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10. 24. 2005

Snore-detecting pillow

My fiance and I both have snorers in our families (I guess no family is snorer-less, even my dog snores) so I predict that at some point in our lives we'll accuse each other of waking the other up with "loud breathing" (my favorite snore euphemism). This new pillow by Francebed Medical Service Co. should settle the issue by recording the snores, as well as helping to find out which pillow position makes the snoring stop, or at least ease in volume. The recording device is attached to a sensor in the pillow, which has three layers of stuffing, so that the snoring sleeper can find out if differing the pillow height affects the snoring. The same monitoring could be achieved with any sound activated recording device and a mountain of different-sized pillows but I really don't think I ever want to hear what I sound like sleeping. I like having the option of denial.

Looks like it's only available in Japan right now. From Nikkei (subscription required for full article).

Also from Nikkei today: these funny-looking cushions designed for "working women". The Pukura Relaxation series comes in six shapes and is supposed to help blood circulation, especially when used right after a bath. I just wish I could figure out why some of them look like mittens. Maybe they're hand pillows?

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xmas is around the corner... especially for those in denial... i just got back from japan, so i don't think i'll be able to get it anytime soon. i don't personally snore but i know some people!

Hi. Nice article you got here. It is really interesting concep to record and analyze the best sleeping position. It might work for guys as well.

I need to get this for my hubby who denies he's "breathing loudly" and keeping me up at night.

I need it!!

Where I can buy it?

Deeanne, was brousing around the Times of
late and happened to notice this article on
Engagets. Very interesting product and major
congratulations on the exposure.


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