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10. 22. 2005

Hello Kitty jet


Apparently the Hello Kitschy sightseeing bus was not enough!

Taiwan airline Eva Air has painted one of its Airbus A300-200 with the big-headed cat and her family members. The plane will fly daily between Taipei and Fukuoka.

The plane's interior features Hello Kitty-related items as well, ranging from boarding passes, baggage tags, dining utensils, and lavatory papers to flight attendant uniforms.

From MSN-Mainichi. Press Release.

p.s. Hello Kitty also does flower arrangements!

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Comments (31)


any man who ends up in this plane is either whipped or gay.


This is a little ridiculous or what? Come on now its a cat, please!!!!


thats is so off the chain. thats whats up! now how about a minnie mouse airplane?

i like hello kitty, but that's going over the top. the life-size hello kitties would scare me. i wonder how much more it costs to fly the sky with hello kitty.


I wanna ride the kitty!


I wonder what other kinds of 'kitty services' you can get in that plain. ;-)


why not? i love it!!! what's so important about serious, anyway??


I think it is neat to have something fun on a plane however the life size kitties scare me as well


A day without Kitty is like a day without sunshine. Sign me up! It rocks.

Wow, getting greeted by Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel! This sure beats getting lei-ed in Hawaii! LOL


LONG LIFE to HelloKitty and to others little idiots characters!!! ;)


I think it's sad that this is considered "personal tech + innovative lifestyle for women."

Nadine G. Messier:

Hey Hello Kitty! Do you fly to LA? :) xxoo


This is crazy!!! Why do these Asians women want to be 'girly'?? Even they are well beyong their 20', 30's, even 40's? I have recently traveld to Taiwan and saw many women tried so hard to act 'cute'. C'mon, grow up!!! Being cute is good only for little gilrs. It is not as attractive for an adult as you think it is.

Jenny L.:

I agree with Elan: no man wants to fly in this plane. I know for certain that my boyfriend won't (and none of my brothers will). He hates it and I do not like it either! Even I am from Taipei, Taiwan.


I LOVE HELLO KITTY!!! That was one of my favorite toys as a child...Ok, I admit it, I still have a couple sitting up on my shelf 20+ years later! Now they need one with Strawberry Shortcake!


I LOVE IT!!!!! I am a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, always have been! My husband got me a HUGE stuffed Hello Kitty 2 Easter`s ago and I also have a smaller version and a tiny backpack I carry around as a purse!


That is so cool. I 've been a Hello Kitty fan for 26 years. I've had toothbrushes, jewlery boxes and even my best friend, from Ark...Got me a Hello Kitty watch. Had a hello kitty purse...Anyway,,,,The Plane is Awesome! I'll fly Hello Kitty any time......Love the seats and the tickets.....lol Great idea...Aside from paying bills,,,,who has to grow up,,,it's no fun at all....Hello Kitty people are happy people that admire cats and the art work and usually big kids at heart and better MOMs.......lol


I just love Hello Kitty! Seeing her makes me feel happy. I just can't explain how much of a fan that I am!

omg this is so awesome i would do anything too ride the hello kitty airplane i never thought that they would go this far but jeez this is so frieken awesome i am oficially totally in love with HELLO KITTY!

mary christine abrau:

WOW! it's nice to see that hello kitty has gone so far really!...from a simple stationary and pencils now with that big air plane!!!!! gosh!!! it's awesome! you know the first time i saw it in the internet? i am so very excited to go there and fly... someday :-)

venha a qui em so joze do rio preto eu te amo hello kitty beijos e a brasos

Lukmeow Kitty Greenstein:

Hello Kitty, it's Lukmeow Kitty. Yes, it's true. My name is Lukmeow Kitty. I would love to take my spring trip to Taiwan on this plane, but I currently live in Korea...I might have to fly to Japan first...btw, I am 31 and love Hello Kitty...


I just think hello kitty is the best.

hello kitty:

whats is wrong with u its awesome o can u not like the jet !?!?!?!?!


this is really great!!! i love HELLO KITTY so much! ive got a lot of HELLO KITTY stuffs, from bandaids to mini components. i even asked my friends from japan to sent me over HELLO KITTY items. when i also travel i make to a point that i can buy any HELLO KITTY items from that country, and one thing that HELLO KITTY does for me ... she makes me happy coz whenever im sad i just have to look at my stuffs and ill find myself smiling again! just wanna share you guys how i adore this white furry ball! and i would love to see or even experience riding on that fabulous aircraft! HELLO KITTY for life!!! mwah,


This is cool, I'd love to fly in this plane. My husband and I have recently travelled to Japan and I collected different Kitties from each place we visited. My husband loves planes so it's the perect combination for us, a Kitty jet! Yeah kitty!


No REAL man would be fazed by a HelloKitty plane - a plane is a plane is a plane.

this plane is amazing though cos when you get on it the food is even shaped as hello kittys face. everything even the toilet room is hello kitty its amazing.


omg hello kitty ROX!!!! my name is actually kitty its wat i was called its short for catherine. I LUV HELLO KITTY!!!! I WANT TO GO ON THAT PLANE!!!!!!

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