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10. 29. 2005

Pet strollers


WHY??? Is this really necessary? Could you really be seen pushing your dog or cat down the block in a stroller made exclusively for pets without feeling ridiculous? I have seen people push their pups in regular old baby strollers before (and there is a rumor here in NY that a homeless man downtown carts his stuff around in a Bugaboo stroller - the $800 status stroller that can be seen all over NYC - how's that for irony?).

I'm just trying to think of a reason why pet owners would need this: you're taking Fluffy to the vet and it's a 10 block walk? Spot has a broken leg so he needs to be chauffeured around for his daily exercise? Check out this pink variation - LOVE the tulips in the background.


From Pet Vogue

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Comments (53)

I had no idea that this kind of thing really existed till I spent time in NYC, I saw loads of them and I laughed every single time!

Hey! It IS a 10 block walk and I don't own a car! It's not fun to lug around those regular pet carriers for that long of a walk!...

I guess I'd still feel silly though...


I am one of those people. I bought the pet stroller for my wife for our cats. I don't have the "pet stroller".. I have the "SUV pet stroller"! I have two 15 lb cats and it does come in handy to take them places. I live in an apartment and don't want my cats to be outdoor cats.. so something like this allows me to take the cats out doors.

Kittywalk Pet stroller

can you fit the groceries in there, too? and let's just say i hope these "strollers" have a machine washable floor...for life's little mistakes. if you catch my drift. and i wonder if the truly "kind" owner would push the doggy version up to trees and posts and the like to allow their pup the oh-so-important sniffing facet of the outdoor experience.

I don't own one of those filthy, loathsome beasts -- I mean a car. My dog has a spinal disc problem and is not supposed to walk when it's acting up, so this would actually be really helpful. He weighs about 23 pounds and it's a 25 minute walk to the vet, so carrying him won't work for me.


I'm sorry but this may be one of the saddest most pathetic new inventions that I've ever seen. How embarassing for an animal to be carted around in such a thing! So much for giving your animals the exercise they need. This is almost, maybe even level with carrying your little tea-cup dogs around like a disgusting accessory. If this is how people are treating those poor animals then I won't be surprised when dogs and cats evolve into legless balls of fur. If you can't handle a pet then DON'T GET ONE!

Is the epitome of pure laziness or complete spoiling of pets? Their pets will get fat. Paws of dogs and cats are meant for walking. If I had a pet, I would teach them to walk themselves.

I love it:

I want to buy one. I have 2 cats, and when my other kitty was alive, it would have been better if we had one of these things for him. Living in an apartment with bad air is not good for our pets. Fresh air is good for them as well as us.


It's interesting that people get so worked up about these. I have two fifteen-year-old dachsunds. One has never fully recoverd from a ruptured disk, walks with difficulty and has incontinence problems. The other has developed neurological problems, falls over and also has incontinence problems. Getting them from the apartment to the sidewalk can be a messy problem. This might be the answer.


OK, you've made me see the value in these strollers if your pet has health issues. It's just the way these photos portray the strollers, you know? But you gotta admiit, the pink ones?? Even the mesh cage part is pink!

I thought I might be able to add a bit of experience to this discussion since my wife and I run a site that specializes in pet strollers.

Yes, they are a bit unique (but the number of pet strollers sold and the number on the market keeps growing). And yes, dogs need exercise.

But our customers have shared a large variety of uses for pet strollers. They include older dogs (the dog used to get so tired walking to the park he didn't have energy to play, but using the stroller to make the journey he can play with the other dogs.) Or trips to the vet (beats lugging a heavy carrier). Or people who live in very busy cities (more protection for the pet, less hassle for the human). Or snow (pets paws are sensitive to the salt and ice.) Or teacup dogs (ever try to walk one of those? They poop out before they get to the end of the driveway!)

You get the idea. Not trying to defend the product for everyone or every pet but if you consider it a carrier on wheels, it's really not that odd.


I've seen quite a few of these at our local art & wine festivals. People love to take their dogs out to these things and many of them don't allow pets. I guess this way they can "sneak" them in. I think it's pretty silly looking though! I wonder what the dogs think, being pushed around like that?


I'm seriously considering the purchase of a 5th Avenue because:
1. I have a very large cat with a bad attitude.
2. I have a congenital spine defect and can't carry heavy things (like a very large cat in an equally heavy carrier.)
3. I am an independent cuss and enjoy taking care of my own responsibilities under my own steam, including getting this very large, attitudinally maladjusted cat to regular veterinary care.

The stroller looks like a much better alternative than either the rolling carrier that looks like modified luggage and puts the pet at a 45 degree angle while being wheeled, or the standard plastic carrier with plastic casters and a nylon strap handle that would probably not wheel straight behind you when pulled and has no straight handles for pushing ahead of you.


Not sure if the administrator of the site will let me post this, but since I shared the comment above about our pet stroller site, I thought I'd try to share the address: JustPetStrollers.com.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about the Fifth Avenue pet stroller.


I recently had two arm surgeries and my yorkies have suffered ever since. One has a disk problem. I use to carry him when I saw he couldn't walk anymore but it is awfully hard now. I've succumbed to putting two of them on one long leash and wrapping it around a key holder that goes around my neck. Besides the bruises on my neck; I'm trying to carry the hurt one, manuever the leashes and pick up after them all with one free hand.
I could put the hurt one in the stroller when he can't continue, tie the leash to it and tie the pick up baggie and all I have to contend with is pushing the stroller.

Elizabeth Flanigan:

I just purchased the ATV3 and love it. I have two dogs of the wilder nature. The older one is a cancer survivor and somewhat aggressive and fearful of dogs who come bounding toward her. Needing to provide stimulation without the added emotional stress, I take the older dog around the neighborhood in the pet stroller. She absolutely loves it, gets the stimulation she needs, and is able to get the more mundane exercise in our small fenced backyard. I will also be making great use of the stoller at craft fairs and other activities where they may attend. The stroller is great for leaving my hands free to do my outdoor photography without the guilt of leaving them home in their kennels. A wonderfully useful product in so many ways. It does not replace their daily outdoor exercise, but adds to their opportunities to experience more stimulation in a variety of activities.


For those who can't fathom why someone would get this I will share with you a few reasons.

1. I have a 13 pound cat who is not overweight but is really big boned and heavy. Just taking my smaller cat to the vet in the hand carrier was just too much stress on my bad ankle and back. I live right around the corner from the vet but still was in too much pain to do the walk there and back.

2. Heaven forbid there is another emergency, it will be much easier to get my cat out of the house and travel with a stroller than trying to carry him by hand AND some clothes. I live in NYC and like most NYers do not own a car, so we will be traveling by public transportation as permitted.


I think these are great idea! Don't really care what other people think about how I look either...I own a 10 lb Shih-tzu with floor length hair, and yes, a BIG topknot - people look at her when we're out anyway. I've been thinking about a stroller for her, we love to walk but she has short little legs and (specially in summertime), gets very hot on the return trek. Also looking for a small parrot carrier so that my bird can go with us as well. Guess we'll give the folks in Atlanta something to laugh at soon enough! But, seriously, if my dog likes to exercise but gets overheated easily - there's nothing wrong with doing everything possible to take care of her needs. And trust me, she doesn't mind one bit; animals don't care about being embarrassed, as long as they are loved. We're the ones with that problem...

Karen Joy:

I have been considering buying one of these for my cats. We live in a suburb of Los Angeles where the bobcats, coyotes, and large birds of prey still abound. Therefore, our cats live indoors all the time and are only allowed to go out in our small fenced yard once a day. It would be great to be able to show them more of the world without fear of other people's large dogs or of wild animals causing them harm. I am, however, concerned that I'd spend a couple hundred on one of these and then find out that the kitties are totally freaked out by it. Has anyone experienced this problem, and did your cat eventually learn to love it?

Then only bad thing about pet strollers is the price. Check out:petcoachonline.com. They have the best price I have found.


I have 2- 70lb. labs. One has severe arthritis. I would love to have something like this so she could go for walks with her sister. Does anyone know of anything large enough that I could push her in, like a slightly larger pet stroller? Gracie would be forever grateful if anyone knows where I could find something. Thank you.


As an apt dweller, i am intrigued by these "pet strollers"...not for my one large dog, but for my two conure parrots who would love to go outside on nice days ...they would be protected from the many people (children who want to touch them) and other animals...i wonder if the mesh wire on the strollers could be made smaller to accommodate birds?...this is exciting...thanks from denmo

Yes they are odd, I agree. And I would have continued to think them odd unless I saw for myself their usefulness.

The dog park is about a 1/2 miles walk down the road. I have 2 small dogs and they make it to the park no problem. But after the walk and time running in the park, they cannot make the trek home. My papillion will just lay in the grass and stare up at you to pick him up so he doesn't have to walk!

In these cases, the strollers are excellent. We used to use kid strollers that we modified until someone started making them for dogs.

Oh and Augie's site? Best prices on the net (no I don't work for them)


Thanks for the nice comment about our site! (And no, he doesn't work for me) (nor did we compensate him for the compliment.)

My wife and I run are proud of the ratings we get for JustPetStrollers.com--94% of customers rate us Excellent and 5% rate us Good. (And yes, we think we have the lowest prices on the Internet AND offer free shipping!)

And I'll add this to the discussion--it seems many folks got pet strollers from Santa this past Christmas. I think you'll see more and more of them around.

While we agree with those who say that pets need their exercise, we're getting lots of interest from folks with small dogs (who won't walk very far), older dogs, injured dogs, and cats (who generally shouldn't be let outdoors unless harnessed or contained). Plus, some humans prefer to roll rather than carry their pet on trips to the vet and elsewhere. Other customers talk about taking their pets place they might not be permitted on a leash, such as outdoor festivals. Our customers share plenty of good and sane reasons to use a pet stroller!

If we can answer any specific questions about pet strollers, please let us know. (We've tested, evaluated, assembled, and used a lot of pet strollers--perhaps more than anyone else--so we can probably answer just about any question.) Feel free to visit our site and access the "Contact" section to e-mail us a question!

Sam was a 22 pound yorkiepoo - love of my life (and much loved by just about everyone who knew him). He had three lots of MAJOR leg surgery over a two-year period. I'm a little person, unable to carry that much weight for any great distance, so I bought a baby stroller from Wal-Mart. When Sam was unable to walk, he would ride in the stroller. (Yes - I do have a car, but that's pretty darned boring for a short, hairy, four-legged person!) In fact, he thought he had a perfect right to be in the stroller and rode along like a little prince, "holding court" as he went. Yes - one or two people laughed, but MOST people didn't and "the woman with the dog in the baby stroller" actually became quite a celebrity in the neighbourhood. It's over three years since he died - and people still remember him kindly. I will say - even if the entire population had laughed - I still would have done it and, if necessary, I'd do it again. Anyone insensitive enough not to get the point, well............

I have 6 dogs - Two Chihuahua, two Italian Greyhounds, one Pitbull mix and one
Shepard-Doberman mix at 85 pounds. Needless to say, the ChiChis cannot walk the 5 miles I trek with my larger dogs at various parks. I only had one Chi until recently and I walked her about 1-1/2 miles then carried her the rest of the way in a wicker backpack. It is unreasonable to think a tiny dog could trek the distance of a much larger one, or walk a long distance at all, so now I will probably have to purchase one of these pet strollers, or just rotate the ChiChis -as one walks the other will ride in my backpack. Most were untrained strays and rescues that would have be put to death if I didn't take them in.


Check out www.wikestore.com
The pet jogger is great! I just got mine (the large that holds up to 80 pounds) and I love it. It was well worth the money. Very well made - it has two rear 20" tires and one 16" in the front. Great if you take long walks outside - not for inside use but they also make a stroller for using in stores.


While checking out the strollers online, I stumbled upon your site. At any other time, I would have laughed at the things too, but now I really need one. Football season is coming up for my kids- dogs are not allowed to roam the field. This is the perfect solution. I guess a crate or tent would be just as good, but this will save on the set up time.


I just bought a pet stroller off of Ebay and can not wait til it gets here. I have 2 Jack Russells, I have 3 acres they run on, but during the week they are cooped up in the house 12 hours a day. They have run of the house and they hold it all day but they enjoy getting out of the yard. they are hard to walk because the keep crossing over each other and it is a nightmare to keep the leashes straight. So to all of you that think it is stupid, well then you must not love your animals as some of us that do.

You may find this "Pet Stroller Buying Guide" helpful. It contains tips such as to check the dimensions and not just the weight limit, consider the terrain and select the appropriate stroller for your needs, and consider if your pet may want some privacy during his or her stroller.

You can find many tips at http://justpetstrollers.com/pet+stroller+tips.html.

R. Sydnor:

I am looking into purchasing one of these for my 11 year old dog. She can't keep up with me and the kids anymore, but hates to be left behind... I feel awful hearing her cry for us on the other side of the door as we prepare to head over to the park. eventhough I'll look like a DORK pushing this thing, she' given my family SOOOO much-this is the least we can do for her.

I have had my AT3 for 11 days now, and I LOVE IT!!!!! I highly recommend strollers for MANY pets, and I have now used it with previously skittish foster kittens, bunnies, and older cats, in all sorts of combinations. They have all had a great time, and it's helped me tremendously too. And there has not been one odd look--one reason I chose the AT3--it looks less like an oddity and more like any other jogger on the playground. If you are insecure, then bring along a light blanket to throw over it, and (ssshhhhh) it'll look like you have a sleeping baby. The swivel front wheel and three-wheel design makes it wonderfully maneuverable and the 60# capacity makes for solid stability too. I just can't believe it took me so long to actually purchase it!

Here's a side benefit, for those who seem to be bent on belittling others: I've been talking about walking each morning for so long, it's ridiculous, and I love walking. Since I got the stroller, I walk every day, sometimes twice. I'm meeting my neighbors, discovering things about my neighborhood I never knew, I'm drinking more water (I needed to do that), and in a really fun way, I'm getting back into show shape (I usually do a modelling and dancing gig around this time every year) and not a minute (or dollar) spent in a gym.

More and more pets are getting diseases and living longer and would benefit from getting outside in a safe way. Some cannot handle long walks, and their people aren't ready to quit walking and living either. I have two cats that either will walk on a leash or at heel, but I have spoken to dozens who simply won't take the little time it takes to acclimate. A stroller makes it so easy. ...And there are no horrible surprises when that giant dog inevitably sneaks up on the cat in a crowd.

I, for one, am so grateful to Pet Gear for making this terrific machine. Buy one, you won't regret it! (And no, I don't work for them, but I totally recommend them)

The pet stroller tips posted above are very helpful, but the link is wrong. It should be http://justpetstrollers.com/buying-guide/ .


i have a pet stroller and love it when i go on vacation i take my 3 chihuahuas 5 lbs,4lbs,1.5 lbs and going to places like the farmers market and other places where there are bigger dogs i dont risk the chance of them getting hurt. It doesnt look like the one above it looks like a regular baby stroller, i just drape a baby blanket across the front and no one knows they are there!!

sue stevenson:

I have a darling pug who is very sad when we go for a walk and leave him behind. Having a stroller allows us to take him for his walk and still continue to get our excercise when hes "maxed". Im going to get one of these and retire the baby buggy. I think they are practical and a good thing but then im a "dog mommy",

The URL posted for the buying guide is wrong:


Whether you purchase a pet stroller from us or elsewhere, this buying guide will help prevent potential mistakes selecting a pet stroller. We hope you find it helpful.


We go camping often and the dogs love going. Many times there will be festivals, flea markets, etc where we camp but never go because we will not leave them alone in the camper while we're gone. We want strollers so that they can then go with us everywhere we go and we can have some freedom to do some things we enjoy. Our dogs are like children to us and want to be able to take them everywhere with us. Can't wait to get one.


This is what I need. I have a dog that is old and now blind and we live far from the park or even grass so in order to give her any life we needed something to push her to the grass to go to the bathroom. It gives a life back to her, and I'm grateful, otherwise i would have had to buy a baby stroller.


up untill recently i had a dog with epilepsy who could not walk far and got tierd easely, i wish i knew about these then. i done every thing i could for him but i do wish i had found these before he passed away in april. we are having two puppys next month and just got my pet stoller today which means i can take them out for a walk from day one at 8wks old instead of waiting untill they are 14wks and by then they wil be used to all the out side noise and smells, so the will be less frigthened when the do go out for walks. trips to the vet will be far easyer with two of them to juggle. i know i will get funny looks and people will laugh i live in a small village in walse and i have never seen one here. also people who i have told are already laughing, only my grandaughter cant wait to posh them around the park but i dont mind laugh at me if you want at least i will have made your day and you get somthing to talk about.


I have 2 house rabbits. They are my pride and joy. I like to take them out for fresh air and fresh grass. They are harness and leash trained. I cant take them very far from the yard because the concrete gets to hot and I worry about dogs running loose. So I will be getting the pet stroller equpted with a fan and mister for the 3 mile walk to the park. No more embarising for the pet than it is for you kids!!


It never ceases to amaze me how many people find enjoyment out of picking on others. What may seem silly to you could be a life line to others. I had cancer four years ago and have been fighting for my life since. My three Chihuahua's have been a wonderful source of happiness. I like to walk but, my dogs don't like leashes. A dog stroller was the perfect answer. Do I feel silly pushing my dogs in a modifyed baby stroller. NO! These strollers are great for us pet lovers! Leave us alone!


Liking to add my two cents to the above, I am considering buying one of these as I have Multiple Sclerosis. As much as I enjoy walking my dog, it is getting harder and harder as my legs do not always work. One of these would allow me to continue to go on outings with my dog.


I got quite a few sneers on the pet stroller for my cat, but you know what? He was nearing the end of his life and needed 5-6 small feedings a day, plus IV fluids 3 times daily. He was too ill to romp outside, but still very much engaged in life. So I got a stroller and took him places, where he could still see the world and interact with people. He died about 2 weeks later, happy to the end. That stroller was worth as much as all the medical treatments, when it came to end-of-life care.

One of my dogs (60 lbs)is now 11 and developing hip arthritis. She, too, is still happy and outgoing, but has started trying to avoid leash walks because she is too stiff. We still walk as much as possible -- it's good for her -- but otherwise she is house-bound. So, guess who gets a pet stroller next?! Before anyone passes judgment, I recommend that they consider the circumstances. Not all such pets are pampered princesses. Some are just loved and well cared-for.


I am thinking of getting a pet stroller for my two indoor cats. I tried to train them to wear leashes, but so far they spend the vast majority of the time attacking the leash and harness. Also, they are a little skittish outside...I'm afraid that if they get scared they will try to climb me for safety!

A pet stroller seems like the perfect way to get them acclimated to the outdoors. I think cats should be outside and part of nature, but I don't want mine to roam around on their own where they might be run over or eaten by coyotes (as does happen in our area).

People who think pet strollers are silly must be fortunate enough to have a pet who can always be walked. Or I guess if their pet can't be walked, they just leave them home without a thought. More likely though, they don't have pets at all and are just jealous. :)


I love the idea of a pet stroller and cannot wait to buy one. I have a little guy that is 9 months old and I take him everywhere I go! I hate the thought of leaving him at home. Going to work, out to eat or grocery shopping are the only times that Tyco stays at home (not by my choice but state law with animals around food). Pets are more than just animals they are a member of our families!! Would you like to stay home alone as much as most pets do?


I just bought a pet stroller for my dog after she ruptured 2 disks in her back and is partially paralized. She is only 4 years old, she is still on crate rest but she is bored and missing the sights and smells of her daily walks. I have fretted over feeling silly, but have decided that for her and for me the ability to get out and enjoy life is worth the sneers.


I purchased a pink stroller for my Chihuahua because I love the color. It was great for camping. This way she could hang with us near the fire and we did not have to worry about her. My quaker parrot actually stolls along with us on the handle bar and there is a place to put a drink. When it is not in use, I have caught my cat sleeping in it. And guess what I do not live in NYC or California where they are fashionable. I live just outside of Buffalo. Little dogs do tire out and sometimes need to be contained. I truly love my animals and would do anything for them. So if you think it is so wierd, I think you have a fobia because you could not handle what people say. Like they say you have to pick your battles wisely, I do not think Dog strollers is one of them.


I don't see any embarassment in strolling a dog around. I think a dog should walk around outside but in a mall where they don't allow dogs it would be great to be able to bring your pet with you. I adore my dog and feel bad when I have to leave him home. I may even attempt bringing him to the movies with me and my family. Life is too short to worry about what others think.

Chantal Piefer:

Just bought one for my cats yesterday. They love to be outside and I want more exercise so it seems like it will be a good solution. They will beg me to take them out. Someone wondered whether their cat would accept it - probably. I just opened it up and let them explore it and when they were willing I'll push them around the house. One was already riding all over the backyard in it yesterday and was sleeping in it this morning when I left. He's definitely going to love it - maybe the other two will come around also.


I have 2 purebread ragdoll cats that are over 16lbs each! They are strictly indoor cats, but love every chance they get to come out on the patio with me. This is a GREAT product for me to be able to now take a walk with my cats! Cats should NOT be left unattended outdoors, so this is a very practicle and humane way to let them enjoy the outdoors. Shame of those posts who critize this product so badly. Obviously, you are not cat owners!

Alex Cooper:

I really want a stroller for my cat when she has to go to the vet. The ones I like look like baby strollers and have fabric or rubber mesh, rather than metal, so my concern is that my cat would need to wear a collar so it can be attached to the stroller. There is no way I can get Annie to wear a collar. To cat owners who have this type of stroller, are your cats "secured" to the stroller by means of a strap?


Has any one found it easier to shop or eat at restaurants with their pets in a pet stroller? I honestly want to purchase the stroller b/c my puppy is getting too big for his carrier, but still wants to be with us throughout the day. Right now we can enter the supermarket without any problems. I'd like to know if it's the same with the pet stroller.


For those of you who think these are ridiculous,think again. I have a bichon frise who goes walking with me everyday at a wonderful park. She tires out after the the first mile and a half or two. Since I enjoy longer walks, with this stroller I can let her excercise first and then on the second round I can put her in the stroller. With the high cost of gas, it really wouldn't make sense to drive her home and come back to the park to finish my walk - that would be an extra round trip of about 10 miles!

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