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09. 29. 2005

Sony Bravia - televisions for women?

Launching through an ad campaign seemingly inspired by Secret Deodorant, Sony is re-branding their LCD television line as Bravia: The Worlds First Television for Men and Women. In ads that are running on Style.com this week during Milan's fashion shows, Sony declares that their sleek new high-definition sets will be "coveted by men, admired by women". I understand the temptation to laugh at the idea that a television could be made for a woman, but I don't think that's what the campaign is about. Sony is making a bold move to reach out to women, advertising the same products that will be marketed to men. There may not be many women reading something like T3, but the women reading a re-cap of a Ferreti show could easily be lured in by an ad extolling the virtues of a beautiful 40" screen. Televisions are genderless, but the marketing campaigns for electronics products, in general, are not. This follows Sony's model for some of their newer Sony Style stores, which have been re-designed to be appealing to women.

Actually, Secret has now changed their ad slogan from "strong enough for a man but made for a woman" to "strong enough for a woman". I know lots of people will scoff- but how many of us have been taken in by products, especially grooming products which are clearly marked "for men" or "for women" even though the products, when examined beyond the packaging, are identical to the correlating opposite-sex version? I think most of us will walk to the next aisle to get our gender-specific moisturizer. I suspect that it will work for consumer electronics too.

From Yahoo news.

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Comments (6)

No. My moisturiser is specially formulated for a man's skin. Next you'll be telling me it's okay to shave with the pink razor.

Pat Donohue:

Hey if it sells tv's why not? I have already purchased a 42 inch sony plasma and Im madley in love with it.. Somehow I think of it as female too. its sleek , stylish, dependable.and always ready to shop the channels with me.

Neko Tsukimi:

What about the hermaphrodites? They seem to be left out of Sony's equation.


I followed a very confusing ad from Yahoo's home page for this tv. I dont really understand what makes this different from any other tv. I wrote about it on my blog http://www.thinkjose.com/article/14/what-is-sony-bravia-trying-to-say

Iron Sun 254:

You can't simply market something and just say "Oh, this is for women" without explaining what makes this product specifically better for women than any other TV. Simply claiming it's better and trying to market it better doesn't actually make it better.

fakeo nameo:

I still think I can make a fortune by marketing some lightbulbs for women. "Designed by women, to put you in your most flattering light"
"Finally! a light bulb just for me!"
"illuminates your best features"
"For the unique lighting needs of women"

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Adult vs children's toothpaste

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