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11. 11. 2004

Skiing on Asphalt

Easy Glider is an electrically-powered wheel with a handle that promises to re-create the invigorating sensation you feel while you are water-skiing or on a mountain slope. The wheel acts like a water-ski boat, pulling you along behind, but with the accelerator and brake hand-controlled by the 'skier.'
Cost is around $1000.
Via The Apartment

And if it rains? Protect your locks under the carbon fibre monocoque shell of this recumbent tricycle, designed by Michael Goretzky. Go-on features a luggage box, headlight, backlight and turn signals. By the end of the year, it will also come with an optional 800w electric assist motor. Around $9,500 (but it's cheaper if you buy the self buildup kit). In yellow, grey, black, red and blue .
Via Treehugger.

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