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12. 28. 2005

The pink tool box and car kit



Ugh, did we not just admonish the feminization of products by making them pink? It's such a lazy way out. The Tool Box and Car Kit are so over the top though, you'd think it was a joke...except it's not - they're fully functioning tools. They look more like "Barbie does tools" (especially with that retro illustration that adorns almost every single item) than anything that you would want to seriously whip out in case of a car emergency. If you got caught using one of these things in public, wouldn't you be somewhat embaressed? I mean kitsch is one thing, but these? 'Nuff said.


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Comments (8)


I agree with you, (gag) -But I think this would be a great way to encourage self-sufficiency in young girls, even pre-teen. I would have loved this when I was 12! Of course safety would be a concern, but could easily be worked out with a little instruction and/or supervision, depending on the age of the girl. I mean boys are taught to use all kinds of tools at a pretty early age. Go girls!

Hey the pink color doesn't offend me. It is a great way to keep boyfriends, brothers and uncles from taking them and never returning them. Besides I like pink. It does not deter me in any way nor does it make me think any less of myself as I pound that dam nail into the wall.


It's not just the pink that I object to (I happen to generally like pink as a color). It's that these tools look so Barbie, like they're designed with 12-13 year old girls in mind, as the above poster said, not adult women like I believe they were designed for. And it's the shade of pink as well - too pepto bismol/feminine products pink, know what I mean?

Agree with you Jenna... the tool box looks more of a vanity case and the tools seem a bit too delicate. I hope they'll not break in just one go.

I even like pink, but this one looks so kiddish... perfect for a 10-year-old girl's toy kit.


When will people learn? A friend of mine, author Fara Warner, just wrote a great book entitled The Power of the Purse. It's basically about the way major retailers have finally started marketing to women by finding out what they want, rather than what they THINK we want.

Included is the tale of Home Depot, which finally realized pink tools weren't what women wanted, especially considering we were doing more than half of the friggin' home repair work ourselves.

These "lady" tools drive me batty. Who thinks this stuff up?


I think that's hilarious! If they're quality tools, I would totally get one. I mean, come on, they're supposed to be satirical.

Hi there! I work for the Pink Toolbox Co. and just wanted to write as I sit in our office in dreary old London and say its great to hear all your comments and input and really get a feel for how our products are being received. Just wanted to respond and say that there is no particular ethos behind Th PTB's aims; we wouldn't dream of being so patronising. Its all about the colour pink, which is proving a massive trend in the gift market at the moment and so we have tapped in to that trend. The tools are literally the same tools as any reputable hardware shop would se''ey're just dyed pink which is proving massively popular with girls, women and anyone who loves pink! Of course there is an element of tongue-in-cheek there, us wry Brits can't help it, but our products are still practical, hardy and above all fun.


My mother-in-law wants these because her husband keeps taking all of her tools and losing them. She thinks that, if they are pink, he won't touch them and she will be able to find them when she needs them.

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