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11. 23. 2005

Silicone Rubber Tea Spoon


Women really do love silicone. My new silicone rubber tea spoon filters loose tea as you stir. You twist off the base, fill it with loose tea, pop the base back on and swirl around in boiling water. The velvety rubber has a very high temperature tolerance.

The 2% store I bought it in, sort of a cross between a Supreme and Urban Outfitters for women, actually carried more appealing colors but with future tea stains to consider I ended up with cockroach brown. It's made by Zanif under the Zan's Life's Make-up label. I got it for $28 Hong Kong which works out to about $3.61 U.S.


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Comments (13)

I love that! Do you have any idea where we can buy one or ten?


Where in Hong Kong did you get it?

It's pretty cool, but did you not notice how much it looks like a sperm? I bet they don't come in white.

Karan - I poked around on Zanif's site and it looks like Zan's tea spoon was brought to market in Hong Kong relatively recently. If I come across any additional info about US distributors I'll post an update.

Christine - A store called 2% at 67 Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Josie - Can't say I did. To me it looks more like a microphone or a small brush with the bristles torn out. What about this photo?


Same? (no white!)

neat ! you have no idea how happy i was when i read that u got this spoon in hong kong... for the 1st time in a very long time i'm actually glad that i live in this city, where i have to pay very high S&H for everything i order online and there is no iTunes Music Store...


Interesting. I am a tea person. But I have a metal spoon-like container that does the same thing from the good old USA. There's something unappealing about rubber in my tea. Hmmmm.

Enoch Root:

Yummy silicone in my tea!


devices like this do not allow the tea leaves freedom to move in the water. Also, tea should steep for 5 minutes (3 for green) and who wants to stir for 5 minutes? To make great tea with easy cleanup you just need a pyrex measuring bowl, fine strainer, timer, thermometer (180 not 212 for green), and a thermos to put the result.


Could I convice any of you in Hong Kong to buy one of these and ship it to Los Angeles? Paypal can take care of the rest.


someone should put these on ebay. Depending on the price, I'd like to buy a bunch and do it myself if no one else wnats to. If anyone has access to buy a few dozen at a low rate, let me know!


Is there enough room to let the tea breathe? I know that one of my Adagio (adagio.com/) tea bags (the one for oolong tea) doesn't allow enough room for the leaves to totally unfurl. Is this a problem?


I saw those in Vancouver, Canada! I bought 10 as stocking stuffers but the store owner says he's running out of them very quickly.

I don't know if they do mail orders but the email is craig_brett@baleliving.com

Josie - My last day in HK I went to pick up a few more and I did spot a white one. Mind you, it wasn't a yellowy, spermy kind of white, it's more... a clinical white.

Gaddy - Coming soon, sorry for the delay.

Tim - It won't work for a pot of tea but it's perfectly fine for a cuppa in a rush (ie, at the desk). Sometimes allowing the leaves to breath as deeply as they can is a luxury a cube farmer or a traveller just doesn't have.

Ann - Great tip. Thanks a bunch. What's the price?

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