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12. 11. 2005

Popgadget Gift Guide 2005: Kids - Toddlers to Tweens

There's a big debate on whether or not TV for kids under 2 causes ADD and other "disadvantages", but if you do allow your kids to watch TV, these are too adorable to resist. I especially love the plush crab shaped TV. Just the thing your kids need - a TV they can hug. See the whole collection at Hannspree (Jenna)

I've encountered a few kids in the 10-year-old range who tell me they want to be crime scene investigators. They mustn't realize that murder is nasty business and all those flash historical re-enactments are digital effects. But I aim to please other people's children and this Forensic Kit for $79.95 promises to make some short nerd happy. From the Discovery Channel Store (Sheigh)

This fully functional pin-hole camera is made entirely out of paper. Super cute and fun, this makes a great learning project and introduction to photography. From the MoMA store, $20. (Katherine)

The Pixter Multi-Media System is a handheld system for 4 8 year olds. It will keep them busy with the usual games, but the device also has streaming video capabilities and makes it possible to create your own shows with cartoon creator, video creator and scene creator software. Get it at Amazon (now $69.96). (Camilla)

This Mini Tamagotchi is a fully functional virtual pet, only less than one third the size of the original. $9.99 at Amazon (Mia)

Considering the price, this belongs, perhaps, in the $100-$400 category. In the now-classic cartoon, Doraemon is a robot cat from outer space. At $300, I suppose it could be a very expensive toy for adults who grew up on the cartoon as well as younger fans. According to CNet Asia, it uses voice-recognition technology to interact with humans. Like the cartoon Doraemon, this Doraemon has a "magic" belly pouch too, but you have to hide the gadgets in it yourself. I especially love the remote, which is shaped like a dorayaki (Japanese red bean paste pancake) Doraemon's favourite snack. Available online from YesAsia (Saresha)

Via CNet Asia.

Swarovski has a collection of cute little colored animal pendants that are inexpensive ($19.50) and make a nice gift for girls. Available at Swarovski (Camilla)

The FAO Schwarz Artist's Trunk is pretty ritzy, but the art supplies are housed in one well-designed box, the kind that invites a parent to say, "Put all your supplies back in the trunk before you go to bed." And the silver box is nice enough that a kid might actually do it! It's chock full of colored pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, poster paints, lead pencils, brushes, a sharpener, an apron, and a sketch pad. It's $99, but if you were to assemble one yourself at a Sam Flax, the total supply costs would likely be higher. At FAO Schwartz (Sheigh)

Drawing with a mouse is never easy, so Kidpix Deluxe 3 solves the problem by including a USB i-Pen, which functions as an optical mouse and digital pen. Kids can paint 3D pictures, make animated films with sound effects, and edit their own photos. At Zyonshop, $69.95. (Mia)

These speakers would make a great addition to any child's first computer. From Nortech, $21.35. (Katherine)

Tree block treehouses are actually made from recycled cherry and apple wood branches and come with retractable strairs, a balcony, rope ladder, and crane rope elevator. Great toy for boys and girls and you can get an optional fairy family, also made of branches. But them at Tree Blocks, $139.95 and $159.95. (Mia)

solar toy kits.jpg
These solar toy kits from Gaiam require adult supervision due to their tiny parts, but are good educational gifts for older kids. The racecar is $21, the robot is $24. (Hoyun)


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Comments (2)

If you like the green frog speakers, you will love the Frog Keyboard from Cyberguys. So adorable. :)

More froggy USB gadets can be found at X-tremegeek.com
Turns your computer into a lilly pond. ;)

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