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06. 23. 2006



Bigger is better. Hardly a provocative claim these days, but made much more impressive when we're talking about the next generation of inline skates. The LandRoller, (which looks like a pair of rollerblades on crack) has extra large angled wheels on a short wheel base which give greater stability and control over a wider range of terrain. In addition to a smoother ride, the LandRoller also claims to provide more maneuverability and better braking, making this latest skate offering the new up and coming challenger to more traditional products. With Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Anton Ohno repping for the company, I can see the LandRoller making a legitimate grab for a chunk of the blading population. The videos on the website sure look fun enough. The only detractor might be the steep $249.99 price tag, which will keep these gliders fairly exclusive for the time being. Then again, that may be a good thing for those who can afford them.

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Comments (5)

Spaz Cadet:

Oooh, I've seen the dog whisperer on these while walking a bunch of dogs. Which seems like a good way to get killed, but also made me covet them they looked so stable.


bigger wheels is NOT a new idea...i used to own a pair of rollerblade coyote skates (do a search for "rollerblade" and "coyote" and you'll turn them up.

downside? it was cool to be on big wheels, but they required far far more effort to skate, it was like getting a serious rollerblade-resistance workout on them just to go a mile. and even worse on uneven terrain like dirt or grass, though they would handle those fine, friction-wise, in any case.

i'd be curious to try them. maybe they work where the coyotes failed. same price point, tho.


I have yet to see any skate designed like LandRollers. I own a pair and agree that it takes much effort. Part of what I enjoy about my inlines is gliding along effortlessly. But being a fitnes skater, I appreciate my LandRollers because I get a superior workout.


I own a pair and like them for the added stability. HOWEVER, unless you have legs like Apollo... you'll definitely need to pump up before you begin to enjoy these skates. They are considerably slower and much less manuverable for the average blader. I also like them for the quiet roll they offer on smooth concrete but please don't throw away your cuurent blades for these ... when I want to have FUN zooming around, I wear my regular inlines. Sorry to say this but unless your in it for fitness ... Landrollers are a real drag.

John Creighton:

I want to get a pair of these skates but reviews like, “legs like Apollo” or this one http://www.londonskaters.com/review-landroller-skates-2005.htm makes me wonder if they are too slow. The two places I like to skate are at millennium park in Calgary http://www.spectrum-sk8.com/parks/alberta/millenium.html and on the bike and walking paths http://www.calgary.ca/docgallery/BU/engineering_services/emaps/bicycle_pathways_map_2002.pdf . One problem is the bike paths only go to the edge of the city and past the edge of the city, and past the edge of the city the roads get rough. Consequently, I think the landroller would be a good skate if I wanted to try to skate from say Calgary to Canmore. But if they are too slow or too much work then it might not be worth it. If I don’t get the landroller I think I’ll get this skate:
My current skate is:

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