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11. 22. 2005

Two-Drawer Dishwasher


I am still trying to process the fact that when I saw this dishwasher I got all excited. I made the transition of getting more interested in a new couch than in a new outfit a couple of years ago, but fascination with home appliances does really make me feel old.

The best feature of the two-drawer dishwasher is that it allows you to run each drawer separately:

It delivers the powerful performance of two independent dishwashers in the same space as a standard dishwasher giving you the freedom to run small loads as often as you like without wasting energy.

I always get the top part of my dishwasher filled with cups way before the dishes in the bottom part are able to catch up, and I would welcome separate washing times.

You can purchase the two drawer dishwasher from kitchenaid.com. It comes in different models starting at $1,299.00

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Comments (10)

old news:


We've had one of these for about 5 years. They are made here in New Zealand by Fisher & Paykel, and I believe that they are now selling them in the US licensed to the kitchenaid company.

We use one drawer per day, alternating top & bottom. Big enough to hold all of our dishes (family of 5) in one drawer. I don't think we'd ever go back to the traditional style.


Recently had to replace the door switch on our ancient Maytag dishwasher. While at the parts place I asked the counterperson what would be a good new dishawasher to buy and where to get it.

He said Sears was as good as anywhere and it almost didn't matter what brand or price to buy. In his experience you shouldn't expect more than 5 years of trouble free operation form any brand. He siad that our old (and quite noisy) belt driven Maytag is better built than most modern units.

I was, and remain, surprised and I skeptical about those statements. I sure would like to find some site where that sort of information could be checked.

BTW, i enjoy your site, very nice layout and lots of the postings interest me, despite being a man :)


Actually, the coolest thing about the Fisher Paykel Dish Drawer is that you can put them in as single drawers. So if you live alone, you can have just a single drawer. Or put one in your wet bar. Or put two in, but side by side, so they're easy to reach.

I have two, in the standard configuration, on the theory that FPDDs may not be around when I need to replace them and this way I can swap in a regular DW. However, if I had more room or more cash I'd have played with the concept a lot more.

As it is, I live alone so the size is perfect for every other day or so. Every week I give a dinner party for 10 or so, and I can get a head start on dishes by starting one drawer for food prep dishes. By the time dinner's over both drawers are ready for table dishes.

otis fuentes:

I too thought that was the coolest thing since sliced bread when I laid eyes on it. However, but appliance store guy basically refused to sell it to us, saying they'd had so many returns for leaks that they couldn't stand behind it and he didn't recomend it. So we bought a regular one instead. I keep hoping they'll improve it, and we'll buy version 2.0.

very interesting concept... wonder if it's patentable...


@ Fuentes: Well, I have a friend who works at F&P, and they definitely don't leak. I also own one, my mother owns one, and family friends have one too, and they have never leaked. It must be the crappy installation work done.

DishDrawers are great, and they've been around for years. They don't leak in my experience, and they're way better than a normal dishwasher. Side-by-side is very cool; you don't have to bend down.


Make sure the Kitchen Aid does better drying plastic than the Fisher Paykel, especially if you have a new born.

We had a FP 2 drawer in the house we bought 3 years ago. It never did dry plastic and baby bottles well. We replaced it with a Bosch and are loving life...not only does it dry better, its even quieter than the FP!


Starting at $1,300.00 Why pay $1000.00 extra for drawers? I can get two standard models for $400.00 total and replace them 3 years and still be ahead

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