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05. 26. 2006

Mosquito repeller necklace


For reasons unknown to me, God (or whoever/whatever you believe created us) apparently equipped me with delicious blood irresistible to all the mosquitoes flying within a 2 miles radius of me. I have been bitten on the only body parts that I couldn’t keep securely hidden under blankets at night, including the tip of my nose, which gave me a flattering Cyrano de Bergerac look the next morning; and the sole of my foot, which was responsible for my funky walking style for a couple of days afterwards.

Because of my undesired “ability” to attract mosquitoes, I am going to try and get my hands on this mosquito repeller necklace, hoping to be able to keep those creatures away from my precious blood.

The necklace transmits a sonic frequency, effective to up to 10 ft, which should keep mosquitoes away. Available for $6.99, battery included.

Via Uber-review

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Camilla I feel your pain. My friend posted about this on our site inkycircus and everything she wrote is true. I spent every night slathered in DEET under a mozzie net and I was the only one who got bitten. I've been bitten on my feet too, but my most memorable experience was being bitten on both eyelids so I looked like the elephant man. I'm buying a necklace. Happy to waste $6.99 if it might possibly work!

We want an update after you get it! If it works, I'm all over it. But the Shopping Bags warn against it: http://www.wnetwork.com/tv_shows/shows/the_shopping_bags/ViewProduct.asp?ID=135&View=OUT.

Oh boy, being bitten on both eyelids is not on my list yet ... one eyelids, yes, but both!!! ... you might just have set a record over there.

Anyhow .. thanks Regan for the link on Shopping Bags. If I can get the place to ship the necklace over here I'll try it out and report back.

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