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01. 24. 2006

Feminal - the portable urinal for women


Ladies...presenting the Feminal, the portable urinal for women. Because when nature calls and you're stuck in traffic or find yourselves miles from a rest stop during a road trip, well...you'd be out of luck if you didn't have the handy Feminal with you. The unique opening creates a sort of suction-like, leak-proof seal when pressed up against your body and can be used sitting, reclining or standing up (though it sounds like you'd have to master some of these tricky positions). And props to the ad team that decided to add that rose to the product shot. Very feminine indeed.

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Comments (8)

You post such great stuff. Linked to your iPod attire thing the other day. This is just hilarious, and, I guess, a real godsend for lady truckers (not that there is a god, but it's too early to think of any other words).

reminds me of the "my sweet pee" portable device @ http://www.mysweetpee.com/ that i blogged about in august. i think it is hysterical!


As much as I'd like to smirk and giggle at the notation of being able to pee in any position.. this actually seem like a practial device for people who may have trouble moving or have to be in the same position for a long time due to job.. provided that it works reasonably well.. ^-^


it should be inflatable so that women can tuck it inside their bags if not in use.


I had to laugh when I read the disclaimer on the site..."no returns" Yeah, I would have to agree with that one :)
Also, the name for this product is just too creative!


Inflatable is an interesting idea...but what do you do with it when it's full? As much as I'd like to laugh at this product, I can think of at least 2 instances when I could have used this! Yes, love the name. Reminds me of the Manziere or the Bro, ala Seinfeld.


C.f. the Freshette at www.freshette.com; available at REI.


Great reading, keep up the great posts.
Peace, JiggaDigga

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