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08. 18. 2005

Itchy mouth no more - organic fruit wipes!

Do you ever get itchy mouth after eating fresh fruit or veggies? Well I do and no amount of washing seemed to work until I started using organic fruit and veggie cleaners to remove wax and pesticides from my food a few years ago and its made a huge difference.

Unfortunately, for people on the go, carrying around a bottle of veggie wash is hardly a convenient solution. Whether I grab an apple on the way out the door or pop into a fruit market or corner store when I'm out and about, there's rarely any place to clean off the fruit (spitting and rubbing on my shirt doesn't remove wax or pesticide), so it's been a pain to enjoy a healthy snack.

Then it struck me one day that if I could make something like hand wipes that could both cleanse my fruit to rid it of all those itchy-mouth inducing pesticides and wipe my hands clean when I was done, I would have the perfect solution. Some of my friends thought it was a great idea (mostly the one's with kids) and some thought it was silly. In any case I started exploring, doing a little research, and in the process I discovered that a friend's dad was a food chemist so I figured I was on my way to making my fortune making "food wipes".

That is until a friend sent me this link to Vegi Wash and I knew right away what it was. All envy aside, Environné Fruit and Vegetable Wipes are hands down one of the most useful new products on the market in my opinion. But while they are portable and convenient they aren't perfect yet, you still need water to rinse your fruit off after you wipe it which I don't understand since they are organic. Also, they aren't marketed as a dual-purpose wipe that can be used to clean your hands after you eat so you'll need to buy regular hand wipes for that.

Admittedly, I'm happy that I can get organic fruit and veggie wipes by just buying them without having to do all the work of creating them but it is a little disappointing to think that I'll have to come up with another way to pay off my student loans now... ho hum.

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Comments (6)


wild. i always thought that itchy mouth came from not having eaten much fresh fruit and veg recently, my body acquiring an allergy in the meantime. ya learn something new every day.

Silicon Avatar:

Why don't you understand? Just because something is organic, doesn't mean you can eat it. Cyanide is organic after all. Cool wipes though.

Poison ivy is organic. Ditto oleander. :) I don't mean that as a slam... I read Popgadget pretty faithfully! But the fact that something is natural doesn't mean it's really something you want to put in your mouth. My guess is that the fruit wipes have a taste or cause an aftertaste.

Cheryl Batman:

Where can I buy fruit wipes


Please can you tell me where i can by these wipes


You should not tell people the itchiness is caused by wax and/or pesticides. The itch is caused by a protein in the uncooked fruit or vegetables to which some people are allergic to. If one continues to eat the food they may be faced with a severe allergic reaction.

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