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03. 06. 2006

Tricked out Hello Kitty Pencil Cases


This brings me back to my childhood! When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to get new school supplies every year so I could buy a new Sanrio pencil case like this one pictured above. I did find this pencil case at JList but sadly, I hadn't been able to find any of these thick, padded, double sided pencil cases anywhere. These cases often featured buttons that would shoot out secret compartments and this Hello Kitty case has similar features. There's a built in pencil sharpener with a dial that controls the amount of sharpness, and buttons that lift pencils up for easy grabbing. Plus with all the various compartments top and bottom, it's easy to see where I developed my OCD-like urge to organize and reorganize my stuff. Has anyone else seen these pencil cases around?

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Comments (15)

Oh, wow, I loved those cases! The best one I had actually had all these crazy things that popped out like a magnifying glass, a secret tiny drawer, a thermometer and I don't know what else. I loved hitting those buttons and making it act like a transformer. I haven't seen one in a store in years.


I LOVED my tricked up puffy double sided Hello Kitty pencil cases as a kid growing up in Hong Kong. The more secret compartments the better. It was a competition at school really. I tried searching for them on the web a while back when i was trying to explain that mobile makers should be looking at them, but couldn't find any! They must be somewhere...


I think I saw them the last time I was at the Sanrio store in Times Square. (I work in Times Square and like to stop in to check out the cute stuff from time to time.) But they turn over their stock frequently, so it's hard to say whether or not it's still there.


hey there, i can tell you that sanrio is making one of these tricked out pencil cases for their 2006 'back to school' collection. if you're around a sanrio store/retailer in august or september, keep an eye out!


My dad brought back a couple of these from Korea when my sister and I were around nine years old. Having all the cool little tools wasn't even the great part - it was the automated buttons that I really loved. Long story short: It was stolen (go figure). Although, about nine years ago, I found a case with pretty much the same features (minus the book prop in the back) at a Sanrio store called "Surprise Gifts" in Dallas. Ahh, memories...

I LOVED my tricked-out Sanrio pencil case when I was a kid...and now that I'm about to get my first "grown-up" job, I might just have to get one for my cubicle.

If you look in some stores in a Chinatown, you might be able to find them still. They used to have a bunch of them when I was a kid, and they're still used today, so I'd think you'd still be able to find them now.


Glad I triggered some fond pencil case memories for some of you out there. I used to look around chinatown for some for haven't been searching for awhile. I relaly want to give my kid one when she gets ready to go to school (of course it's a few years away, ha!) so that she can have a place to carry all those Japanese and Korean pencils that I've been collecting over the past 6 years!


ah these are nothing! i love pencilcases, and some of the cool ones out there have things like a mini 'table hocky' pinball game built into the lids! :D


You can get these pretty much anywhere in east/southeast Asia. Maybe it's a cultural thing - American kids don't use pencilboxes as much so there's not a market?


I'm in London and I see them every September at places like WH Smiths. Woah memory trip, though :)

Jane Britton:

Hey guys, I saw this exact pencil case on the 23 March on the Australian and the American ebay for 1c AUD with $15.99 (AUD) postage to anywhere in the world.
My daughter (10yrs) wants one becuase her best friend newly arrived from China has a cute one (not hello kitty tho) with pigs on it. In fact she's "lent" it to her for a few days to appease her! Funny but not worth $16 to me. I'll be stocking up next time I visit Asia for SURE!

tiffany h:

wow..... i just had a conversation with my sister about this EXACT thing. she said she didnt remember ( she is younger than me ) but i know that from 4th-6th grade i wanted one soooooo bad, but my mother wouldnt get it for me. i always remember being jealou!!!s of the little asian girls. alas. my search is on..... i'm heading to ebay right now. thanks for letting me know that i'm not the only girl still living some of my childhood


I wish I could find one of these... I just had a dream about magically finding my old one in a thrift store lol.


OMG I tried to buy one that was all tricked out like the one I had in grade school. The bid was between myself and another bidder.. I quit after it got to $103.00 usa.. *sigh*

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