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03. 30. 2005

Aluminum-free Absorbent-deo

I hate to be an alarmist but for years I've been reading about the link between Alzheimer's Disease and aluminum and worrying about the aluminum-based antiperspirant I use. Not enough to give it up and go natural but enough to check the shelves all the time to see if there's a non-aluminum alternative. So far there really hasn't been one. There are deodorants without antiperspirants like those salt-based crystals that control bacteria but they don't help if you're having a sweat gush during a job interview.

I finally saw something new the other day: Adidas Absorbent-Deo, which instead of preventing you from sweating, uses tiny cotton fibers to mop it up before it shows through your clothes. It looks like any other solid antiperspirant but it goes on much drier, kind of like a giant chapstick. It feels a little waxy at first but it does melt into your skin within a few minutes. I don't know yet how well it works because I haven't been in any sweat-inducing situations but I will be keeping a close watch during my next run or anxiety attack. The only version I saw was "for WOMEN" but I know plenty of guys who would like to be powder-fresh too.

I don't see this online anywhere yet, or on the Adidas site, but I found it at an Eckerd for about $3.

More about aluminum absorption from antiperspirants from HealthCentral.com.

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Comments (13)


I bought this deoderant just this week. I too am concerned about aluminum in antipersperants. Nothing naturally based seems to work for me but the Adidas Absorbent-Deo works wonderfully. I found one that was sport fresh not baby powder. What a wonderful product. I love it!!!


Also concerned about aluminum content, I tracked this down and bought it at Wal-Mart this weekend. I usually buy fragrance-free because deodorant fragrances are usually too strong. I do wear perfume but I try to keep it from acting like a room deodorizerÖ Anyway, I could only find the womenís in Pure Powder scent and Iíve been gagging on it all morning long. It is way too strong and unpleasant to boot. As much as I want the non-aluminum feature, I canít stand the smell of this stuff; it is actually making me nauseous and I am not someone who is abnormally sensitive to perfumes or who has a weak stomach! Shame on me. I guess I have only myself to blame for not doing a smell-test in the store before I bought it. Uck. Agghhhh. Ptooey!


Just bought some of this stuff today - haven't yet tried it.
I've been horribly allergic to most metals all of my life, and within 2 days of wearing aluminum based antiperspirants for the very first time at age 12, I ended up with two massive bleeding rashes! I've tried dang near everything since (crystals, clay based, powders, rubbing alcohol, goofy deodorants that smell like car fresheners).
Recently, I've been using Tom's of Maine. It works well for a deodorant, but won't stop sweat at all.
I'm excited to try this "under-arm tampon" so to speak. LOL Will report back!


I first heard about this new deodorant about a month ago and I had been searching for it until last week.
I finally found it at KMart. I have been a very heavy sweater ever since I can remember. I have tried all sorts of different anti-perspirants and deodorants but none have worked until I tried this one by adidas. It keeps me dry all day. My only problem is that the odor control stops working after
7 or 8 hours. Does anyone know the address where to
contact adidas about this? Thanks.


I've been using the Adidas antiperspirant (sport fresh)for awhile now. Like others in this post, I had concerns about aluminum. I had resigned myself to applying the 'natural' products several times a day before I found this. This stuff works just great, I love it!! I get it at Target, but that is the only place I've been able to find it. I've been wondering why there isn't more buzz about this product, so I'm glad to see that others have discovered it.


I only bought this product today (I'm wearing it now, but it's not too much of a test), but I have high hopes. I did find information on it at the Adidas body care website. They have an explanation of how it works, and even a demo of the rough process. It also looks like there are two other antiperspirants in the works there. But as of now, I'd say this product seems pretty revolutionary.
the Adidas site should be here:


I've been using this for a couple of months now and I love it. It's def. not 24-hour protection, but it works all day and I think it works a lot better than regualr anti-persperants- it's not as gooey and feels better...
I don't think the smell is bad at all- it's a little strong in the container, but kind of nice when it's on. It would be great if this technology took-off and other brands starting using it- there'd be no need for aluminum deoderants anymore =)

I agree with you the way you view the issue. I remember Jack London once said everything positive has a negative side; everything negative has positive side. It is also interesting to see different viewpoints & learn useful things in the discussion.


There's no aluminum, but there's Triclosan!

I've been using this product for about two weeks now. I finally decided to look up some of the ingredients and am concerned about one of them. Triclosan is rated as a pesticide by the EPA. It is increasingly being used in "Anti-bacterial" type products. There are serious concerns about it's toxicity to humans and animals. Type the name into google and see for yourself.


i have been using this for about 2 months and its been amazing! i used to sweat like crazy (even if i was just sitting around doing nothing), but not anymore! i dont even need to reaply it everyday, once a week even seems to be working. it dries up my skin a little, but nothing that lotion cant fix.
(i put it on at night and then again in the morning and that lasts seriously almost a week)


Adidas aluminum free controls wetness, but i am more concerned about odor. That's why I use deodorant


I hate this anti-perspirant i still show sweat marks and it stinks!

I agree with you the way you view the issue. I remember Jack London once said everything positive has a negative side; everything negative has positive side. It is also interesting to see different viewpoints & learn useful things in the discussion.

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