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01. 26. 2006

The Diva Cup


Is this the ultimate in feminine protection? You decide. The Diva Cup introduces an alternative to the two choices women currently have during "that time of the month." Made out of latex-free, soft medical-grade silicone, the Diva Cup does what it suggests it does, requiring emptying every twelve hours on average, providing surprisingly good protection from leaks. Apparently the idea has been around since the 1930s, but this modernized version is FDA approved, reusable, and 100% hypoallergenic. Snicker as much as you like, but the Diva Cup makers put forth a pretty good point regarding the possible adverse health effects of chlorine-bleached feminine hygiene products and the large environmental waste generated by disposable sanitary pads and tampons. Though I'm not sure I'll get around to trying it anytime soon, the testimonials on the website seem to be intriguing enough.

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Comments (26)

Is that the best they could do with the name, though?

I use one:

It's pretty cool :) Not sure I'd recommend it to any and everyone, given that some people are happy with whatever they're using at the moment. But for those of us with stupidly heavy flows, who get blood on their clothes overnight without fail, it's a godsend. Also people who get irritated inside from tampons, or who find they make their cramps worse. Or for those who would like to reduce landfill waste. Or finally, those who want to spend less money :P as that thing pays for itself in a few months and lasts a decade.

So... not everyone. But a lot of people.

Not for those who feel disgusted by their body, or who can't spare the time to learn how to use it the first period (it does take about that long to get the hang of).

I love the Diva Cup. Seriously. It really made my periods so much easier. I don't find many opportunities to prosthletize about the cup, but when I do I can't say enough about how wonderful this little chunk of silicone is.


instead is a third choice commonly found at target and other resellers. instead is the best thing ever, they are disposable, non-reusable type of this thing. instead rocks.


Love my DivaCup. As someone above said, it is a bit gorey the first month while you get used to using it, but after that it's quick, easy, and effective. It's certainly cost-effective and environmentally friendly (though if you want something lasting but biodegradable, get the Keeper, which is made of latex) and, in my opinion, a lot more comfortable than tampons.


Personally, I think the DivaCup is the greatest thing ever invented! Clean, neat, easy to use (once you get the hang of it), environmentally friendly, lasts for 10 years. What could be better? I LOVE mine!

I would recommend that everyone should give the Diva Cup a try. There is a learning curve, but well worth it. I've had mine over a year now, and cringe when I think about using tampons. It is more than reusable, ecological and economical. There is no proven associated risk of TSS with a menstrual cup because the cup does not interfere with natural vaginal moisture.
Everyone should use what makes them comfortable, but three cheers for the Diva!

*in regards to an earlier comment about the name: There are other brands: the Keeper, the Moon Cup and Lunette.

I love the Diva Cup. I didn't buy one because I ever had a problem with tampons. I never got irritated by them, they didn't make my cramps worse, and though sometimes I'd bleed heavy enough to make a tampon leak within an hour it didn't really bother me. I bought the Diva because I wanted to lower my risk of TSS and because reusable products are far better for the environment (and my wallet!) in the long run. I will never ever go back to tampons. The Diva is comfortable, easy to use (once you get the hang of it), and I've found that I hardly ever get cramps anymore. Sure menstrual cups may not be for everyone but I strongly urge everyone to at least try it. If you aren't satisfied for any reason within one year you can get your money back. How hassle free is that?

Maida Barbour:

Two questions:
• is there any link to Toxic Shock Syndrome, as there was for the menstrual spongue?
• what's the difference between this and a cervical cap (besides the pretty color)? it performs the same function during menstruation


I LOVE the diva cup. It's seriously the best thing I've ever bought. Now that I've got the hang of using it, I never have any leaks. I don't have to spend money on a "product" every month. I've had it for three years now. Its also great to know that I'm not sticking a chunk of bleached cotton in there...my vag isn't full of dioxins, chemicals, or fibers, and I don't have to worry about getting Toxic Shock Syndrome either!

The above poster is right, its not for people who are uncomfortable with their bodies. But if you are comfortable, or want to become more comfortable, its a god send!

I have been using the Mooncup (I am in the UK, its diva cup in the US) For a month I will never use willingly a pad or tampon again!!!

It has no links to TSS, the website for mooncup actually explains far better than I ever could so http://www.mooncup.co.uk will help. and Anyone who can masterbate should be good for dealing with this. I actually experienced less stress about leakage ad therefore less body tensing resulting in less cramping. its worth trying out.

Cervical caps are technically (this is going by what the web says) meant for sexual use, these aren't they would seriously dicomfort the guy!!! and they are also not made of latex, so you won't get the latex allergy most people develop.

I can honestly swear I never felt my mooncup/divacup once it was in and the stem was cut. Buy it I can not honestly think of a reason to not.!!!

I actually just was talking to my cousin about this two days ago, and she's been advocating one of these for about a year now. She adores hers so much that I'm planning to give it a try as soon as I'm through my current supply of tampons. (I stocked up at Costco a couple months ago, so I should be set for quite some time) She's *really* enthusiastic about it, though. Enough to make me curious, and I am the squeamish type. Think thrice-a-day handwashing OCD.


I hardly ever let myself go with things I see here, even though I'd love to have most of them. But this thing sounds like it could solve all my problems: constant cramps (due to tampons, but pads are terrible), insanely huge flow, and the constant fear that it will leak. I just ordered mine. Let's see how it goes when it gets here :)


If you want something reusable, but external, lunapads are a good option.

Glad to see the Divacup make its way onto Popgadget!

Count me as one of the strong advocates - I've had mine for three years now and there's just no going back. When I think of what life would have been like these past few years without it -- all the landfill contributions, stinkiness, dryness, and bleach product in my vagina -- well, it gives me nightmares. It only took the first month or two to get used to it, and the process was pretty much like learning to use a tampon for the first time.

I also used the Keeper for a year before I got my Divacup and highly recommend that as well. I ended up trimming the Keeper's little pull-tab too much and struggled with it being too short for as long as I could. As soon as I heard about the Divacup, which has a fixed length pull-tab with ridges for a better grip, I ordered it as a replacement.

To add to what Angel said about the difference between this and a cervical cap: the main difference is that DIVACUPS ARE NON-CONTRACEPTIVE! They're just meant to keep your stuff in and not to keep his stuff out, if you will.

I also have to speak up for the DivaCup. I absolutely LOVE it, even when I go through periods where it's refusing to insert properly. It's reduced my mild to moderate cramps down to nearly nothing, I can put it in the night before and not wake up bloody, and since you only need to empty it 1-2 times/day, it essentially gives me my life back during my period. Sometimes I forget I even have my period. It's just wonderful!

I use one:

For all those considering buying one, can I suggest you visit

http://community.livejournal.com/menstrual_cups/ -

particularly if you know your way around LJ. It's a community of over 1000 members who will be very glad to help you decide whether the cup would be any good for you, and to help with the learning curve (so you can get the hang of it in one period instead of three :)). Also, almost anything you ask will have been asked before, so you can just search the community if you don't want to post.

If you take a look at the Memories section you can see posts that were thought to be particularly helpful.

Good luck :)


Wow. I had no idea this post would generate so many comments. And seems like the overall opinion of the Diva Cup is great. Thanks everyone for contributing your thoughts!

Just a note for the post author - although tampons and pads are the two most common menstrual products, there are other options like sponges.


I've had the Diva cup for about 5 months. I agree it takes a period go round to get used to it, but I wouldn't go back. I do experience a little leakage, so use unbleached liners for that. This feels so much cleaner and healthier, less wasteful, easier--great product!

I bought one more out of curiosity than anything else. It's generally convenient, although I have to use pantyliners sometimes, the environment notwithstanding.

The company seems to be going for a more 'mainsteam' style of packaging and marketing than the Keeper people, which seems to be aimed at the hippy-earth-goddess market. I have to admit that's one thing that appealed to me more. Plus, it was slightly cheaper at the time.

What baffles me are the testimonials on the website that say it's ideal for camping, hiking trips, etc., because you do need easy access to a clean water supply to wash out the cup after emptying it and to wash one's hands. NOT easy to obtain in the middle of the jungle when the nearest stream is a bare trickle several hundred meters away.

Also, inserting it was somewhat painful the first few times, even though it's the small model. I wish they'd make a smaller size for virgins or something.


The cup is the greatest thing ever -- how great to see it on Popgadget! I have a Mooncup and it's worked perfectly for me since the first time I used it. I have less cramping than I did with tampons, and it's SO much neater and more comfortable than either tampons or pads (and you never have that horrible dry taking-it-out-too-soon feeling). I will never go back.

Oh, and to the last poster: if you're finding the Diva to be a little big, you might think about switching to Mooncup or Keeper. They're both slightly smaller.


I had to ask a friend to buy a diva cup for me in the US, since I'm living in South America. This is really great, and I agree with all the good comments. Though it needs a little practice at the beginning, definetely worth it.


I'm planning on getting a menstrual cup but can't decide between the Diva Cup, Keeper and Mooncup... I heard the Keeper was more flexible and "softer" then the Diva Cup, but I have heard good things about the Diva Cup too.. any suggestions on which one I should get?


Hello everone!

Lindsay: I recommend the Diva Cup over the Keeper because it's latex-free, medical-grade silicone.

Meredith: (Natural) sponges are great, but if you're a total vegetarian with vegan inclinations, like me, you won't want to sit on an animal...


The Diva Cup is Divine!! Seriously, that's the best thing I never used! I have tried the Keeper before, which is the same product but made out of natural rubber instead of silicon, but I have to agree the silicon is much softer so more confortable! The Keeper makers are the one that sell the mooncup... about the same product as the Diva (in silicon).

AND let's face it, it is frustrating to be paying for all those pads and tampons. I haven't but any for 5 years now! The cost of the cup is nothing compare to what you can save on pads and tampons! and it's environnementally friendly!

I will recommend to anyone to change to this type of protection...It is sooo perfect you almost forget you're having your period!

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