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08. 21. 2005

Free publicity for your gadgets!

Later this month, Popgadget will be on G4 TV to talk about some of our favorite gadgets for women. We will be demo-ing some of our favorite tech tools and toys. We contacted some companies about products we wanted to take with us to the show. A free plug on national television, not a bad deal right? Market research has shown that women make up to 89% of the decisions when it comes to consumer electronics. You'd think it wouldn't be a bad idea to get women excited about your new product, even if it's not specifically geared toward women. No matter who wants it, it appears the woman of the house is going to decide if it's going to be purchased. You'd think companies would welcome another way to appeal to women, besides having them "model" PSPs in their bikinis.

Not surprisingly, most companies were eager for an opportunity to have their new products showcased on tv. We told them their product was one we were recommending for women. Great, great, fabulous, how many do you want, FedEx okay? Wait...products FOR women? Not for women to buy for a guy? Suddenly many of these companies became a lot less enthused. They were stunned that we would be recommending video cameras, GPS devices, and mp3 players for women.

Women bought $55 billion in consumer electronics last year. Many women in the latest CEA study said they'd far prefer a high-definition television over a one-carat diamond ring. Mobile Edge, a company that makes laptop bags and cases, has been aggressively marketing to women, and their women's line now accounts for 80% of their business.

They're not the only ones who get it, are they? Is your company trying to reach women? Of course you are, you're smart enough to realize who your market is. Why don't you talk to us, and tell us about your product.

The somewhat scary photo is from the book, Technofeminism (available here).

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Comments (4)


Gloria Steinem had the exact same problem in the 70s when she was trying to get car companies to advertise in Ms. magazine.

Women didn't _buy_ cars! they said. Why would we advertise to them???

I hope you tell us which companies are not participating, because I would prefer not to buy from those that don't want my business.

I'm going to have to second Sarah's comment. The very best thing you can do for we, your readers, is to let us know which companies started backing out when it was known you were pitching to women. I'd hate for my dollars to be poorly spent with a company that doesn't realize it's 2005.

I publish a regional online and print magazine for women called Skirt!, and believe it or not, we still have problems convincing some banks and car dealers that women make most of the buying decisions.


I could point out the irony of your efforts, when G4 is not exactly pro female to start off with (although they do have some smart female hosts, their role seems to be smart AND to be eye candy…Street Fury is clearly a show with a big feminist bent) but your indignation will go further when you don’t talk up/misquote already shaky stats designed only for PR rather than actual market research……“Market research has shown that women make up to 89% of the decisions when it comes to CE"”…Bullshit…there only females in about 75%-82 of US households (marrieds and unmarried living together, mixed sex related & unrelated, and single female households…single male and male only households make up the rest). So unless there are gangs of women roving around solely to boss around men into buying CE, there is no way that quote can hold up.


The CEA only ‘claims’ that Women are involved in 89 percent of all consumer electronics purchase decisions.

Involved is a very loose word and is effectively meaningless. I wonder how this answer came about …were women only asked this or were both men and women?. A man asking his wife if they should buy a new TV is involving the women but not necessarily in a salient way.

Looking at these factoids put out by the CEA makes me really wonder about their survey methods/sample integrity…(15% of 55+ year olds have HDTVs…come on!…if that was the case VOOM Satellite HDTV could have been saved solely by putting Matlock and 60 minutes in HD) I suspect a lot of unaided questions along the lines of “are you involved in buying CE in your household? Most people would likely say yes, if anything, to make it seem like they were in charge/involved in the running of the household (asking men about their involvement in household chores will likely produce similar results).

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