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01. 11. 2006

Levi's iPod jeans

There isn't a sample or even a photo available yet (the ones above are your basic unwired jeans), but Levi's wanted to get in on the Apple mania of MacWorld week and announced their new RedWire DLX jeans, which will have an iPod dock and controller joystick built into the pockets. The dock is hidden in a side pocket which is supposed to be almost "invisible" so there is no telltale iPod bulge. The iPod is attached through a wire which will let the wearer pull out the iPod for viewing the screen, without losing the dock connection. Another pocket will house the four-way control joystick for track and volume control without removing the iPod from your pocket. There is also built-in cord control through the retractable headphone unit. Levi's says the "minimalist design" of the jean controls will match the classic white iPod. No pricing announced but the jeans will be available in Fall 2006. Who knows how small and thin the iPod will be by that time.

I appreciate the tight integration between clothing and iPod, especially if these jeans turn out to look and wear like normal, nice-fitting jeans, but are they really necessary? I saw at least a dozen jackets and bags with iPod docks and controllers built-in at CES, but considering it's not exactly difficult to control an iPod from any pocket or bag without remote control functions, it was hard to get truly excited. I've never thought "if only I didn't have to reach all the way into my pocket to change tracks, life would be easier." If I wanted to minimize handling my iPod while I walked around, I'd be much more likely to take a look at the iPod Radio Remote, which adds an FM radio to the Nano or 5G iPod, along with a full-function remote control. The Radio Remote is available now for $49.

Levi's press release.

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Comments (11)

Cool indeed. Are they going to have different colours? I guess they would.


How about washing? I guess there would be some sort of smart solution to get the cords and connectors out of the jeans, but hey! then there would be alot more hassle to do the laundary :(

(not a native speaker so please forgive me for any spelling mistakes)


I made that comment about the washing of them on Elliott's Dink Doink site.


"Honest, I wasn't jerking off! I was shuffling my iPod!"


The washing issue is definitely an early concern but I'm sure somebody at Levi's solved that problem before letting this product be manufactured.

What I REALLY want is the Burton Amp jacket with the built-in iPod dock and control panel on the left sleeve. The only time I've really wished that I could control the iPod without having to reach into my pocket is when I'm riding down a mountain at 60km/h. Plus, the new model has Bluetooth so you can answer your cell phone using your sleeve control panel, too! What's even better is Burton sells Bluetooth headsets built into some of their helmets and beanies to match the Amp jacket.


Washing?? I never wash my Levi's blue jeans...


How would you be able to wash the jeans?


They sound pretty dank but i herd they cost around 200 bucks. I think thats retarded.

We'll be carrying those soon here: http://www.theipodaccessorystore.com.


If you read the press release, you'll see that the jeans (and wires) are machine washable. Plus, the joystick is on the hip....not the crotch. I'm excited to see 'em.

Shannon Morris:

The easiest solution to the washing question is: "simply don't wash them!" Alot of people don't wash their jeans (I'm in that category), so there's the solution.

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