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12. 07. 2005

Popgadget Gift Guide 2005: Stocking Stuffers

Custom personal electronics case. The foam layers can be customized to fit any small device. $24.99 at the Container Store. (Jenna)

The Ready, Set, Joe one-cup coffeemaker for a quick, real-brewed cup. $7.99 at Amazon. (Hoyun)

The Neo Kaiju - Super7 toys created by Strangeco come in a flat filled with 20 figures cradled in translucent blue eggs. There are two original characters each designed by artists Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Seonna Hong, Todd Schorr and Kathy Staico Schorr. One character is a rendering of a Japanese monster, the other is an original design. $160 for 20 or $8 per stocking at Super7. Much more collectible and 'one-time only' than a Kinder Egg. (Sheigh)

Memorialize, or put to bed, his art world dominance in 2005 with the Takashi Murakami Super Flat Museum set. Zakka Corp. is selling a complete set of ten Murakami figures for $100 or $10 per stocking. Stick the cute mushrooms on your Buche de Noel for an iconic 2005! (Sheigh)

The eggling- grow herbs out of cute, ceramic eggs. $10 at Romp. (Hoyun)

Get your bathroom organized with these nifty cute toothbrush holders. With suction cup backs you can stick them wherever you like, keeping counter space free and adding whimsy and fun to your daily life. Milk Design toothbrush holders are $5.75 from Giant Robot. (Katherine)

You can't do a proper impersonation of Jessica Simpson in the shower without a mic, so beat your chest and shriek "I'm gonna love you forever, unless you're Nick Lachey" with a sponge microphone. $8 at PlumParty. (Mia)

Stapleless staplers are eco-friendly and this one from JBox doubles as a desk companion in dog or panda shapes. All the various paper stich-locks are $16 at JBox. (Mia)

An excellent little stocking stuffer that can easily be packed away in anyone's gadget kit. Great for long-haul flights and train rides. The LightWedge Mini is $14.99 at ThinkGeek. (Katherine)

Any digital warrior worthy of the name knows that one of the biggest challenges of having lots of gadgets is keeping them clean. This useful little tool helps you wipe away dirt or debris that might find its way onto the lens of your digital camera or camera phone. LensPro MiniPro is $11.99 at Container Store. (Katherine)

These peach-flavored gummy bears are made with health-boosting, antixoxidant-loaded matcha (green tea powder). Green tea gummy pandas are $11.75 for 3 4oz. bags. (Mia)

Cargo Daily Gloss- every girl on-the-go can appreciate beauty products that are easy, hygienic, and take little space to carry. Cargo supplies a 30-day supply of their award-winning lip gloss, packaged in individual tear-away pouches. Carry a few packets with you just in case you want to pucker up. $10 from Sephora. (Katherine)

Time tags are perfect for people who still manage to lose track of time even while carrying a cell phone and wearing a watch. Not like me (please someone get these for me). $18 for a set of two at Uncommon Goods. (Mia)

Now for only $15.95 you can turn your baby into an iPod. This iPod inspired baby gear is equipped with a touch sensitive wheel that responds to your every nudge, tickle and squeeze whatever that means. Available at iPod My Baby. (Camilla)

If you are a WoW subscriber you can get three rebate coupons to purchase the game for only $19.99. I am sure that would be very appreciated. (Camilla)
Healthy, crisp apples, but better because they're coated in key lime Recchiuti chocolate. Key lime apples are $18 a box. (Brian)

If your inner geek hasn't yet surfaced on the outside, geek awareness bracelets will let your true colors show. $3.99 each. (Brian)

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