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02. 01. 2006

OtterBox waterproof case for iPod with video


Weatherproof entertainment seems to be the theme today. The SunbriteTV that Brian wrote about is great for the backyard or poolside, but if you're on the go, and you're watching videos on your iPod whilst hiking, canoeing or just strolling in the rain, then the new OtterBox waterproof case for your iPod with video will protect your precious device. Like the OtterBox cases for earlier iPod models, which we've written about on Popgadget, this case is waterproof up to 3 feet, and is "drop-resistant" (that description evokes images of iPods hovering in the air, defying gravity, as in the SNL skit about Steve Jobs and the iNvisa media player). The OtterBox fits both the 30 and 60 GB models.

I think it's well worth the $49.95 price, even if you're like me and your idea of danger from the elements is spilled coffee in the car and sharp pebbles in the driveway.

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The OtterBox cases are also great for sending off a sand proof iPod to your favorite service person in Iraq :-)

I use an Otterbox to swim with my iPod! These cases are GREAT. Just don't drop your iPod or it will sink into the briny deep...

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