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08. 25. 2005

Interesting insight on women and tech gadgets

Techie Diva brought this article that appeared on the Telegraph last week to my attention and I am still trying to stop laughing at the amount of BS that one person was able to concentrate into a page long piece that starts with the following statement: “Would you rip files at a high or low bit-rate? Do you prefer AAC, WMA or MP3? If you are completely baffled by these questions, you are probably a woman.” I mean seriously …

The article reports about different statements that women made regarding their experience with tech gadgets and I would really like to have more background information about the women they interviewed; can their accounts be really regarded as indicative?!?!?

Anyhow … read for yourself and enjoy the moral of the story at the end of this “insightful” article "As the saying goes, boys play with toys, and girls play with boys." Jeeeee ……..

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Comments (15)


this really upsets me, im not at the point when i can laugh yet. but then again, im upset when i buy video games and the staff treat me like i don't understand what a game console is; or if i pick a game that "may be too girly for my son". im upset when i buy cell phone accessories and the staff wants me to listen to the ringer tones, or see what colors the phones come in. im upset when im troubleshooting a computer hardware or software problem at work, and the tech person called is sitting right beside me, learning troubleshooting from ME, grinning like i'm teachin him something he forgot, rather than something he NEVER KNEW. oy! as far as im concerned this article is setting us back as techie geeky women. i hope there aren't hundreds more like it elsewhere. sigh.


What an utter load of crap! Thanks for sharing. I can't believe anyone would write something so ridiculous! You know, there's no name attached to the article. Maybe they realized how stupid it was!


It's not indicative in my world! That article is ridiculous. The idea that women would act helpless about anything they could learn to do themselves, to avoid the responsibility of learning it, is insulting.


that article just spurred a lengthy discussion of wma & mp3 files between me.. and my sister.


you are right, that IS the biggest piece of crap article that i have ever read.

I think I found the problem: "If I'm honest, most of the time I deliberately act helpless, because I know there will always be someone who can help me, whether it's my husband or a male colleague at work," she says. "If I take on board a little of what I am taught about a computer or an iPod, I will have to learn the rest myself. Whenever I hear some new music that I like, I'll just make a list of songs for my husband to download for me."

What you're looking at here is a group of idiotic women who *want* to play the helpless damsel-in-distress. The article is quite obviously biased (not to mention rife with baseless assumptions). For one, there have been studies that show men talk more on cell phones than women, by 35%. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/connected/main.jhtml?xml=/connected/2005/08/18/ecfmusic.xml)

I'd like to see an article in which actual women are interviewed rather than these manipulative witches. I'd also bet you could get an equally pathetic article about men and technology without much trouble at all. Anyone up for the challenge?


Well, I'm very sad to admit that here (Italy) women interested and "skilled" in technology are still a minority. I mean even among the youth.
Let's not talk about women over 40...


“Would you rip files at a high or low bit-rate? Do you prefer AAC, WMA or MP3? If you are completely baffled by these questions, you are probably a woman.”

Wow. I mean, I'm just amazed! This is probably the most offensive thing I could've imagined someone saying about women and technology.


If it's any consolation, there was recently some research done by MORI for an IT security firm, that found that men are more likely than women to suffer from spam, viruses and scams.

From the survey report: "In every category surveyed, women experienced fewer difficulties when online. For example, 46% of men reported that their PC had been infected with a virus compared with 38% of women, and 50% of men experienced excessive spam versus 38% of women. Men also experienced more unwanted pop up ads, with 74% reporting this compared with 69% of women."


Unbelievable sexist article. The people who wrote it and are quoted in it are not living in the modern world. I am a woman who is completely uninterested in whether a gadget has a cute skin. My primary concern is whether or not it meets my needs or performs a function I deem interesting enough to learn how to use. If I have to plow through a 90 page manual to figure it out, then so be it! Of course, I am not stupid and would certainly prefer something that is more "useable", but I completely understand that early versions of any product are still working through those little "bugs". Plus, any product that provides more versatility is inherently more complex to use. Trade-offs are a fact of life. But to suggest that I am too simple to work through these idiosyncracies of modern technology or require something pretty to hold my attraction is simply an insult to me.


How old were the interviewed women? Neither my mom nor my dad knows iTunes from teaspoons, but most of the gals I know use technology in ways equal to the guys I know. They download, email, blog, use their mp3 players, and more. That article seemed completely unrealistic!

what utter sexist crap. how many tech-savvy women did they turn up, then totally IGNORE, to interview for this article?


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These are exactly the kind of fluffy-nonsense articles that prevent me from buying "women's magazines".


I agree with everyone else here in that the article was completely one-sided. They didn't interview one woman who was gadget savvy. Instead, they chose to talk to bubble-headed idiots who put up the "damsel in distress" facade that constantly hurts all of us women.

What a load of crap, insinuating that only men can understand technology. My brother (who is in his mid 20s) doesn't even know how to attach a file to an email, while I've (I'm in my late 20s) fixed his computer and printer many times in the past.


What a load of crap! Women don't have patience? I'm a Systems Software Specialist for a major IT firm in the US. I fix my husband's machine when it goes down, host our family website, rip and download my own MP3's, and do it while carrying my Coach Bag and wearing Gucci. Shows you how many of women the author knows....... Utter Garbage.

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