measuring cup and 230 ml of water on the porridge setting.

Finally, if you live alone, there is a smaller 3 cup unit the NS-KCC05.


I cook brown rice on a stove top and have since jettisoned my electric rice cooker. I have a very nice looking ceramic nabe pot, which looks far nicer and is easier to clean than an electric cooker.

I've always had a good rice cooker in my life, so it's strange when I see someone cook it on the stove. I have always wanted to try one of these, but aren't they expensive? Shoot, if they do brown rice good, I might have to give it a looksie.


I agree the brown rice brought me to the tipping point.

Also, oatmeal in a rice cooker has very piqued my interest. So much better than instant!


It does brown rice flawlessly. Also hit your local asian market for a low price.

keep in mind that this is stone cut oatmeal or rice porridge the conventional Quaker Oats stuff will not work.


Right, stone cut oatmeal sounds like something worth trying. I'm guessing that it is better for you, because it is less processed than the fast cooking rolled oats that we usually get.

Actually, given that most Asian people eat rice every day, the rice cooker is pretty much the most indispensible and ubiquitous appliance in Asian homes. In fact, I would say that it's much more 'authentic' to cook rice in a rice cooker! The first time I witnessed rice being cooked on a stove by my Western friends, I thought it was absolutely barbaric! =P

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