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03. 02. 2006

The Jimi water-resistant wallet


I'd never seen a sport wallet that I liked until I saw a Jimi water-resistant wallet, which appeals to me partly because it looks nothing like a wallet. Only about half an inch deep, it holds five cards and several bills, and comes in eight lovely colors. You can also slide out the money clip and replace it with an SD clip that holds two SD and two SIMM cards.

Marketed as "the wallet for people who hate wallets", the Jimi is manufactured in Pittsfield, Massachusetts "from 100% recycled materials, is perfect for snowboarding, cycling, loitering, hiking, traveling, trampolining, nightclubbing, base jumping and line dancing."

When I don't have a purse, I carry my wallet in the front pocket of my pants (not very lady-like or stylish but better than putting it in my back pocket). Most wallets aren't comfortable carried that way, but the Jimi is so thin and lightweight, it didn't feel too bulky in my jeans and no one would have known I had anything in my pocket. Still, I'm probably more likely to wear it around my neck or tied to a belt loop with the lanyard that can be purchased for $6.25.

The demo on the Jimi website shows the wallet's dimensions and how it works. The price is also lovely -- $15.75 all colors except pink and stealth (which are $17.99)

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It's only $14 ($16 stealth) if you buy it from the nice people at Tom Bihn. (SD clip is $5 extra.)

Does anyone actually use and like this thing? I thought they were pretty cool when I first saw them (online) too, but when I tried it out in a store (Flight 001), they just seemed...well, clumsy and lame. So, am I wrong?

Mine also makes a kick-ass scraper for my snowboard - I love my Jimi.

I have owned one of these for a little over a year, and I love it. I expected the hinge to give out and tear but it is a trooper. I choose the green one and it is a bit too sea greeny for my taste. I'll go with the blue or grey next time. I can't recommend this enough. And yes, guys do read and enjoy 'most' of this blog.

I checked these out at MoMA's museum in NYC. They're cheap and easily breakable. Sorry, Jimi, you'll need to try again.

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